Best 6 Body Massage Oils Out There, Recommended As Per Concerns

Choosing The Best Body Massage Oil


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Among the plethora of wellbeing products available for us in the market, body massage oil has got to be the best friend we always asked for. I mean, a product that moisturises your skin, relieves your muscle cramps, keeps your joints intact, AND alleviates your stress? What more could we need?! However, when it comes to knowing what body oil you should be using for your unique needs, things can get quite confusing. This is why in this blog we speak of the best 6 body massage oils that can cater to a range of versatile concerns one may have.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. For readers who are new to the world of body massage oils, we would like to oblige and introduce the world of body oils. Scroll!


An Introduction to Body Massage Oil

Body massage oils are designed to be used on the parts of your body below the neck. While synthetic body oil such as mineral oil does exist, it is always recommended to use natural body massage oil for optimal benefits. In this blog, we mainly discuss these naturally obtained oils.

Apart from body oils, there also exist “essential” oils that are considered far more luxurious. Essential oils are made usually out of fragrant extracts of flowers, trees, or grass, and aren’t meant to be used directly on your body. Instead, they are diluted with a base oil that is most commonly applied as body oil.

With this information at your disposal, you are now better equipped to understand how body oils can be helpful.

Body massage oils are designed to be used on your body below the neck.

Benefits of Oil Massage On Body

The use of body massage oil is in no way recent or new - the practice has existed and survived across cultures all over the world. What would be most relevant to us however would be the use of body massage oil in Ayurveda. The ancient science preached the practice of “Abhyanga”, which basically referred to an act of self-love enabled by massaging oneself with body oil regularly.

The benefits of oil massage on body, in the context of Ayurveda, skincare, and modern time problems are all compiled in the following points: -

  • Gets rid of dry and flaky skin. Oils are thick and moisturise your skin enough to heal any flakes on your skin. Those with dry skin can benefit greatly from the use of body oil to seal in moisture and make their skin softer and brighter.
  • Body oils strengthen your muscles. The thick nature of body oil is a boon. It enables movement on your muscles and promotes blood circulation. You can’t just lather it on your skin as you would with body lotion - you take your time to massage it into your skin which is incredibly good for your muscles and promotes their nutrient absorption.
  • Pain-Relieving. Body massage oil facilitates movement, especially if your goal is to get a thorough body massage for pain relief. It is the chosen medium used by masseuses for effective body massages.
  • Reduces stress and promotes overall wellbeing. Through pain relief, body oil releases endorphins in your bloodstream, which give you a feel-good energy in your mind. This combats any kind of mental distress and therefore also reduces cortisol levels in your body. Since stress is often known to have a negative impact on your wellbeing, by reducing stress, body oil makes you healthier.
  • Prevents premature aging of the skin and helps with a range of skincare issues. Body massage oil is effective in adding moisture to your skin - which is primarily responsible for enabling skin healing. The moisture usually also accompanies many antioxidants which ensures that you are able to deal with free radicals and preserve the youth of your skin. Body oils can also help you deal with sunburns, which contribute to aging.


6 Natural Body Massage Oils, Recommended as Per Your Concerns–

With the vast range of benefits of oil massage on body provides us, isn’t it only natural for us to be confused on what to use when we need a particular concern catered to? But hey, don’t worry! We have got all of it figured out with research and precision so that you can make informed choices.

Young woman having ayurvedic treatment with natural body massage oil.

Following are 6 of the best natural body massage oils directed and recommended to you as per your personal concerns, so you are served with the best of what you need. Let’s get into it!

For Joint Pain: Sesame Oil Concocted with Cinnamon and Clove

Sesame oil is a common base oil, especially in Ayurveda. It tends to be concocted with other more sophisticated herbs and ingredients that become the main marketing point of body massage oils out there. However, that’s not what we’re going to do here!

The reason sesame oil is so commonly used as base is that it serves multiple purposes and is one of the best natural oils you could ever find. When it comes to arthritis and pain relief, sesame oil does not disappoint. This oil is antioxidant and anti-aging, but its anti-inflammatory properties stand out when we speak of pain relief. The warmth of sesame oil and its anti-inflammatory nature works wonders in dealing with joint pain.

Cinnamons and cloves are two ingredients that can enhance the effects of sesame oil in dealing with joint pain. Both of these ingredients have long been used in pain relieving ayurvedic ointments. Even modern studies have accepted the effectiveness of cinnamon in helping with arthritis.

For best results, use sesame oil concocted with cinnamon and clove twice a day to massage your joints. Be thorough with your massaging and give it time to take effect.

To Prevent Skin Aging: Sweet Almond Oil + Rose oil

When it comes to skincare, the body oil world definitely has a best soldier to help you out: sweet, organic, almond oil. It has a naturally sweet and pleasant smell, and is mild enough to be suitable for even sensitive skin. Are you worried about having saggy skin when you get older? Then almond body oil can help!

Almond oil is extracted from our beloved dry fruits, almonds. The oil is very high on emollients and fats that help you keep dry skin at bay. The added moisture also helps boost your skin’s healing properties, thereby healing stretch marks, reducing dark spots, and even healing sunburns. These actions keep your skin healthier and reduce signs of aging that are generally caused by UV radiation.

Rose oil is a popular ingredient, specifically recommended for those who wish to slow skin aging. Mixing this oil with sweet almond oil therefore gives you a brilliant resulting body massage oil that helps keep all the skin on your body plump and youthful.

For Sunburns: Coconut Oil

Sunburns are quite the concern for many of us, especially if your job, school, or daily travel requires you to stay out in the sun. Sunburns are painful and dry. That’s exactly why it's a soothing oil that can help heal it. Studies have shown that fat compounds can help one boost first-degree burn healing.

Coconut oil is another body massage oil that is quite popular, and it is specifically known for being soothing and cooling. This makes it an excellent body oil for treating sunburns. Additionally, the oil can also help you prevent further infection.

However, be sure to wash your burns or treat them with ice before using coconut oil. It is important to cool the wounded area. Pro tip: if you’re looking for extra soothing, add a few drops of peppermint oil into your coconut oil!

For Muscle Strengthening and Baby Massage: Olive Oil

This is one of the most common ways in which baby oil is utilised. Whether one uses baby oil for themselves as an adult is debatable, but baby massage with oil is a common practice that is done for a variety of benefits such as touch therapy, bonding, muscle strengthening, and ensuring soft skin for your baby.

When it comes to picking an ayurvedic baby massage oil, compromise is not an option.

But it is very important to remember that baby skin is delicate! This is why when it comes to picking an appropriate baby oil, compromise is not an option. The best baby oil out there is olive oil. This is because it is fairly easy to find extra virgin or virgin olive oil around in the markets, making sure that you’re using a completely organic product on your baby’s skin.

Olive oil further has a lot of benefits to boast about! It is abundant in healthy fats, anti-oxidants, and fatty acids that are good for skin healing and preventing irritation due to drying. The hydrating characteristic of the oil leaves a nice relaxing effect on your baby’s skin, helping them sleep better. Additionally, massages are a great way to ensure the growth of your baby’s limbs, muscles, and bones. Baby massage increase the flow of oxygen and the utilization of nutrients in your baby's bloodstream. This increases the production of growth hormones.

For Relaxation: Coconut Oil with Ylang Essential Oil

Essential oils are generally used for aromatherapy, a technique used in stress relief enabled by the smells of fragrant essential oils such as lavender, sandalwood, rose, and ylang-ylang. If relaxation is your goal with using body oil, then using the ylang-ylang essential oil with the soothing & nourishing coconut oil may be incredibly useful for you.

Coconut oil, as mentioned before, is great at soothing your skin. It is also very thick (one of the thickest natural oils), and therefore makes body oil massages absolutely frictionless - helping your muscles relax and letting your mind enjoy the sensations of the massage.

Ylang-ylang oil is made of the sweet, beautiful ylang-ylang flowers, which smell a lot like jasmine. Their heavenly smell combined with the smoothness of coconut oil can help you let go of all the stress and anxiety your day may have caused you, and release some much-needed endorphins and oxytocin, making you feel much better. This is also suitable if you wish to improve your sleep.

Using body oil massages for relaxation might help you improve your overall wellbeing greatly.

For Dry and Flaky Skin: Jojoba Oil

Jojoba body oil is yet another skincare marvel that you probably haven’t missed. Derived from the seeds of the jojoba plant, this oil has its natives in the Americas. But today, it is easily available all over the world thanks to its versatility.

The texture of jojoba oil is a wonder. It mimics the texture of sebum, or the natural oil that our skin secretes through its pores. It is known to be a little lighter in terms of an oil - but with all the goodness of the moisture that body massage oil provides us.

People who use body massage oil for moisturisation purposes are likely to look for something that is fast absorbing, rather than something thick that is typically used in a body massage. Jojoba oil is fast absorbing and non-comedogenic - it does not take long to absorb into your skin, and does not clog your pores. In fact, if oil is an issue for your body, then too, jojoba oil could be the ideal body massage oil alternative for you. You can easily use it after a shower without worrying about your skin getting too greasy or your clothes getting stained.

If you have dry or flaky skin, body massage oil is a definite necessity for you to bring back your skin to a smoother texture. Jojoba oil is perfect for this purpose! It is anti-inflammatory and incredibly healing, so it can heal all your chafed spots gently and even heal stretch marks over a period of time. The abundance of Vitamin E and Vitamin B in jojoba oil also ensure soft, plump, and hydrated skin.



Body massage oil is truly a wonder for the world of beauty and wellness. It has a range of uses and can cater to a versatile set of concerns that not many other products can. Therefore, it is definitely worth it to try out the kind of body massage oils you feel will suit your purposes and pick one you like the most.

It is always best to stick to a natural, organically formulated body massage oil for optimum benefits. It is also important to note that body oil should be used with care, and on clean skin to prevent clogging and acne. When utilised well, body massage oil can help you get smooth skin, strong muscles, and a relaxed mind. It is a complete package! We hope our recommendations help and suit your purposes.


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