When Should One Start Using Anti Ageing Products in Skin Care Routine

Typically, the main changes that happen in our skin as we age are:-

  1. More sluggish cellular activity.

  2. Lower production of collagen and elastic – the proteins responsible for the youthful, supple appearance of our skin.

  3. The summed up cumulative damage caused by sun exposure, due to free radical generation because of Ultraviolet rays.

  4. Slower and less efficient natural replacement of epidermis, the outermost layer of skin.
  5. Loss of moisture.

The visible effects of all these are typically fine lines, wrinkles, sagging puffy and dull skin, crow’s feet, pigmentation or dark ageing spots etc – all of which combine  to lend us the appearance of age. While some of these factors are only controllable by our starting the use of anti-ageing products from an early age, some can be controlled by lifestyle changes like less sun exposure, no smoking, proper diet, regular exercise, avoiding frowning etc. To supplement the good results of a right lifestyle, it is critical to use anti ageing products like anti ageing creams and anti ageing serums (face serums)(made from natural ingredients, preferably) to help hydrate, protect, nourish and oxygenate skin, thereby delaying the arrival of the signs of ageing mentioned above, and helping the skin retain its youthful suppleness and radiant vitality.

Anti aging serum for oily skin
The question relating to the right time for using anti-ageing products is especially relevant for those of us who have hit middle age, are in their 30s and 40s. This is when we find the first signs of ageing on our faces, typically, and although this is when we typically reach out for those anti ageing creams and serums to help hide/remove the wrinkles and age spots, it is suggested that we should probably start on the preventive journey a decade, or even more, before the tough to reverse damage is already done. Usually, the first signs of ageing are noticed in the area surrounding the eyes – dark circles and saggy / puffy skin, and fine lines whenever we smile/frown. In fact, one can take the appearance of these fine lines as the final warning bell by our body that if one is not using anti ageing products like ayurvedic face creams and serums already, this may well be the last opportunity to try and prevent more lasting and obvious damage.
Anti aging cream for women


To answer this question unequivocally, we first need to understand how anti ageing products work. While a few products have restorative properties (mostly natural ones), most of the products are preventive in nature – which means that they prevent the effects of ageing rather than reverse them – and hence the thirties are a good time to start using them.  Some say that even as early as your 20’s, you can start using anti-aging skin care products. In fact, sun rays are the main reason behind age spots, wrinkles etc, and it is very difficult to undo this damage, once it has happened.

Anti aging cream benefits

So probably the best course is using a preventive sunscreen, anti ageing creams and serums from as early as one’s teens. The sooner one incorporates these products into one’s daily routine; the less likely is one to develop wrinkles, lines, age spots, sagging skin, and reduction in skin elasticity and other similar signs of ageing skin. As we grow older, the capability of the skin to produce collagen and elastin (which are key to maintaining that supple, youthful look) diminishes, and needs to be stimulated by the use of anti ageing products, which also help counter the free radicals responsible for making us look old. And it seems like a no brainer if we use the analogy of physical exercise – something no one would start only when he was already old, in hopes of recovering the vigour and energy of youth. The problem is the age old myth that using anti ageing products when one is young makes the skin “lazy” in terms of fighting off the signs of ageing on its own, and makes the skin “immune” to such products when they are more visibly required – an old wives’ tale debunked decades ago by scientific research across the world.

Anti aging cream


To sum up, the age old golden rule holds true here too – “prevention is better than cure”

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