Various conditions that affects your hair and scalp and how to prevent them

Hair Problem is a chronic problem that is taking a toll over our lives. Our hair and scalp goes through a lot of battle on a daily basis which comprises of unhealthy lifestyle, improper nourishment stress, job pressure, pollution, scorching heat and dust. Plus, in a fashion forward world we love experimenting with our hair by adding some high dose of chemicals in form of hair colour and other hair treatments. All these above factors together make our hair and scalp weak.

Some of the most common issues related to our scalp and hair are Hair Loss, Dandruff, Itchy Scalp, dry and damaged hair, split ends and brittle hair. The market is filled with plethora of shampoos and other hair care products which successfully seduce us to buy them but turns out to be of no use. They claim to handle all the above mentioned issues but are equally bad for our hair. We totally regret investing in those products and I can’t even count how many times I have regretted myself.

Beautiful long hair

After some serious bad experiences, there are few things that I have understood about hair and scalp which I would like to share with you, so that you can prevent hair problems and overcome them.

  • H2O Therapy/ Make H2O your ‘Best Friend’: Drink water and that too lot of water, at least 8 glasses per day.
    Why? Our body comprises of 70% water which is to say, water is that source that drives our body to work properly. This is also applicable for your scalp and hair. Lower consumption of water will dehydrate our body and scalp which will in turn may give rise to dandruff, dry and damaged hair. Therefore, develop the habit of drinking enough water all year round to keep your scalp hydrated from within.

Water therapy


  • Eat Fruits and Green Veggies: Ditch those fast food that you grab everyday on your way to home from office. Junk foods are definitely something that our tongue and taste buds enjoy, but not our body. Eating junk foods on a regular basis will only aggravate pour health problems. Replace them by eating fruits and green vegetable which have a gamut of nutritional values. They are filled with properties like Vitamin A, B and C, minerals and other such nutritional values which improve the health of our scalp and hair.
  • Use Herbal Products: Use herbal products for your hair, especially when it comes to choosing of shampoos and conditioners. Most of us use shampoos that have sulphate and paraben in them. Such hair care products are bad as they coat our hair with chemicals from the top and do not allow any kind of nourishment to penetrate into our hair. Instead, look for shampoos that read herbal or natural products like amla, shikakai, tea tree extracts, argan oil, honey, etc.

Herbal products


  • Head Massage: Give a nice, warm and a long massage to your scalp and hair to increase the blood circulation to your scalp that will further lead to healthy hair growth. Head Massage using Ayurvedic Hair Oil like Amla Hair Oil, Bringraj Hair Oil, coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil, etc. and keep them overnight. Next day wash off your hair using a mild shampoo. Following this routine can give you the dream tress which you’ve been longing for ages. These are Oil for Hair Growth and one of those few hair oils which our hair can absorb. Use the organic form of these oils and avoid using hair oil whose bottle will say ‘mineral oil’.

Head and Scalp Massage


  • Stay away from Colour and Hair Treatments: Hair colour is in and we love adding some dose of peppy colour to our hair. We go bold by adding colours like pink, green, red, golden yellow, etc. to give a makeover to our look. However, in this process the only thing that we are doing is stripping off our hair from its natural oil. Plus, the bleaching method further hampers our hair. Embrace the natural colour of your hair. At the most, you can use henna as they are natural form of colouring your hair. Also, reduce the usage of hair tools like hair dryer, hair straighter and curlers as the heat which is emitted from these tools further dries down your hair.
  • Wash your hair using Normal Water: By normal water here we mean washing your hair using room temperature water. Do not wash your hair using warm water as it will strip off your hair from its natural oils as the pores in your scalp will remain open.
  • Do not overdo with the brushing of Your Hair: Brushing your hair too often will make your hair frizzy and lead to hair breakage. Therefore, do not brush your hair frequently. Also, use wooden hair combs rather than the plastic ones as they will make your hair frizzy, yet again.

Don't overdo brushing


  • Sleep on Satin: Yes, make sure that your pillow covers are made of satin rather than cotton ones. Why? A Cotton pillow cover absorbs all the nourishment from your hair and causes a lot of friction. On the other hand, satin is a soft material which will not give rise to any friction thereby keeping your hair soft and manageable.

Sleep on Satin Pillow


  • Follow DIY’s: Pamper your hair and scalp by treating them twice a week with DIY’s that are best suited for your hair type and will fight against your hair problem. DIY’s are natural and will not affect your hair or scalp, whatsoever. Plus, they are really easy to make as your have pick products that are already available in your kitchen. However, since these are homemade remedies, it might take some time to show results.
  • Seek Expert Advice: However, if your scalp and hair problem is serious, then go to a doctor or dermatologist for expert advice. They will guide you the right way to fight against your hair and scalp problems. One of the biggest medical treatments you can do for your hair is hair transplantation if you are suffering from a serious hair loss. Experts are best, as they will never guide you on the wrong path.