Taking care of your skin is not a luxury but a necessity. Your skin is the outermost layer of your body. It protects you from dust, dirt, pollution, bacteria and so many other harmful things. Your skin has to endure so much and hence it is also important that you take proper care of it.

Beautiful Skin Requires Commitment

Taking care of your skin is an essential, daily task and a necessity. Whether you are a homemaker or a working woman, you have to find time for your skin care regime. These days it's not just women, men are also actively taking part in maintaining their skin. And why not, after all, skincare is not gender-specific. The skin texture though may vary for men.

But a proper skincare routine not just consists of cleansing and moisturizing. Skin Care tips are different for different age groups. You also have to keep in mind that for your skin, you need to use good quality products that do not damage your skin.

When to Start Taking Care of Your Skin?

You would be surprised to hear but everybody is born with beautiful skin. As you age, external as well as internal factors lead to daily wear and tear of the skin. When you are young, it is not compulsory to follow a daily regime because skin repair happen automatically. Just cleaning your skin on a regular basis is enough. Teenage years are the time when your body undergoes certain changes. If you do not take proper care of your skin, breakouts and blemishes are most likely to affect you. Face Care tips might come in handy as long as you follow them regularly.

As you grow older, the first signs of aging are reflected on your skin. You cannot reverse the natural process of aging but you can certainly delay it. And you can do so by maintaining a proper skincare routine. Anti Ageing Cream alone will not solve the problem.

Skin Investment

How to Buy Proper Skincare Products?

Buying an expensive product does not always guarantee its quality. While buying products for your skin, you have to be very careful as the wrong product can harm your skin. You might want to look for ingredients and reviews before buying a product. Everybody does not have the same skin type. You must also buy products according to your skin type. One more thing which you need to keep in mind while buying products is the ingredients. You must check the composition of any face care product you are purchasing. You must look for ingredients which are good for the skin.

How to Maintain a Proper Skincare Regimen?

Well, once you have bought the products needed for your skin, you also need to know how to layer your skin with the skincare products. You cannot just apply it one after the other. Here is a way to help you layer your skin properly.

  • Cleansing your face is the first and foremost thing. Face Wash clears the dirt and impurities from the skin. Herbal Face Wash or Ayurvedic Face Wash can be used by those who have a sensitive skin. In case of makeup removal or deep cleansing, you have to use a cleansing milk of good quality. The cleanser removes oil and dirt and cleans your skin to its pore.

  • After cleansing routine, you can apply a scrub. Scrub need not be used regularly. A scrubber exfoliates your skin and removes dead cells. Dead cells can make your skin look dull, hence it is very important to exfoliate and remove those dead cells. You can use a good quality scrub twice or thrice a week.

  • The next step is an important one. The first product after cleansing your skin which you need to apply is a good quality Face Serum. Serums are thin products that contain active ingredients to be absorbed by the skin. You must select serums based on your skin type. If needed, a combination of more than one serum can be used on the skin. After serum application, instead of hurrying to the next step you need to let it get absorbed by the skin. One such Serum which is natural and 100% ayurvedic is Kumkumadi Serum.

Kumkumadi Night Serum

  • The next step is the application of the moisturizing cream. Based on the time, you can apply Day Cream or a Night Cream. Face Cream or Moisturising creams helps to lock the serum moisture on your skin. If you have irritable skin or extra sensitive skin, you can first apply a moisturizer and then apply the serum. Again you need to select moisturizing creams based on your skin type - whether it is oily or dry.

  • If you are layering your skin in the morning and heading out for the day, the final step would be to apply a good sunscreen or sunblock gel or cream. The sunscreen prevents harmful rays from affecting your skin so you need to put it on as the final layer of your skin.

  • If you are layering your skin before going to bed, instead of sunscreen and moisturising cream, you need to apply an Anti Wrinkle Cream. Anti-wrinkle serums or creams need to be applied after you have turned 30. Applying anti-wrinkle creams at night works in a most effective way. While buying an anti-aging cream, you must purchase it depending on your age.

Anti Wrinkle & Anti-Ageing Cream

This is the basic skincare regimen which should be followed to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Along with this, you also need to take extra care such as drinking lots of water and eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Face massage and facial spa are also necessary to keep your skin youthful and healthy. While getting a skin treatment or therapy, you must ensure that quality products are used on your skin.

Remember, Happy Skin = Happier You

Wear a beautiful skin and not make-up