Many teenagers confess that worst thing about being a teenager is dealing with skin problems. Those Stubborn pimples, zits, black heads, and white heads are difficult to handle. Although, acne problem can affect people of any age group but teenager boys and girls face this issue pretty often. Acne can also put your skin at high risk of catching serious infections, marks and scars, damaging your skin permanently.

Teenager Acne

What causes ACNE?

According to Ayurveda, the major reason for acne problem is deep impairment of tri-doshas- (vata,pitta and kapha). But the pitta dosha is primarily responsible for acne because it upsets blood and fat tissues. Experts believe that the aggravated doshas create harmful toxins that block the energy channels of the skin causing acne and other skin issues. Excessive consumption of oily fried and junk foods, pollution and some health conditions can further worsen the acne problem.

Both internal and external factors are equally responsible for causing skin related issues. For most of the people, oily skin creates skin problems such as pimples, blackheads and blemishes. Apart from this, excess sebum and environmental pollution may also clog your pores and cause acne. Even though the markets are loaded with a variety of anti-pimple products but choosing the best cream that can effectively deal with your acne problems is not an easy task. Thankfully, some ayurvedic creams and lotions along with healthy diet and lifestyle changes can cure this disease completely.

Acne is a major skin related issue

The ancient system of holistic system called ayurveda, offers you plenty of natural and highly effective ways of treating acne problem (Bear in mind that chemical loaded creams, antibiotics and lotions will only mask the symptoms, they will not fix the problem). Ayurvedic formula based creams with natural ingredients directly hit on the root of the problem, therefore they are considered best for curing the acne and other stubborn skin issues.

A NATURAL REMEDY FOR ACNE - Kumkumadi Night Glow Serum

Blue Nectar Kumkumadi Radiance Glow Night Serum comes with some natural ingredients with anti aging and anti acne properties. It is reasonably priced kumkumadi telam as compared to other brands. Both men and women can use it for getting permanent relief from acne problem. Regular use of this Kumkumadi telam keeps your skin soft, flawless and radiant. Apart from controlling acne, pimples and red spots, it also gives you a clear skin tone.

Blue Nectar Kumkumadi Serum

The best thing about Blue Nectar kumkumadi telam is that it is not sticky, and it gets absorbed quickly into your skin, so it doesn’t make your face look very oily. After regularly using this product for about a month, it starts showing amazing results. You can clearly notice the improvement in your skin’s condition. With reduced acne and lighter scars, your skin will definitely look years younger and healthier too.

Apart from kumkumadi telam, a good quality ayurvedic anti-acne cream can also be helpful in preventing and combating acne. Mainly, these creams are enriched with the goodness of neem, red sandalwood, ashwagandha and coriander seeds to control the acne. All these natural ingredients are highly effective and time-tested remedies to cure pimples and blackheads and scars. Regular use of a good quality anti-acne cream will not only give you a flawless and smooth skin but it will also repair inflammation. Therefore, you can rely on an ayurvedic anti acne cream to banish the skin breakouts.

A lot of people in their 30s and 40s suffer from a skin condition called Rosacea (aka adult acne) which causes their nose and cheeks suddenly turn red. However, the real reason for this skin issue is not known yet but it has been observed that spicy foods, alcohol, hot beverage or hot weather can intensify Rosacea.

When choosing a skin care product for Rosacea, make sure it contains natural ingredients like extracts of green tea and Vitamin E, caffeine and algae extract etc. because these ingredients help soothe and calm redness-prone fragile skin.

Some highly effective tips for preventing acne-

  1. A sunscreen is one of the best ways of protecting your skin from environmental damages which cause acne and red spots. Choose a formula that offers you broad-spectrum SPF to protect your skin against both UVA and UVB rays.

  2. It is important to keep your makeup brushes and sponges ultra-clean this will help you avoid dirt and bacteria which cause various kinds of stubborn skin issues.

  3. Consumption of mixed variety of nuts can help you fight dreaded skin conditions like pimples and pre-mature aging. Nuts which are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids help maintain the natural glow and skin elasticity while reducing skin inflammation.

  4. Sometimes removing dairy product from your diet can help improve your skin condition. Several medical studies have established a link between milk intake and incidence of acne breakout.

  5. A steamy hot water shower can relax you after a hectic day. But if you have sensitive and fragile skin, hot water shower is certainly not a good idea. Hot water creates small burns and removes natural oils from your skin making your skin dull and dry.

  6. Keeping your hair out of your forehead may be helpful in preventing oil from hair falling over the face. This excess oil is mostly responsible for clogging the skin pores which in turn causes blemishes around your nose and forehead. Wash your face gently with some herbal soap to get rid of excess oil. Don’t try to rub, scrub or wash hard if you have acne, it will make your acne more inflamed and more visible.

  7. Well hydrated and moisturised skin can easily deal with whiteheads and blackheads.  Moisture in the skin keeps pores open, saving it from breakouts and other skin issues. Daily skin moisturisation is said to be the most important part of our beauty routine. However, it is to be noted that overuse of alcohol-based moisturizers can be harmful, if you have lots of pimples and red spots.

  8. For a sensitive and oily skin, lightweight, water-based moisturizer is the best option. Moisturizer should be applied just after taking a bath.

  9. Make it a point to keep your pillow covers, bed-sheets and towels very clean. Dirty pillow covers can easily transfers dirt, sweat and oil to your skin and aid bacterial growth, leading to acne.

 Acne is most commonly caused by blocked pores; therefore, always look for cosmetics that do not block the pores. Invest in high quality herbal formula based oil-free and fragrance-free products so that you can avoid skin infections, inflammation, irritation and break-outs.