Chemicals in beauty products that may affect your health…

Makeup is an essential accessory for every girl in this world. But makeup is not only for girls, the men who belong to the industry like television, ramp or big screen industry also use makeup. Makeup is what gives you a different look. You can change your look according to the situation or occasion that you are attending.

Make-up is a very important routine of every girl’s life. Most of us understand the outer appearance benefits that makeup provides. One stays happy with that enhanced look. But all of us may not be aware of the harmful effects of make-up on skin. Through this article we will let you know about the negative effects of makeup on your skin and health.

Chemical products vs Natural Products

There are number of chemicals present in all the makeup that we use daily. The side effect of using makeup occurs due to these chemicals. This is not only harmful for our skin but also harmful for our health. Due to these chemicals, one may also get some diseases.

First you should know the chemicals that are present in all the makeup. Makeups are full of such chemicals like paraben, synthetic colors, mineral oil, artificial fragrance, formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, propylene glycol, triclosan, SLS, SLES. The sunscreens also have some chemicals that are harmful for our skin. Therefore, one should know how these chemicals hurt one’s skin and health.

 Let us try to understand some of these chemicals and their effects on our skin:

 Chemicals in beauty products

Paraben- Paraben is a preservative, which is used in the makeup products to prevent the formation of bacteria and yeast in them. It is one of the most common preservative that is used widely in cosmetics and makeup industry. It sounds good that you makeup will not be damaged with the accumulation of bacteria and yeast on it. But wait a minute, you will be shocked after hearing the side effects of Paraben. By regular use of the products that are filled with this chemical, one may be prone to breast cancer or breast tumor. A simple makeup product can lead to such fatal disease. Paraben is carcinogenic in nature.

Synthetic colors- You must have noticed some letters FD & C or D & C in the labels or your beauty product. Do you know what these means? The letter F means food and D means drug and C means chemicals. These letters denote that these products are made up of these artificial colors. You may also have notice some numbers after these letters that represent the shade that has been used. These synthetic colors are derived from petroleum and coal tar. These chemicals can make you human carcinogen.

Mineral oils- These are nothing but colorless and odorless oils. These are used in the chemicals to give a moisturized texture. These oils may be full of toxins. These oils block your pores that are not good for your skin.

Artificial fragrance- This is one of the most harmful thing that your makeup has. The products claim the fragrance from natural products but are full of chemicals. Due to these chemicals you may have allergies, respiratory distress, dermatitis etc.

Formaldehyde- These are also used in the makeup as preservatives. This may give you nasal cancer and different allergies. 

Toluene- This is another chemical that is derived from petroleum. This can make your immune system toxic.

Phthalates- This is used in most of the makeup that you use. It increases the flexibility and softness of plastic. This chemical can lead to breast cancer and early breast development in girls.

Propylene glycol- This is an organic alcohol that is being used as a skin conditioning agent. This can lead you to get dermatitis and other skin irritations.

Triclosan- This is an antimicrobial chemical. It is mostly used in the toothpaste and anti bacterial soaps. This can cause irritation in your skin and also affects your thyroid and reproductive hormone.

SLS/SLES- Both of these chemical is a compound of sodium and sulfate. These are mainly used in the cleaning products and products that lather eg soaps, toothpaste, shampoo etc. This can lead to skin, eye and lung irritation.

So, next time when you pick up any cosmetic, please read the ingredients. You are sure to find these above mentioned chemicals in your products. However, the natural, ayurvedic products do not contain any chemicals and are safer to use.

Harmful chemicals in beauty products

Following are some tips that you may follow to prevent your skin from the chemical damages.

Some Skin care tips to get a healthy skin

  • - Apply ayurvedic beauty product to your skin for a healthier skin.
  • - Avoid chemical cosmetics. Now you know how chemicals hurt your skin.
  • - Use natural products, products that are made up of herbs. You all know herbs. These are the precious gift from nature. Use these herbs to pamper your skin. Do check the label to know he vital herbs present in the product.
  • - Don’t let your pores be blocked. Do not apply chemical moisturizer or creams.
  • - Maintain the pH level of your skin.
  • - Stay hydrated by consuming sufficient water. Water flush out all the unwanted substance from your body. It also keeps your internal body healthy and away from toxins.
  • - Consume a healthy diet for a healthy skin.
  • - Avoid junk foods or foods that are full of fats. But do not reduce fat totally from your diet.
  • - Try to make vegetables your best friend. But do not forget the proteins.
  • - Maintain the hygiene of your skin. Clean your skin regularly. But do not overdo it that your skin becomes dry.
  • - Flush out toxins from your body to get a healthy and bright skin.

Clear Radiant face

Interesting Face care tips that will help you throughout your life

  1. Clean up your face regularly. But to not wash your face more than thrice a day. Otherwise it will become dry.
  2. Give your face proper moisture.
  3. Clean your face before you sleep.
  4. Do not put makeup all day long. Cleans your face before you are going to rest.
  5. Try to uses fewer cosmetics.
  6. Use products that are made up of natural substance.
  7. A fruit facial at your home is one of the best skin care tip for you.