Face Mapping Treatment by Ayurveda - To Treat the Root Cause

Face Mapping Ayurvedic Treatment

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Face says all about your health and ailments! Wondering how? Did you notice acne, pimples and breakouts on your face? To decipher the imbalancement of your body functions Ayurvedic experts conduct your Face Mapping. Your face skin and its wellbeing is directly related to health of different organs of body which are distinctively marked under 3 categories of Dosha. By face mapping procedure the affected dosha is marked and accordingly, treatment is done by chemical free face beauty product and medicinal herbs.

Ayurveda three doshas icons. vata, pitta and kapha doshas.

Many of us have an uneven skin tone on face, especially in T-Zone. Do you know which organ malfunctioning its hints at? Let’s learn it ……


Ayurvedic Face Mapping Formulae

Ayurveda diagnoses ailments based on the formulae of Dosha. It categorizes Ayurvedic Dosha in three primary segments which relate to the constituents, functioning and organs of the whole body. Dosha is of three types which control locomotion, expression, senses, respiration, excretion, formation of blood cells and all other activities. Those are Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Face Mapping for analyzing Dosha Disorder





Regulates organs for movement or locomotion

Fine lines on forehead & eyes. Fine smile lines around lips


Regulates organs for Metabolism

Oily T-zone with breakouts on the forehead. Broken capillary, redness, skin pigmentation, acne and rosacea on cheeks. Breakout on Chin.


Regulates organs for nourishment & lubrication

Blackheads & breakouts on cheek


Face Mapping Treatment

Chemicals in non-ayurvedic face cream or cosmetics temporarily work on skin blemishes, wrinkles, acne and other disorders. But Ayurveda endeavors to resolve the root cause of the problem hence the reflections coming as marks on your face automatically dissolves.

Blue Nectar being an ayurvedic hub has presented an array of face and body care products with ingredients of vital herbs and plant extracts curated by ayurvedic practitioners and doctors. It is researching day and night to address all issues related to skin and hair care by herbal cream and oil. You may consult the ayurvedic expert through chat option on our website and inform about your problem or skin ailments. We will suggest the right product to best serve your purpose. The best part is, ayurvedic doctors can assess your problems by signs on your skin or face. So don’t delay browse out the product ranges and pick up the best for you. Here follows a synopsis of same to take you through.

Kumkumadi Tailam for Radiant Face

Benefits of Kumkumadi or Saffron is needless to explain. When 100% pure saffron is equated with other 26 vital herbs in ayurvedic process it automatically becomes the best natural solution for all your problems. The plant extracts are handpicked in its pure state with herb quotient and then dipped in paper overnight. Then it is boiled in SL 316 vessel. Without any preservative, colour, flavour or parabens it is poured in sterilized containers to reach customers.

Kumkumadi face glowing oil with crocus flower with stones.

Kumkumadi Tailam Ayurvedic Anti-Aging Skin Lightening Face Serum is a boon for skin care and radiant face that is noticeable and head turning. It is a light face oil-based serum and may be used at night. Face oil recovers fine lines around eyes, lips, recover skin blemishes, recovers pimples and acne, tones the skin and gives a radiant glow.

At night apply kumkumadi tailam gently throughout face in an upward direction and around the eye. Face oil overnight effect gives a glowing face. The extract of all beneficial herbs get absorbed by the skin and intrinsically reaches the different organs and body parts to solve its innate ailments.

Shubhr Anti-Aging Cream or Face Brightness Cream

We believe age is just a number. Hence we endeavour to deliver the same through the reflection on your face. Not just a face brightness cream you need something more than that. It is a special cream to remove aging marks on the face. Rather it nourishes skin to keep healthy and thus fight with aging symptoms. It has 14 vital herbs to accomplish your youthful brightened look.

Pollution, lack of nourishment, stress, and lifestyle disorder are some factors for aging marks on your face as early as 25 to 30. But Blue Nectar has a solution for all. Shubhr Anti-Aging Cream firms face muscles, regulates blood circulation, smoothens fine lines and makes you Shubhr or Radiantly bright.

If your skin is healthy and without any aging mark you may also use face brightness cream. This 13 herb extract cream gives optimized brightening with healthy skin care. It ceases cause of dark spots, aging mark on skin, blemishe. It works as wonder on all skin type and climatic condition.

Anti aging saffron cream slows aging process as depicted by the tree in the background.

Beauty Regime Adherence

Beauty ritual has three essential steps. Scrubbing, Exfoliating, Moisturizing. Adhering to same, Blue Nectar presents a range of products that holistically assist you in maintaining this beauty ritual.

Shubhr- Pimple Face Wash. It removes dead cells, clears out clogged pores, clears pollutants and toxins but does not strip out the skin. Rather it holds the natural oil and moisture content of the skin. You may also use it for removing makeup from the face without any scratching or harming the skin layer. It effectively removes intense makeup so that you can carry forward with skincare regime now.

Followed by the same you scrub the skin with Radiance Face Scrub with Kumkumadi Tailam. It not just scrubs out dirt from the skin but also take its proper care. Face oil removes blemishes, uneven skin tone, scar marks, acne marks, nourishes skin and brightens it. Almond, saffron, turmeric, sandalwood and 15 other herbs accomplish it in making your skin 360˚ perfect.

Now you are left with moisturizing. At night you can use Kumkumadi Tailam Ayurvedic Anti-Aging Skin Lightening Face Serum to get up and kiss the dawning sunlight with a radiant glow. And for daycare, you may keep your fingers on Face Brightness Cream.

Gifting with luxury skin care

You may also present a gift package to your dear ones for skin care that is deep-rooted in love from nature. The package can comprise any product from our range which we will customize with your name and love note. Let us know your requirement and purpose we will be more than happy to assist you. A wide variety of skin care, and hair care products are available in this hub of ayurvedic efficacy.


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Kumkumadi Tailam Face Serum with Pure Sandalwood & Saffron for Glowing Skin