One can see many hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, hair serum etc. in markets. But most of these are full of chemicals. The manufacturers claim to provide the essence of natural ingredients in the products. And rightly, some of them may contain the essence of natural products, but the use of chemicals destroys most of the goodness of those essences.

Because of these chemicals, when you use those products, your hair gets damaged. More the amount of chemical present more is the damage to your hair. It is preferable to use organic shampoo and conditioner than shampoo or conditioner made with chemicals. If you switch to organic hair products from chemical hair products, you will see the changes in your hair very quickly. The organic product will make your hair healthier and repair all the damages which were made by the chemical hair products.

Not only shampoo or conditioner loaded with chemicals damage your hair. The other products like hair color, hair mask, henna, even some hair oils fail to provide the results which they claim to.

Following are some hair damages which usually are a result of using chemical hair products-

  • Dry hair- It is the most common problem of all the hair problems one faces. This problem occurs due to lack of nutrition to your hair and scalp. The shampoo you use removes the natural oils from your scalp and makes it dry after wash. The chemical present in the shampoo promotes drying of hair. These chemicals prevent your natural oil to be able to secrete from the scalp. Due to this dryness of scalp your hair length dries. Natural oil which comes out from your body is very much essential for hair growth and moisture. These shampoos or other hair products removes this oil and makes our hair dry.

  • Itchy scalp- There are many reasons behind itchy scalp. First of all due to hair dryness one can face itchy scalp. Many diseases like psoriasis can also cause itchy scalp. Presence of lice can make your scalp itchy.

  • Graying of hair- Hair graying is a common thing which all of us face at a certain age. Some of us face it a bit early and some of us in late years. This is considered a natural process but with intense care to your hair you can prevent hair graying for years. The hair products which are made up of chemicals promote hair graying. These products reduce the level of melanin from hair follicles. However, greying of hair could also occur due to health issues like inactive thyroid gland. But the role of chemical products is huge in graying of hair.

    Graying of Hair


  • Split ends- As we have mentioned in this article that the use of chemical hair products causes dryness of hair. Due to this dryness the ends of each hair strand gets a split.Dry and damaged hair would mostly see two ends from a single hair strand. Sometimes you may see a split at the middle of a strand. The hair get a split due to dryness caused due to usage of chemical hair products.

  • Hair fall- This is the most common problem every individual in this world faces. There may be so many reasons behind hair fall. Using of hard water can lead to hair fall. Your own sweat can cause hair fall. An unhealthy diet can cause hair fall. Health constraints could lead to hair fall. There are also some diseases which causes hair fall. But the role of chemical hair products in hair fall is huge. Most of our hair fall due to the use of chemical hair product. The chemicals which are present in the hair products react with our hair and make them dull, dry and unhealthy. Dryness of hair leads to hair breakage and hair fall.  

Hair loss due to hair fall

These are some harmful effects of using chemical hair products. We all know about these harmful effects because we all face them.

Many people will recommend you to use organic hair products like organic hair oil for hair fall treatment or dull hair treatment. Some of us may listen to them and some of us may not. It is tough to believe that organic oil really exist. But you are wrong. There are many companies which manufacture pure organic products. They don’t use chemicals in their products. You can use those products to treat your hairs. You just need to find the correct product which will suit your skin type or hair type to repair the damages which were caused by chemical hair products.

Remedies to repair damaged hair

 The first thing you should do to repair your damaged hair is to change all your chemical hair products with organic hair products. Avoid using chemical hair colors and apply organic hair color like herbal hair color. Though the henna which you use is mostly pure but some companies add some chemicals to it. Be aware of those products and use organic henna.

 The first thing you all know which can repair damaged hair is Oil treatment. You can use any oil of your choice but make sure it is 100% pure. You can totally trust upon a brand which manufactures pure organic products like ayurvedic hair oil. These oils are a mixture of natural oils which are really beneficial for damaged hair. You can use other oils also.

Natural hair treatment for damaged hair

There are many essential oils available in the market you can select any one of those to treat your hair. But all of these essential oils have a different function. For example, olive oil gives your hair a bright shine, coconut oil promotes hair growth, castor oil thickens your hair and strengthens your hair roots and also promotes hair growth.

Organic products come from nature and nature cannot be harmful for you unless you are allergic to any of the natural products. Not only hair the other body parts should be treated with natural product to get rid of harmful chemicals.