How to keep joints healthy with body massage oil

Maintain Joint Health

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Occasional joint discomfort or stiffness can occur to anyone. This could be due to normal wear and tear and stress on the joints. But having persistent joints pain or back pain can seriously hamper a person's work life and family life.

Back pain or Joint Pain can affect you during any time of your life. If it is occasional, then you need not worry. You just have to make few changes in your lifestyle. But, if it is persistent, it needs immediate attention. There are numerous factors which could lead to this situation. Stressful lifestyle and wrong food habits could be a major contributor. So, it is a good idea to look for ayurvedic body massage oil to maintain joint health.


Ayurvedic approach to pain management

When it comes to natural healing, we can totally rely on time-tested herbal remedies and lifestyle suggestions offered by Ayurveda. The ancient natural healing system called Ayurveda provides us effective treatment for any kind of body pain, without any harmful effect.

Indian man receiving back massage for pain management

According to Ayurveda, Joint pain is the result of excess Vata Dosha in our body. Joint pain, stiffness and discomfort is also closely linked with the toxic overload (a.k.a. ama) in the joints. As the toxic waste “ama” starts to accumulate in the joints, stiffness and a feeling of heaviness becomes prominent. If the ama stays in our joints for longer, our joints may become even more painful.

Our joints and muscles require adequate nourishment and protection against several stressors. Disorders like arthritis could also damage our joints. Aging is another factor which causes problems in all the organs including joints and bones. The terrible pain due to these issues is enough to bring one’s life at a standstill.


Relax and rejuvenate with ayurvedic body massage oil

Ayurvedic experts say that if you follow a special vata-pacifying and ama-reducing diet, you can avoid joint problems up to an extent. Apart from right food, it is equally important to take regular body massage oil in order to reduce a lot of issues related to Vata imbalance.

The ancient science of healing advocates a variety of effective body oil for massage therapies for joint pain. It is a good idea to find a qualified massage therapist, who can help with quick relief from Back Pain, Cervical Spondylosis or Joint Pain. An ayurvedic massage therapist may recommend you to take specific form of body massage oil after carefully examining your specific joint problems.

A regular body massage oil using herbal oils can do wonders in alleviating pain and inflammation in joints. It is 100% safe and 100% natural way of keeping joint pain and muscle pain away. Moreover, several studies conducted in the western countries show that the people who receive body oil for massage, two times a week, are less depressed and less anxious.

In ancient times, body massage oil was one of the most important daily routine of healthy people’s life. So, if you think that oil massage is just an occasional feel-good indulgence, you are totally wrong!! It has the power to become your most important weapon in dealing with Joint Pain and other kinds of Body Pain.

Devtvakadi pain relief oil and potli joint for dealing with joint pain


Ayurvedic Body Oil Massage Benefits

Body massage oil is a great healing tool which has been around for thousands of years in our culture. Body oil massage benefits are countless; even a single session of body oil massage therapy gives an instant positive effect on one’s body. It increases the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine; rejuvenates your system mentally as well as physically.

Several studies reveal that the combination of weekly body oil massage from an expert and daily self-massage can actually improve joint health. Moreover, it has a magical effect on a person’s overall mood and sleep. Regular body oil massage benefits in stimulating the blood flow and activates natural anti-inflammatory system in our body. It is to be noted that body massage oil with moderate pressure affects the water flow in our body. So if we keep ourselves well-hydrated, the massage therapy will give us better results.

Ayurvedic body massage oil can reduce persistent joint pain, stiffness and inflammation. Today, so many different types of ayurvedic body oil massage therapies are being offered by skilled and experienced massage therapists. Each massage is designed to heal specific type of pain in a person’s body. For instance, a Potli Massage in combination with Abhyangam Massage is designed for quick relief from Back and Neck Pain.

Young man having body massage with ayurvedic potli



Abhyanga massage is a special form of ayurvedic oil massage which is used to reduce the effects of tri-dosha imbalances. This is also considered as the best detox and stress reduction massage therapy. Abhyanga massage is performed using aromatic herbal oils. The herbs that are used for the massage are carefully chosen depending on your dosha type.

According to ayurveda, body massage oil should be performed in the morning, before bath, in order to make the removal of toxins easy. The aromatic herbal oil which is used in the ayurvedic body massage oil should be slightly warm. The massage therapist uses his/her fingertips to apply body oil on the entire body. As soon as the oil gets absorbed by the skin, he/she begins the abhyanga massage, by applying mild pressure on the entire body. A number of abhyanga massage techniques are applied to stimulate the blocked energy channels of the Guest’s body. It is very important to relax for 15-20 minutes after the abhyanga massage because oil still continues to do its job.

It is believed that a regular Abhyanga massage practice brings back the balance of the doshas and improves general health and longevity. When Abhyanga massage is incorporated in daily routine, it gives astonishing results. Apart from reliving joint pain, back pain and knee pain; it also offers a sense of strength and youthfulness.


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