Vitamin C Serum For Face Benefits

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We know the world is evolving, and everybody is shifting to self-care. It is the best thing the world is adopting. Many influencers on social media are very much possessive about their skin and their care towards it. Also, numerous people follow them and use all the products they are using to take care of their skin too. Recently, vitamin C has boomed the internet so much. Everyone who has issues with their skin is getting it corrected with the help of vitamin C. Various vitamin C serums help people to solve their skin problems. Vitamin C serum for face is the best face serum that should be included in the routine for glowing and smooth skin. 

Lady is applying vitamin c serum for face on her cheeks

Note - You should never forget that using any chemical product may show the results, but when you stop using them, they may also disappear. So it is always highly recommended to use natural products so that your skin remains the same when you stop using them. 


  • Introduction
  • Benefits of Vitamin C serum for face
  • How can you choose a suitable vitamin C serum for face ?
  • Procedure to use a vitamin C serum for face
  • Which are the best vitamin C face serums?
  • Conclusion
  • Recommended Products by Blue Nectar

Benefits of Vitamin C serum for face

There are so many benefits of vitamin C serum on your skin. Some of the significant benefits are mentioned down below - 

  • Suitable for most skin types

    Vitamin C serum for face is very effective, and many people who have oily, dry, or a combination of both skin types use it. And they do not feel any side effects on their skin. The results they are achieving are good. Hence, vitamin C is suitable for almost all skin types. However, it might irritate and cause minor skin irritation if the concentration is above 20%. 

    • Hydrating Serum

    Vitamin C is included in almost all skin care products. It is said that vitamin C helps in the body's accumulation from the circulation process. Also, it helps hydrate the skin, making it feel good and smooth. 

    • It helps in protecting the skin from all kinds of damage

    We often go out and get attacked by various outside particles like air pollution, road dirt, and sun exposure. All these things may damage the skin from the inside, and our skin becomes very dull and rough. But when you apply vitamin C serum for face , it helps protect your skin from all these things.

    These particles damage your skin cells, making your skin feel dull and rough. But vitamin C protects your cells from damage and gives your skin a glowy look. 

    • It gives you anti-aging effects.

    When you step outside your home, several things affect your skin, and vitamin C helps correct your skin. There is one of the proteins in our skin named collagen, the production of this protein becomes less when these outside particles attack our skin, and it also reduces as age increases. 

    Vitamin C serum for face helps protect and build collagen in the skin to bind the body's tissue tightly and keep them together, which further helps in giving you anti-aging effects.

    vitamin c serum for face bottle with applicator

    • Works very well with sunscreen

    Several people believe that protecting their skin from the sun is the only thing they have to do to keep their skin protected and glowy. But they should also remember that protection from the sun is not the only thing they need to take care of. They also had to protect their skin from all the outside particles, such as air pollution, all they were consuming, such as alcohol, and much more.

    They need vitamin C serum for face to protect their skin from all these things. When you apply serum and sunscreen with minimum SPF30  together, the results are much better as they both help protect the skin from the sun and also protect from sun aging. 

    • It helps in the reduction of hyperpigmentation.

    When people leave their houses, they get exposed to the sun, and hence their skin becomes dull, and they observe some dark spots on their skin. With regular use of Vitamin C, they can reduce their dark spots and sun-exposed skin. Vitamin C serum for face helps reduce the hyperpigmentation in their skin, making clear skin free from any spots. These serums also work as the best pigmentation serum. 

    • It helps in reducing the dark under the eyes.

    So many people work day and night on their laptops and phones. Also, some people are not getting proper sleep, and because of this, they develop dark circles under their eyes. Vitamin C helps reduce and lighten the dark circles present under the eyes of people. 

    Vitamin C helps reduce the under-eye skin's thickness, which makes it harden for the pooled blood stored under your eyes to show. Hence, reducing the dark spots under your eyes. 

    These are some of the vitamin C face serum uses and benefits. If you are facing any of the above problems, you must try using vitamin C serum for face. 

    How can you choose a suitable vitamin C serum for face ?

    There are a few points that you should keep in mind while buying any vitamin C serums. Points are mentioned below - 

    • Many scams are going on. Many people name the serum as vitamin C serum for face, and there is no product involved in the serum as such. You should check adequately whether the serum contains vitamin C or not. 
    • The serum's vitamin C concentration should always be between 10% and 20%. If the concentration is more than 20%, then your skin may feel irritated. 
    • The packaging of vitamin C serum for face should be proper. As we know, these serums are very sensitive to sun, heat, and light. Therefore, they should be stored in dark and tinted glass bottles. So buy only those serums with dark or tinted glass bottles.
    Vitamin C serum for face applicator and hand

    These are a few points you should remember while buying any vitamin C serum for face. 

    Procedure to use a vitamin C serum for face

    Follow the below-mentioned points to use a serum with vitamin C:

    1. First, clean your face with the cleanser to help the serum absorb your skin correctly. 

    2. After cleansing your face, apply toner to your skin to help remove all the remaining dirt from your skin. 

    3. You can then apply the vitamin C serum to your face. It is advised to take 2 to 3 drops of serum on your palm, place a thin layer of it on the face and neck, and rub it in a circles until the serum is absorbed into your skin. 

    4. After that, you can place a layer of moisturizer on your skin, which will help seal the layer of vitamin C on your face. Your skin will feel very nourished and moisturized. 

    5. You can also wear sunscreen after the procedure, which protects your face and skin from harmful UV rays. 

    To get glowing and clear skin, repeat the whole process regularly. 

    Which are the best vitamin C face serums?

    Two of the best vitamin C face serums which you can buy are mentioned below - 

    Shubhr Vitamin C face serum has many Ayurvedic herbs that heal your skin. This serum comprises natural ingredients such as wheat germ oil, Amalaki oil, almond oil, etc. 

    Blue Nectar Vitamin C face serum


    1. It helps in reducing the dark spots present on the skin.

    2. It helps bring a natural glow to your skin and turns dull skin into a glowy one.

    3. This serum is absorbed into the skin quickly and is not oily or greasy.

    4. Serum starts to work quickly when you apply it, helps fight against all the radicals and air pollution, and protects your skin from sun exposure. 

    How to Apply-

    Take a few drops of serum on your palms and apply it to your face. Massage your face gently so that the serum is absorbed into your skin correctly and all the Ayurvedic proprietary medicines are also absorbed in the skin. 

    Shubhr Plum and Neem face serum with vitamin C is one of the best serums if you have acne on your skin. This serum contains natural products like aloe vera, cucumber, rose ark, plum, etc. 


    1. It is a very light serum that is suitable for oily skin.

    2. This serum is non-greasy, which helps in hydrating your skin.

    3. It helps in fighting against acne and also removes acne marks.

    4. After using this serum, you get smooth skin, which also improves the texture of your skin. 

    How to Apply-

    Apply the serum only after cleansing and toning the skin. You can gently apply 2 to 3 drops of the serum on the skin and massage in a circular motion. After that, you can apply the moisturizer to keep your skin nourished. 

    As these are made up of natural products, you do not have to worry about side effects.


    Vitamin C serum for face is getting hyped nowadays. But the hype is also great and correct. It has so many positive effects on people's skin that everyone uses it to improve their skin's texture. But make sure to buy a serum which is made naturally and not chemically so that it does not cause any side effects on your skin. 

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