I Am 30 Years Old and Beginning To See Mild Skin Bags. Will Vitamin C Face Serum Help Me?

It the day after I have reached the Big “3 0”. The night long party is over and I have just woken up to the aftermath of the same. I have bags under my eyes. My room is strewn with gifts and the house with plates and glasses and needs cleaning. But all that can wait. I have taken today off and it's going to be a lazy day of reminiscing and reflections. 

The build up and planning for the 30th Bday had hardly left me with time to contemplate what leaving behind one decade and moving into another signifies.  While mentally it may not make too much of a difference except people expecting you to act mature (which had nothing to do with age). Physically, we  start seeing noticeable changes. You realize that you aren’t always going to be young. Metabolism slows down, collagen and  elastin production reduces resulting in loss of elasticity of skin, appearance of brown spots or hyperpigmentation, hyaluronic acid production reduces leaving your skin feeling drier, arrival of wrinkles and crow’s feet etc  etc. and I was showing all signs of these,  though very minor ones. There is still hope for me. 

The best time to actually start a healthy skin care routine is in your twenties, when you can slow down aging.  Any later than that and you are trying to repair the damages which have already happened, while trying to prevent new ones. But when you are in the prime of youth, skin care is the least important as you feel as if you have drunk from the fountain of youth. 


What Is A Vitamin C Face Serum 


In this new age of sci-fi like pandemic, we have been bombarded with the importance of Vitamin C as an immunity Booster. But is that all that it can do? Is it only useful to us when ingested? What if it is applied topically? What benefits would be gained from it? What is this Vitamin C face serum that I have been hearing about? What’s the buzz all about? 

 Face serums are essentially lightweight moisturizers packed with potent goodness that is delivered topically to the face. A vitamin C face serum essentially delivers Vitamin C to the top most layer of skin i.e.  the epidermis layer. Epidermis layer does not have any blood capillaries to carry ingested Vitamin C to the surface. So a face serum rich in Vitamin C is the best way to deliver it to this layer. 

 Vitamin C

Vitamin C Face Serum Prevents Appearance Of Lines And Wrinkles 

As we age, the production of collagen and elastin reduces. These are essential to keep our skin looking and feeling firm and tight and keeping  wrinkles at bay.  Vitamin C serum boosts the production of both collagen and elastin. It aids in skin’s natural regeneration and damage repair process resulting in glowing, youthful skin. And overtime helps reduce and slow down the occurrence of wrinkles. 


Creates An Even Skin Tone 

Dark spots and an uneven skin tone plagues most as we progress in years. This is due to the increase in the production of melanin which is responsible for the appearance of dark spots and hyper pigmentation. Vitamin C inhibits the production of Melanin and it helps to reduce dark spots and hyper pigmentation and clear and brighten the complexion. 


Protects Against Effects Of UV and Air Pollutants 


Exposure to UV light and air pollutants results in the production of free radicals which damages the cells leading to photo ageing. We are well aware that Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant, whether ingested or applied topically. Dried orange peel homemade packs have been a favorite “Dadi ma ka nuska” (grandma’s home remedy) due to this reason. Vitamin C essentially neutralizes free radicals thus preventing damage to the cells. 

However Vitamin C Serums, while they help to prevent damage by UV rays, are not a replacement for sun screens. A sunscreen must be used after a Face serum is applied for protection. 

 Protect skin from UV light

Prevention Of Acne 

Many a youth are effected by acne and it even follows some into later years. While in younger years it may be a result of hormonal changes. In later years, it may be due to eating habits, diet, stress and environment. Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties that helps to prevent acne and heal the acne scars. It can help to reduce the redness and swelling caused by acne break out and keeps the skin hydrated. 


Skins Hydration Source 

Most Vitamin C face serums contain hyaluronic acid which essentially help to hydrate the skin and keep dryness at bay. It gives the skin a plump, rosy and healthy look. As the skin regains moisture, it smoothes out the wrinkles and fine lines disappear. It improves the elasticity of the skin with moisture regain, keeping you looking younger. 


Skin Care Tips 

Vitamin C face serum is safe for all skin types. However, like all skin care products, you must do a patch test with this as well. And it’s best to utilize small quantities in the beginning. Also one should never over do the usage of any product. Excess is not necessarily good and can have side effects. 

The face should be washed and toned before the use of Vitamin C face serum. Use a moisturizer/day cream after applying Vitamin C Face Serum. Sunscreens should be used if stepping out of the house.  It would take about 6-8 weeks of regular usage of a product before effects are visible. 

It’s time for me to change my skin care routine and add the magic of the Vitamin C Face Serum to keep my skin looking bright, young and fresh and delay the effects of aging . Oh Well! Might as well go shopping as it’s my leisure day and I do owe it to myself.