How did I tone my tummy and legs without hitting a gym?

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Recently I have been worried about the extra fat that has been added to my tummy and legs making me look ugly. I have been trying several ways to lose weight but all in vain. This entire process of losing weight has earned me loose skin on tummy, arms, and legs and I look more aged than I actually am. Then I came across ayurvedic oil treatments that could make me slim and tone body too. I had gone through a series of ayurvedic oil treatment over the past few weeks and the results are miraculous.

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Tips for Tonning Your Body

So here are some tips to tone your legs and tummy:

Daily exercise: Lack of physical activity is the main reason why I gained so much of weight. Thus I started off with some basic physical exercise like jogging and free-hand exercises every morning. I don’t have time to join a gym and rigorous physical exercise was not my cup of tea. I did my regular workout for at least 30 minutes each day, without any fail. Initially, it made no difference but soon it provided me with excellent results. My skin looked better than before as along with the exercise I used the Slimming Oil at home twice every week, in order to prevent loose skin.

Diet: I am a big-time foodie and I used to have an unhealthy diet, resulting in weight gain. So I decided to change my diet along with my workout regime. I started eating food that was both healthy and tasty. I started having small meals frequently thus I was never too full and never too hungry.  Also, I can say it from my personal experience that small meals are effective in losing weight and they also do not cause any skin loosening. A balanced diet is very essential. A proper intake of protein and fats are also important. But it should be noted that you do not eat more of it. I went to a nutritionist who prescribed me a balanced diet chart. The positive thing about a diet chart is you do not have to necessarily miss out on all the food that you crave for, but have them in a limited quantity.

Women avoiding oily food and eating vegetables for good health

Water Intake: A proper intake of water is very important. As we all know liquid substances helps in detoxing the body. The first thing I do after waking up is to chug a glass full of warm water mixed with lemon juice. It flushes out toxins and improves digestion. Then throughout the day, I used to drink minimum 3/4l of water. I also had grown the habit of consuming fruit juices as it balances the pH level.  These habits helped in maintaining a balanced weight. Needless to say, I avoided alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and sodas. My nutritionist had suggested me to take a mixture of 1 to 2 teaspoons of unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar in a glass of water once or twice a week.

Body Massage oil: As previously I was affected by the loosening of the skin, so this time to avoid such risk, I opted for a spa treatment. The strong body massage oil treatment helped me to get toned physique and has helped me to retain the glow of my skin. I used to visit Spa twice a week for ayurvedic body massage oil and as a result, my skin is well toned so is my tummy and legs. Previously I used to feel shy to wear short dresses and now I can easily wear them at ease. I’m hugely benefitted by the body massage oil treatment of the spa with the ayurvedic oil and I would suggest people do the same if they are suffering from skin loosening issues.

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Stress-free life:  When I had decided that I need to take some serious action against my skin loosening and my over-weight and started off with these above-mentioned points, I also started living a stress-free life. My work and my personal life are so well balanced that I do not have any stress issues as I had before. I have also discovered that a stressful life leads to several bad habits which in turn affect the skin and body. I was a chain-smoker as that felt like the best stress buster for me. But soon after I started the healthy habits I found that I do not need anything harmful to keep my stress down.

Udvarthanam: Along with Ayurvedic body Massage oil I started with my Udvarthanam treatment that has helped me reduce cellulite. Udvarthanam is an effective massage therapy which retained the shine and smoothness of my skin. It has enhanced the skin texture and facade. The extra weight of my body decreased vehemently after this treatment. The blood circulation of my body has also improved and I feel more energetic than before. Slimming oils that were used during this treatment left a huge impact on my physique and skin.  There is a wide range of essential oils with several fragrances. I used Tea Tree Oil, Grapefruit Essential oil, Cypress Essential oil, Rosemary oil, Juniper Essential oil, and Citrus Essential oil along with Jojoba and Hazelnut oil in this treatment. I felt the effective results within weeks.

Proper sleep: For several reasons, I used to have serious sleeping issues and had several disturbances while sleeping. For several months the work pressure and other stress had deteriorated my sleeping habits. According to my nutritionist, to improve my health I had to sleep for at least 8 hours a day and I should not meddle with it. The body massage oil assisted in sleeping. Even after that if I had sleeping trouble I would have a steam bath before I hit the bed.

All these have helped me lose 8 to 10 kgs and I am no more affected by loose skin around my tummy, arms and my legs. My skin looks flawless and I am no more afraid of flaunting it. I got better results within 4 weeks from the time I started with my ayurvedic body massage oil treatment along with following the other factors that are mentioned above. I would recommend everyone who is suffering from the same issues to follow the above-mentioned steps in order to get rid of their skin loosening issues.


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