At times a headache feels more than just a mere headache.  A headache is more painful than a normal headache and you suffer from various sensory warning signs like a blind spot, bright light, nausea, vomiting and a high sensitivity to sound and light. These are the signs that you are having a migraine.

Migraine pains can be short for an hour or so or even can be long lasting like for a day or two. Migraine pains are excruciating and it makes you irritable and sick. The causes of migraine are still unknown and there is no such remedy to cure a migraine apart from sleep.

How it feels like to have Migraine

However, there are certain things that trigger a migraine and a person suffering from a migraine should try to avoid it as much as possible. Listed below are the potential reasons that may trigger a migraine.


  • Allergies and allergic reactions: Dust, rain, fog and cloudy weather that affects a person and food that causes allergies triggers a migraine. The other factors include loud noises, vivid lights, smoky rooms, frequent temperature changes, very strong smells like certain perfumes.

  • Emotional stress: The common emotional stress like tension, anxiety and depression gives excessive pains.  Any sort of vivid emotional excitement can initiate the migraine pain.

  • Physical exhaustions: Excessive tiredness, jet lag, a vigorous workout can all affect the migraine pain.

  • Sleep: Improper sleep, insomnia, and changes in sleeping patterns can affect a migraine.

  • Smoking: Even if you are a chain smoker and had been exposed to smoke for a long span of time, still migraine can hit you hard. For non-smokers who are frequently exposed to smoke may have the same effects.

  • Skipping meals: It is unwise to keep your stomach empty for a long time. It increases the chances of migraine pain. A fasting and improper food habit that leads to low blood sugar level are an aid to a migraine. Dehydration can also trigger migraine pain.

  • Alcohol: If you suffer from a migraine, a little amount of alcohol is enough to trigger the pain. It is better to avoid alcoholic beverages.

  • Food: Consuming certain food such as dairy products, fermented food, pickle, chocolate, nuts, peanut butter etc increases the chances of migraine pain. Food that contains an excess of tyramine like aged cheese, red wine, chicken livers, figs, smoked fishes etc also increases the chances of a migraine.

  • Medications: Those of you who have a tendency of taking sleeping pills, contraceptive pills or are going through hormone replacement therapy can also have an increased rate of migraine pain. Women who are going through menopause or fluctuations of the menstrual cycle may also face the same.

Migraine Headache



  • Ice Packs: Since ice is anti-inflammatory it is better to use them while you are suffering from migraine pain. Keep the pack on your forehead and keep it there for 10-15 minutes to get relief from the pain.

  • Head Massage: Massage your forehead and your head as it increases the blood circulation level and eases the acute pain. It is better to use pain relief balm or for fast results you can apply head massage roll on for headache pain.

Head Massage for Migraine pain relief


  • Relaxation: Stress Management is a very important factor. You need to have your day planned to sort out the stress factors. Also, you must have a diet and start exercising regularly to avoid the stress and give yourself time to relax.

  • Herbs: There are several herbal oils and products that help you to get temporary relief from a migraine. Shirodhara is one of the best herbal oils that help in treating migraine effectively. 

  • Acupuncture: According to various studies it has been found that acupuncture for a longer period of time completely cures a migraine. As medications have several side effects so it is a better option than medication or any other ways of curing migraine.

Listed below are certain foods that you should include in your daily diet to overcome the migraine pain:

  • Dark green leafy vegetables- Have a vegetable salad once every day along with fruits.
  • Nuts and seeds- Nuts are very important for wholesome nutrition. Have them raw or add them up to your meal.
  • Red meat- Have red meat once every week, but make sure you do not cook them too spicy or too rich because that would harm your digestive system and would lead to increase in pain.
  • Butterbur- One should have butterbur quite often to deal with migraine pain. This is highly recommended by doctors.
  • Egg- To deal with a migraine one should also have two eggs daily.  It is said that loss of protein in the body leads to such traumatic pain of a migraine. Eggs help to gain protein at a good amount in the body.
  • Fruit Juices- Either at breakfast or after lunch a glass of fruit juice is essential for good health and even to get rid of migraine pain.

A migraine cannot be cured but can be controlled by taking precautions. Always remember the thumb rule... Prevention is better than cure!!