How to take care of Skin during Holi                                                                                                                           

Holi is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. The festival of colour brings in a lot of happiness and has a gala celebration all over the country. It is celebrated to mark the advent of spring.

Holi welcomes the spring season

Traditionally, people played Holi with natural colours of spring flowers. Because spring has beautiful flowers, Holi would represent the colours of spring. Over the years the natural colours have been taken over by artificial colours. These artificial colours have adverse effect on skin and thus post holi people face serious skin issues. Since it is hard to resist one from being a part of such cheerful festivity, certain precautionary steps must be followed both pre and post holi. These steps would essentially help your skin glow and prevent your skin from getting damaged.


Pre-Holi, some precautions that must be followed are:

  • Apply a munificent amount of Coconut or Mustard oil on the face, ears, neck, arms and legs before you play with colours. Although coconut oil is commonly used as a Hair Oil, but are also effective for skin. One can also use cold creams or petroleum jelly as all these acts as barrier creams and helps to wash off the colours from skin later

  • People with sensitive skin should apply a small amount of lemon juice on face, ears, neck and arms before they get exposed to the colours. Lemon juice prevents skin irritation.

  • It is always better to wear full sleeve tops and long pants so that the skin is not much exposed to the colours and that skin damaged could be reduced.

  • It is better to use sunscreen that has high SPF so that while you are exposed to sun, your skin does not get tanned. As the colours would already be affecting your skin, it is better to use some precautions to minimize the skin damage.

  • It is better to apply a generous amount of sunscreen around your eyes.

  • Wear sunglasses while playing Holi as it protects the eyes from the harmful colours.

  • The chemicals of the colours dehydrate the skin, so one should drink a lot of water before and after playing holi to maintain the water balance.

  • Apply Massage Oil or petroleum jelly on the back of neck and on the finger nails to keep them away from stains.

  • It is better to rub olive oils on the cuticles, so that colour does not affect them.

  • To remove stains from your teeth, or prevent your teeth from colour stain, apply warm petroleum jelly to it.

  • It is better that you don’t wax your skin or thread your eyebrows 2-3 days before holi, as it keeps the pores of your skin fragile and damages fast.

  • One should apply Night Serum to hairs and body the night before Holi, so that the skin would have a nourishment coating and would prevent from skin damage.

Holi Skin Care Tips

 Use Makeup to protect the Skin:

When you use a good makeup in an intelligent way, you can both look attractive and can reduce the damages made by dry or watery colours of Holi. Listed below are few things that one must do:

  • Use a sunscreen before you go out and play with colours.

  • To prevent your lips from staining apply nude or neutral lip-gloss or lipstick.

  • To prevent your eyes, use nude eye-shadows and blush. They even help you look beautiful naturally. But the best bet is to wear sunglasses.

  • Use bright nail paints on your nails of both hand and foot. Also trim your nails to prevent the colours from adversely affecting your skin. By painting nails, your nails are protected against colours.


After playing with colours all the day, it is better to follow the below mentioned steps to get away the stains easily and wash away all the colours.

  • Before showering in lukewarm or normal water, one must apply two tablespoon of lemon juice with curd on the skin or stained parts. This helps in lightening and remving the stains easily.

  • Mix rose water with besan, almond oil and milk cream.  Make a thick mixture and apply on the affected part and let it dry. Bath in lukewarm water using a mild soap.

  • To relax and rest your eyes and reduce the effects, soak a cotton ball in rosewater and place it in eye and rest. One can also keep slices of cucumber for effective results.

  • If your face has been affected a lot by colours, mash a ripe papaya and use it as a pack to get instant results.

  • For an itchy or irritating skin, use Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera has natural healing properties and has a cooling effect on skin. Thus it helps in soothing the itch.

  • Follow a good Skin regimen for next few days to nourish your skin. Apply a good night Serum before going to bed. Ayurvedic formula of Kumkumadi Serum is the best for skin nourishment.

  • A mixture of rose petals, honey and malai is good for the lips. It helps to moisturise the lips and get back its original colour.

  • Use Honey Face Wash instead of your regular face wash. As honey moisturizes the skin and reduce damage.

  • You could also use a skin Brightening Cream at night before going to bed for overnight skin repair.

Effective Home-made face packs during Holi:

Some effective skin packs that one should try after holi to reduce the skin damage and get back moisturized skin are discussed below. You should have a clear knowledge about your skin type before you apply the pack.

Face pack for Holi

For Oily Skin:

Take 2 tbsp. of multani mitti along with 1 tsp. of glycerine and water and mix them well.  Apply it on your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wash gently and pat dry.

For Normal skin:

 At first mix 2 tbsp. of masoor dal powder with 1 tbsp. of rice flour and a pinch of haldi in rose water.  Apply the mixture and let it dry for 10-15 minutes and wash it.

For Dry skin: 

In a bowl mix 1 tbsp. soy flour and milk along with a tea spoon of glycerine and a pinch of sea salt into a paste.  Scrub your face with the mixture for 10 minutes and wash off.

Things you must do after playing holi:

  • Never use soap to cleanse the colour infected skin. Always use a mild cleanser and apply moderate moisturizers to your skin. Honey is a good moisturiser. Apply Honey all over the body for 10 minutes after the shower. Rinse it with water thereafter. It moisturises the skin. Doing this for a week or more will show significant change on your skin.
  • Sprits, petroleum or kerosene oils should not be used to remove stains as they cause skin irritation and can cause more damage to the skins.

While one must enjoy the festivities, one should follow the above mentioned Skin Care tips to minimise the damage to the skin. So, soak in the spirit of the festival and enjoy the colours stress free and guilt free.

Happy Holi