Saffron Face Mask

Skin is one of the essential features of a person’s appearance. Dark spots, wrinkles, patchy skin affect the look of a person. They are also signs of damaged skin. Thus, it is better to take a note of remedies and ways which could prevent skin from further damage.

There are several herbal creams as well as anti-ageing creams available in the market that can make you retain the perfect radiance of your skin. But that is not sufficient. It is recommended that you should know what the things that affect your skin are and how to prevent them.

The most common reason for dull skin is AGEING

When you begin to age, the first thing that you notice are the under eye wrinkles that appears like little ninjas and snatch away your youthfulness and flawlessly smooth skin. Among all the other signs of ageing, wrinkles and dark circles affects the peace of your mind mostly.

Ageing is a natural phenomenon and almost irreversible. But that does not mean you cannot prevent it and retain back your glowing and youthful skin. There are several anti-ageing products that can hold back your youthfulness. But when you are already affected by double chin and several other ageing sings, you might take recourse to them. 

Common Skin Problems due to AGEING

It is very important to keep the skin beautiful, however, with age, certain skin related issues develop. Discussed below are few common skin problems associated with ageing:

  • WRINKLE: Wrinkled skin is the primary sign of ageing and comes into sight as a result of the loss of body mass.  The other causes include fleeting or drawn out contact with water, improper sleeping positions and facial expressions that can cause a crease or fold on the surface of the skin. Before the skin gets all wrinkled, certain Fine Lines near eyes and lips appear. To get wrinkle free skin it is better to take care of your skin from the initial period of ageing to maintain firm skin.

  • PIGMENTATION: Melanin is the pigment that determines the skin color. When the cells are damaged or affected negatively, the melanin production is reduced and the skin goes down the original color causing skin pigmentation.

  • ACNE SKIN: Acne, which is medically called acne vulgaris, is the result of skin damage that occurs genetically. The prime characteristics of acne are excessive pimples, black and white heads, greasy skin and scarring. The hair follicles are usually bunged up with dead skin cells or oil from the skin.

  • Signs of Ageing


  • OPEN PORES: When the oil glands enlarge there is an increase in the oil secretion on the surface of the skin. This increases along with age and needs proper treatment.

  • DRY SKIN: When there is improper circulation of blood and the skin loosens, the skin becomes itchy, scaly and cracked. Also, there are times when people grow Dark Circles as a product of the cracked skin.



Listed below are certain ways in which skin glow can be retained and makes combating with ageing becomes easy.

Lemon juice:

Lemon is easily available and is the best way to make you skin glowing. It fades blemishes and black spots but has a burning sensation. You must follow the following steps.

  •  - Fresh lemon juice can be applied on the surface of the skin areas which are affected with the cotton balls.
  •  - Dry and then wash it with plain water.
  •  - Keep applying this home remedy for removing dark spots for at least two weeks.



They are not just amazingly tasty but essential beneficial for your skin.

  • - Neatly slice a potato.
  • - Put one slice on these black spots.
  • - Leave it on your face for couple of minutes and then wash with the lukewarm water.



Buttermilk is very much beneficial for removing the dark spots. It helps fade the blemishes and also the black spots but has no burning sensation unlike lemon juice.

  • - Take at least four teaspoons of enriched buttermilk.
  • - Then add two teaspoons juice of fresh tomatoes.
  • - Blend them well and then you can apply.
  • - Rinse the mask off just after 15 minutes of applying it.


Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has diverse healing powers and it is kind of a natural remedy for dark spot. The gel of Aloe Vera stimulates the growth of the fresh skin cells for the purpose of minimizing the production of dark spots.

  • - Extract the fresh kind of Aloe Vera gel.
  • - Apply the gel on the dark areas or the patches.
  • - Gently massage affected areas by using your fingertips for couple of minutes.
  • - Leave it for minutes; 15 to 20 minutes approximately, after that rinse it thoroughly.
  • - To fade skin discolorations repeat this for once or twice on daily basis for few weeks.


Sandalwood and the Saffron:

  • - Make a paste of one tablespoon of the sandalwood powder, one tablespoon of glycerine and three tablespoons of rose water. You can also use milk or honey. You can add a bit of saffron to it.
  • - Apply the paste on the areas of the skin which are affected, and leave it for just some minutes, until dry. Wash off the paste with the lukewarm water.
  • - Your black spots will be vanished completely by following this remedy on daily basis.



Turmeric is one of the best skin-lightening agents that is found naturally. It can be easily used escape from the problem of black spots and also repairs radical damage and also it reduces the skin pigmentation and the discoloration.

  • - Make a paste of two to three teaspoons of the turmeric and a little amount of milk and one teaspoon of the lemon juice.
  • - Apply the paste to the surface of the skin where the portions of black spots are maximum.
  • - Leave it for couple of minutes and then rinse it with the lukewarm water.



Honey is best in healing affected skin cells. Since it is naturally antiseptic and moisturizer which is natural and honey helps to keep the skin healthy, smooth and soft. Honey contains natural antibiotics that protect against bacteria and makes your skin glowing.

  • - Rinse your face clearly and leave it to dry it up.
  • - Apply the paste.
  • - Leave it for at least 10 minutes.
  • - Massage the skin with the wet fingers in circular motions.
  • - Rinse it with cool water

 Anti-Ageing Cream Blue Nectar

Along with all these natural remedies it is advisable to use ayurvedic products for your skin instead of chemical cosmetics.

According to experts, Ayurvedic Anti Ageing Cream should be applied on your face on a daily basis before you sleep at night. Also, there is several anti ageing cream for sensitive skin, that would cause no harm to person’s skin. For people who are facing the first signs of ageing or suffering from fine lines and wrinkles should definitely use Ayurvedic Anti-Ageing Saffron Cream. Ayurvedic Brightening Cream is an effective product that enables natural glow and does not cause any side effects.

Along with all these products and remedies it is important to remember that a healthy lifestyle, proper sleep and balanced diet are very essential.

To protect your skin and retain your inner glow you must follow everything that is essential for keeping them safe.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Remedies are secondary as preventing your skin from all these is primary!