How often you should cleanse your face if you are having pimples?

Is Frequent Face Cleansing the Right Practice for Pimples?

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The average young adult in our country experiences acne breakouts every once in a while. Pimples are annoying incessant little bumps that resurface now & then. Most of us also believe that the occasional lone pimple is nothing a good pimple face wash cannot fix. The problem arises when this single pimple becomes not so lonely…

It is common to experience panic at the expense of acne breakouts. They’re ridiculously notorious, difficult to get rid of and often leave behind an unpleasant reminder a.k.a. the dark spots. Folks with sensitive skin especially suffer from the shorthand of this deal. So, naturally, the smart thing to do if you’re stuck with pimples and have super sensitive skin is to turn to an pimple face wash and it will all be okay, right? Wrong! But isn’t we neglecting proper face cleansing what causes pimples? Not necessarily!

Don’t get us wrong… An Ayurveda-backed pimple face wash certainly can and does help a great deal in reducing or eliminating pimples. But, it’s not necessarily the lack of a proper cleansing ritual or face washing practices that cause acne. They’re contributors but certainly not the sole reason behind your pimple breakouts.

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A Dirty Face and Acne Breakouts? What’s the Relation?

People with incessant acne issues are often bullied with the pretence that they follow poor hygiene and/or are dirty. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Factors like imbalanced hormones, increased stress levels, harsh environmental conditions, changing weather, bacterial & microbial growth on surfaces that come in contact with your face, an unstable toxic diet etc. are all reasons you may be experiencing breakouts.

In fact, even when it comes to practices that cause acne, not washing the “dirty” face doesn’t even make the cut. You’re actually a lot more likely to experience acne for the following reasons and most likely not for failing to use a pimple face wash (provided you’re not a teen anymore, then it's pretty much just hormones):

  • Hairstyling Products in Contact with Your Face - products, you use to protect your hair and make it look fabulous are laden with chemicals, ones that unfortunately are too harsh for the skin on your face.
  • Facial Hair Removal - Removing facial hair is a beauty practice a lot of adults part take in. It has a ton of benefits like smoother-looking skin, better application of makeup and so much more. The only problem that lies with this is the method of removal you prefer. Sometimes waxing and threading your facial hair can be too painful and irritating for the epidermis and shaving with a razor at the incorrect angle cause discomfort/burns leading to pimples.
  • A Complex Skincare Routine - Using too many actives or a lot of products that potentially aren’t suitable for combined usage can cause your skin to break out.
  • Your Make-Up Removing Method of Choice - Whether you use, micellar water, some sort of oil, wipes, a balm or anything else, if your preferred method isn’t doing a good enough job at removing your makeup and cleaning all of the gunk out of your pores, the likelihood of breakouts the next morning is rather high. The chances of this become even higher if you don’t double cleanse by following up with an ayurvedic face wash.

So, it is clear that a dirty face certainly isn’t the reason behind those pimple flare-ups. But, as a rule of thumb, you should always try to keep your face cleansed. Here’s why:

Even though dirtiness isn’t why one experiences pimples and acne breakouts, not washing enough can cause pimples on your face. The acne, that is bacterial is obviously caused by the contact of propionibacteria acnes (an inflammatory acne-causing bacteria) with your face. These bacteria are present everywhere and are transferable through surfaces. The primary one is your mobile phone. Just think of how many times a day your phone touches your face. All the bacteria present on it find your face as the host and consequentially, you end up breaking out. If your face cleansed efficiently using an ayurvedic face wash from time to time, this bacteria doesn’t get the chance to fester up, thus preventing your skin from any pimples.

Can Frequent Face Washing worsen Acne?

This one may be a shock to a lot of you, but the simple answer is, yes. Though if you don’t have active acne at present, using an ayurvedic face wash more times than normal won’t necessarily cause pimples. But the practice may damage your skin and dry it out. However, washing your face too often with a pimple face wash when you have active breakouts almost always worsens the problem. Here’s why:

When you overwash your face (more than thrice a day) that too with products that are harsh on the skin like a cleanser laced with strong chemicals merely claiming to be a gentle pimple face wash, the topmost layer of your skin gets agitated. Frequent scrubbing strips the skin of its natural oils that form the moisturising and protective layer post-wash when your pores are most vulnerable and at their weakest.

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How often should you Cleanse your Face?

Well, if you shouldn’t under wash your face and when you should especially never overwash your face, how often should you use a pimple face wash to avoid or reduce acne breakouts? Isn’t that the lottery question? The answer is actually a lot simpler than one would think. Your face does not need to be washed more than 2 times in one day. People with dry or normal skin should stick to twice-daily (no more and no less) face cleansing with a pimple face wash that suits them. And folks with combination of dry & oily skin can cleanse with an appropriate ayurvedic face wash thrice a day but that should be the limit.

The twice-daily washing is what dermatologists, aestheticians, and other relevant health practitioners recommend. The risks of acne should ideally be limited if you wash your face once in the morning and once at night (maybe once midday if your skin is oily and you feel the need to do so). Follow all cleanses with a light moisturizer and avoid astringents such as alcoholic toners.

How to choose the right Pimple Face Wash?

Now that you’re aware of how face cleansing works, how many times you should wash your face and what practices you should avoid, the only question that remains is… How can you choose the right pimple face wash?

Here are a few steps to follow to ensure you’re choosing the right Pimple Face Wash for you:

  • Skincare isn’t “One Size Fits All” - This is perhaps the most important message one should keep in mind before making any choice in life, not just limited to pimples. What works for one person may not work for you. So, avoid going blindfolded into a purchase just because an influencer or some random person on the internet said so. A pimple face wash that brought great results for them might break out instantly.
  • Do Your Own Research - Even though it may not feel like it at times, you are the best judge when it comes to what works for you. Blogs like this should be helping aids and stepping stones for you to make your choice but your pick shouldn’t be based entirely on what you read online. When comes to sensitive products like a pimple face wash, do your research and trust your gut.
  • Trial and Error - Expect disappointment at least the first few times. Skincare is complex. You can’t possibly know exactly what your skin needs and how to achieve it without fail, all in one go, can you? So, take it slow. Test out a few cleansers like Honey & Neem Acne Clear Face Cleanser, see what works for you and go from there. Also, choose smaller bottles and or tubes so that you can save your money without fully committing to a sub-par product
  • When in Doubt, Go Natural - Let’s be honest, all of us have been tempted by chemical-based beauty products that are backed by modern science, at some point, right? While the idea of a chemical pimple face wash can be exciting, it can also be extremely confusing to know what you should pick and where you should start. Not to forget, you can get adverse effects and unpleasant reactions pretty quickly. So, when you find yourself doubtful, just go au naturale with an ayurvedic face wash Most of them are gentle and have no side effects. Be sure to do a patch test no matter which cleanser you end up choosing.
  • Compare Different Brands - Read reviews on different brands that you're looking into. Watch out for their core message. What do they stand for? Which ingredients do they frequently use? How do they package their products? And only then make an informed decision.
  • Pricing Matters – Some Pimple Face washes are extremely expensive. Some are easily affordable. Some offer great quality while others are just meh. It is a myth that one can’t get great quality within a tight budget. But it is also true that some effective ingredients are expensive to source and incorporate into products. Everyone wants a good product but you want to make sure you don’t go broke while buying it, especially if it ends up suiting your skin! So, always compare price points and see if the ayurvedic face wash you’re choosing is something you can afford continuously.

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Parting Note

Dealing with acne breakouts is as stressful as stress gets. For a lot of us, our face define us. They’re parts of our larger identities. Certain imperfections or flaws like pimples on one’s face can cause a plethora of issues with self-esteem and confidence. Turning to a good pimple face wash seems to be an appropriate solution that comes as a ray of hope. If you take into account the information as well as the advice provided in this blog, you should hopefully be able to find a pimple face wash that works for you and helps with your acne. If you’d like our recommendation, it would be Blue Nectar’s Shubr Pimple Clear Face Wash. It has the goodness of honey & tea tree, is effective in fighting acne but extremely gentle on the skin and is perfectly suitable for all skin types. Try it and see the results yourself… Happy healing!


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