Hair Fall, Hair Care Tips and much more..

What does your hair say about your health?                          

Does your hair really reveal a lot about your health? Experts say it is a truth, a fact! You might be trying a useful hair care tip from your favorite magazine or maybe you are trying an offbeat hairstyle.

A healthy shiny lock always rules your look. So, you should always maintain the health of your hair. Most of us feel less-confident on our bad hair day. On the other hand, bouncy thick and long mane will surely boost up one’s confidence level.

To tame frizzy and unhealthy hair, we are going to share some effective tips, which will help you to make your hair healthier and shinier. 

 Herbal, Natural Hair Oil for healthy, Long hair

Effective and easy hair care tips for beautiful, shiny hair:

The following easy and useful Hair care tips will help you to maintain the natural shine and health of your hair.

 1. Clean Scalp: Wash your hair properly. Make sure your scalp is always clean and no dirt particle is left on your scalp. If you have dry and frizzy hair, it is not advisable to wash your hair daily. You can shampoo 2-3 days in a week. Don’t forget to condition your hair after every wash; else you will end up with dull, frizzy hair.

Remember to always shampoo through the length of your hair. Massage your scalp and hair for 2-3 minutes while shampooing. For conditioner, don’t condition your scalp, rather condition the length of your hair.

 2. Oiling: Oil your hair on a regular basis. Oil nourishes our hair and scalp, both. It decreases dandruff problem and helps your hair grow faster. You can opt for any hair growth oil but the best ones are those which are natural, ayurvedic and free of mineral oils. An oil that contains the benefits of some vital herbs like Bhringraj, Amla, Coconut, Olive, Mulethi, etc is specially beneficial for hair. Bringanantadi Oil is recommended for hair nourishment.

To massage your hair, warm the oil in a container (Caution: It should be lukewarm else you may scald your scalp). Massage for 5-10 minutes. Leave it for an hour before shampoo. By doing this, you will notice positive changes in your hair, within a few days.

 3. Avoid brushing wet hair: Take proper care of your wet hair. Don’t brush your hair just after the bath. It will make your locks more fragile. Avoid clutching up or tying up wet hair. Wet hair are more prone to damage.

Avoid Brushing wet Hair

 4. Hair Packs: You can use various homemade hair packs for additional nourishment. Basically, hair packs are used to supply an adequate amount of necessary nourishment for your hair. Depending on the condition of your hair, whether it is dry or oily or breakage prone, you have to choose the appropriate hair pack. If your hair are dry, you could try mixing your dry hair pack with yogurt and glycerin. If your hair are oily, squeeze a lemon in your hair pack.

 5. Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil: If you have dry hair, you may be suffering from dandruff problem. Dandruff is a serious issue, which need to be treated for maintaining the health of your hair. You should wash your scalp with anti-dandruff shampoo, at least once a week. This kind of hair needs regular oil treatment. Anti-dandruff Hair Oil will serve your purpose accurately. Generally, dandruff treatment shampoos make hair dry. So, you need to apply oil more frequently to your hair and scalp. An effective anti-dandruff shampoo should primarily be natural and herbal.  We recommend Bringanantadi - D Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil.

 6.Cover your hair: Protect your hair from sunlight, pollution and outside dirt. UV rays intensely damage our hair. So, you need to cover up the hair while going outside in the scorching heat of summer. We recommend you to avoid peak noon time but if you have to step outside and cannot avoid it, cover up your hair with a scarf!


How to reduce hair fall?

Hair fall is a very common problem nowadays. In our busy schedule, we hardly get time to take care of ourselves especially of our hair. This is the reason, why most of us are suffering from severe hair problems including hair fall, broken and damaged hair, premature gray hair etc. The polluted environment, created by us, is one of the main culprits of our hair problem.

Hair Fall

So, what should we follow to reduce hair from falling? There are various home remedies and natural therapies you could follow to treat your hair. Since these remedies are formulated with 100% natural ingredients, you can undoubtedly try them for your hair.


What are the causes of hair fall?

Malnutrition, liver problem, chronic diseases like thyroid, diabetes and other health problems where an imbalance of vitamins and minerals occur, genetic clauses are mainly responsible for unhealthy hair and hair fall. So, first you need to understand the underlying problem and then decided on the corrective action.

If the problem is not due to medical reasons, you need to nourish your hair properly. Oil massage is the best treatment for your hair. You can opt for an herbal oil massage. Oil to reduce hair fall should be chosen according to the nature of your hair and scalp. If you are still confused, consult with an expert regarding the apt hair oil for you. Oil provides complete nourishment from the root of the hair. It will make the roots stronger and thus prevents easy breakage.

For a better result, tie up your hair with a damp towel for at least one hour. Otherwise, you can massage your hair thoroughly at the bedtime and leave the oil untill morning. Wash your hair with normal water. Do you know that hot water is not good for your hair? Yes, experts say, hot water makes your hair dry and frizzy. Also, your hair can break from the root. So, avoid hot water from applying your hair.


What diet plan should we follow for a healthy hair?

Our general health condition reflects on our hair. If we are not well internally, we cannot flaunt shiny healthy hair. On the other hand, your good health surely will reflect on your hair and skin both. So, you need to know a proper diet plan. Following an appropriate diet will help you maintain your health and hair.


How will you prepare your diet chart?

A dietitian or a nutritionist can help you with all your requirements. Also, you can prepare yourself. You could try a naturopath or an Ayurveda Doctor for your diet chart. An Ayurveda Doctor will assess your body type and help you with an appropriate diet plan.

Keep the following things in mind while preparing a diet plan.

 --   Strictly avoid deep fried food and junk foods. So, if you love a pizza bite, or love to spend times with French fries, now it’s the time to leave all these.

 --   In order to maintain healthy hair, green vegetables must be included in your meal. Lots of fresh fruits, colorful vegetables and fiber-rich cereals will help you to make better health because these elements are fully loaded with vitamins, minerals, iron, potassium, calcium and other necessary components.

 --   Opt for a complete diet with perfect calorific value. Not only diet, you should work out regularly to burn out the excess calorie. This whole combination is the key formula for your healthy skin and hair.

 --   You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

With the help of a perfect diet plan, you also can prevent premature graying. Yes, it is a common problem in these days. Due to excessive pollution, rapid change of diet plans, improper and unhealthy lifestyle people are experiencing premature gray hair. So, the basic rule you can follow to prevent your hair from rapid graying is to maintain an appropriate healthy diet on a regular basis.