Walk into the beauty products section of a supermarket and you will notice tons of retinoids containing creams and lotions. Hot in skin care right now, the controversial ingredients retinoid is being heavily used in anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatments.

Retinoid and few other vitamin A derivatives have gained popularity due to their anti-aging abilities but there isn't adequate evidence to prove they really work. Most of this “so called” anti-aging stuff smells good and come in attractive packaging however their impact on our health is still doubtful. 

Retinoids aka Vitamin A

The biggest question here is: 

Does Retinoid really help remove wrinkles AND if it does so, is it risk free too????

The truth about Retinoids based anti-aging products-

Retinoids work on your skin as a strong exfoliator which prematurely removes skin cells. Over exfoliation forces the formation of new skin cells. The new skin looks good for some time, but comes with its own disadvantages. Overuse of retinoids based products ultimately accelerates the skin thinning process and the skin becomes fragile, prone to infections.

Moreover, some forms of retinoids can be extremely harmful; for example tretinoin is toxic in nature and retinyl palmitate can turn out to be toxic in sunlight. Results of various researches and studies show that the retinol produces excess reactive oxygen, which can hamper with cellular signalling or cause mutations.

The truth about Retinoids

As stated earlier, tretinoin is a strong toxin; and it may damage your eyes severely if applied regularly around the eyes. Breastfeeding mothers or those who are trying to conceive should avoid using all forms of retinoid products. Likewise, pregnant women should also stay away from retinoids based products as they can hamper with the growth of foetus inside their womb. Long term skin therapy with retinoids may reduce the child-bearing potential in women.

It is a good idea to take a specialist’s opinion before starting any Retinoid based anti-aging creams or lotions. Especially, those who are taking prescription medicines or over-the-counter drugs. They should be extra careful with retinoid based products.

Benefits of using herbal beauty-care and anti-wrinkle products-

Chemical loaded beauty products bring a lot of severe and mild side-effects with them. Hence, in last few years, health conscious consumers of these products have started looking for natural alternatives for the same.

The top reason behind herbal cosmetics’ popularity is that they are not hazardous and have no side effects.

Ancient healing system Ayurveda suggests the use of extremely powerful herbs for beauty care. Herbs like saffron and sandalwood etc. for various beauty care treatments.

Saffron has been a beauty secret of queens and princesses since many centuries. It contains a lot of potassium which is helpful in cell formation and repair. Saffron is also a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants. This property enables it to be used as an effective weapon against various skin conditions like pimples and acne etc.

Saffron as anti-wrinkle treatment

In many ancient ayurvedic sculptures saffron has been mentioned as a powerful anti-aging, anti-wrinkle agent. If you want to avoid retinoid based anti-aging creams, then saffron containing ayurvedic cream can be a great pick. An ayurvedic saffron containing formula is great for skin lightening treatments too; it works overnight to regenerate the skin cells; within a few days, you will notice your skin getting softer, tighter and younger.

Sandalwood is yet another time tested ayurvedic ingredient which is used in various home remedies for clear skin. The toning property of sandalwood helps in shrinking skin pores, which in turn gives you an even skin tone and averts sagging and wrinkles.

Sandalwood is a good skin care regimen

Pollution, hot weather and other factors like stress and wrong food habits can make your skin dull and lifeless. Most of the cosmetics and beauty care products in today’s world contain artificial toxic substances and other harmful chemicals. These chemicals not only harm the skin but also create severe health problems like high BP, allergies, infertility etc.

So why subject your skin to unnecessary chemicals and retinoids based cosmetics? It is better to invest in a good quality hundred percent natural beauty care products than expensive chemical based creams and lotions. One of the best ways to guarantee that you and your family do not get exposed to such harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients is to simply switch to time-tested ayurvedic beauty products with all-natural and safe ingredients.

Retinoids based creams give you dry and damaged skin whereas ayurvedic creams with natural ingredients give you glowing, soft and fresh skin. So, don’t fall for the false promises made by these cosmetics giants, instead go for an anti-aging herbal formula that is enriched with natural goodness. It easily penetrates deep in the skin and reduces wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots.