Nowadays there are tons of beauty products in the market. Using them may have unwanted short term or long-term side effects. Just as we read product labels of food products with care it is equally vital to read product labels meticulously before buying any beauty product. Comprehending the best way to read beauty product's ingredients list is the most important step to find out if the product is safe to use and its quality.

Some beauty product ingredients may negatively affect the human body's hormones as well as fertility. The former may have pesticides present in them having the potential to trigger major diseases such as cancer. Products may also have deadly toxins which go through the skin and make you look older than you actually are. Instead of making you look good certain cosmetics may accelerate the occurrence of age spots, wrinkles and other unwanted stuff.

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Not reading the label or just having a cursory glance is not enough. You must go through each ingredient because even a single item may be dangerous. It is better to avoid beauty products having toxic ingredients completely. They are not worth the money. Instead they harm both your looks and health. Cosmetic companies use various tactics to persuade people to purchase as well as use their products.

Branding, attractive packaging, recommendations from celebrities and low prices lure customers to buy these products. Don’t buy a product just because its inexpensive. Similarly, just because a product is expensive it may not be good for you. Many celebrities endorse a product because of commercial considerations. They may not have a high opinion of the product or ever used them on themselves. Just because someone recommends a beauty product don’t rush to buy and use it. There may be serious side effects that the user is unaware of. Just because a beauty product is reputed doesn’t mean each and every of its products is safe to use. Don’t buy a beauty item just because it comes from a top or leading brand. After all its your looks as well as health are stake here.

Insidious Harm

Many people are of the opinion that they don’t see anything adverse happening to the skin. Hence the beauty product is fine. Plenty of the effects of using beauty products with harmful ingredients come after a long time. So, if you are using such products and your skin is fine don't continue using them. For example, cell damage will not be visible after a week's use. But after a few years of use the negative effects will be clearly visible.

Herbal beauty products and Ayurvedic Beauty Products are safer than chemical-based beauty products. Reading labels help users make informed decisions about choosing beauty products that nourish their skin and hair. Knowing how to read beauty labels enables us to obtain more value for our hard-earned money and shields us from erroneous claims on the beauty product packs.

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 How to Best Read a Beauty Product Label

• Don't go by the smell

People fall for the fragrance and buy a product. The line of thinking if the stuff smells so good it will be good for the hair or skin too. Many of the common ingredients employed to make a beauty product smell great have negative effects on the skin. This goes for organic and natural products too. Ingredients listed as fragrance are an unmentioned combination of unknown elements. Essential oils also fall into the negative category. Many essential oils are extremely volatile. As a result, they are not suited for treating the skin.

• Look out for Parenthesis on the Label

Ingredient names may be very long and complex. However, they have a common name which is easier to recognize. Right next to the chemical name common names are given in parenthesis. So, you need to locate the parenthesis for easy identification of the ingredient. Ingredients are arranged in order from largest to least amount. So, users can make sure which are the predominant ingredients.

• Don't Fall for the Term 'Hypoallergenic'

A beauty product labelled as 'hypoallergenic' should ideally have lesser allergic reactions than products which don't claim to be hypoallergenic. This term is frequently used in the labels of beauty products particularly when targeting users with sensitive skin. You should be aware that currently there exist absolutely no federal standards or definitions that regulate the employment of this term or guarantee that beauty products with the 'hypoallergenic' label cause less skin reactions.

• The Process of Testing the Beauty Product

If the label includes claims such as 'not tested on animals' it usually means that the beauty product and not necessarily the ingredients are not animal tested. This leads to a situation where people will purchase a product believing it to be cruelty free. However, the ingredients may be animal tested.

• Watch Out for Too Many Ingredients

The more the count of ingredients the more chances that the beauty products or its ingredients have been animal tested. Organic beauty products have shorter ingredients lists as their products have relatively less processing.

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 • The Presence of Harmful Ingredients

Certain ingredients of beauty products ramp up the skins generation of free radicals which result in skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, hypersensitivity and other side effects.

• Beware of Misleading Labels

Certain manufacturers mislead users with disguised labels. The industry's meaning of the labels while legal are different from dictionary meanings and what most of us think it is. Making sure you get 100% synthetic chemical as well as toxic free beauty products is to select only those products with recognized Certified Organic logos.

• Expiration Date

This is important to look out for. Certain ingredients either don’t work well or are harmful after a certain time period.

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Ayurvedic Beauty Products

A good reason to closely look at beauty product labels is that you get a realistic idea of the effectiveness of the products ability to deliver what it claims it can. If the ingredients are good the beauty product will work well. With the advent of the Internet it is easy to get each ingredient’s properties as well as ill effects.