Men Face Cream – an important step to Men's Grooming

Evolution of Men’s Grooming: Importance of Face Cream

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We've all heard the phrase - Man is a visual creature. Most of the appeal created in a person's mind is visual. People who do not know you personally, or people who you see while you're commuting to work or are simply hanging out, only see you for the visual appeal you hold. The number of men paying attention to their looks has been increasing consistently, and this has created a demand for an exclusive set of skincare products, made especially for men skin like Men face cream.

The notion that only women care about their beauty has been scraped for a while and men have been ditching the stereotype that makeup and skincare exist only for women. The number of men has been constantly increasing in professional areas like beauty and makeup, which have been primarily dominated by women. That being said, we have to go a long way because the vastly spread masculine stereotypes affect many men and prevent them from being conscious about how they look.

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While there still exists several stereotypes when it comes to men wearing makeup, the situation is much better when it comes to men skincare. More and more men are now getting into grooming and men skincare because grooming is not new to men, but skincare, in terms of cosmetics, is. Choosing skin care that suits your particular skin type isn't rocket science. You just have to identify the areas you want to deal with along with your skin type and then pick a natural/ ayurvedic skin care product that fits your budget. To make your choice simple, you can go for Blue Nectar Kumkumadi cream for men, which is the best Mens face glow cream and helps in even tone skin naturally.

Ancient cave paintings from as long ago as 30,000 BC often depict men without beards, suggesting that people shaved or removed unwanted hair with blades made of flint or by using clamshells, which were used like tweezers. In the later period between 800 BC–600 AD, there is evidence of Egyptians and Greeks keeping their beards. Thick and full beards were appreciated at the time and having a full beard was a sign of high status and wisdom.

During the Middle Age, beards were sometimes in vogue and sometimes, they were not. They were considered trendy according to what the prominent men thought or did. If a powerful person kept a beard, men would do the same; if not, they shaved off their facial hair.

Modern age saw a significant increase in grooming. Various inventions facilitated grooming, like shaving soap and razors. Later, disposable razors, electronic trimmers, tweezers , beard and moustache oil came into the picture. The grooming industry bloomed further when men desired to look metrosexual.

Modern Grooming – Men Skincare and Men Grooming

Grooming, as stated before, is nothing new to men. Men have been shaving their faces clean or trimming their beards for centuries. However, using skincare is a recent development. The world lives on social media and we have constant access to celebrities and influencers selling us the products that can get us as close to that life or that way of looking as possible. Men no longer shy away or laugh off when it comes to skincare.

Back in the day, men sported a clean look. The hair were cut and combed back, moustaches were shaped and trimmed and the beard was shaved off. Grooming was more minimalist, without a lot of products. Just like women had their DIYs, men had face razors and shaving soap. Men Face cream such as anti aging mens cream, anti wrinkle cream men, mens face glow cream were never popular and hence it was a daunting task to even say which was the best face cream for men.

With the advancement in the field of makeup, it became a norm that women were to apply makeup and all sort of face brightener cream and men were supposed to have a rough and rugged look. That has finally changed, owing to more and more people putting an effort into looking a certain type of way and taking care of their skin.

The male world has moved on from merely taking care of their facial hair to looking a certain type of way to using products that make them look a certain way. The sea of skincare is huge and there exist multiple products one may choose from - anti aging mens cream, anti wrinkle cream men, mens face glow cream, face brightener cream, ayurvedic face wash for men, body massage oils and so on .

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While there exist lengthy routines that promise you the skin of your dreams, there also exists a three-step routine that requires much less time and gives good results. Also known as the CTM rule, this routine involves cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Its simplicity is its USP. Cleanser barely stays on the skin for a minute, so you do not have to nitpick while choosing one, and most people just skip the toner. This leaves us with moisturizing, which is essentially the most important step of this routine because it is a leave-in product. It is meant to be applied to the face and left there, without washing it off.

What is Face Cream and why is it important to have men face cream?

For men, face cream is the common name for a moisturizer. As the name suggests, moisturizer is a product meant to provide moisture to the skin. It mostly has a cream consistency, which is why moisturizer is often called face cream. For men, men face cream gained more popularity because men used soap in the rugged era and needed something to moisturize their faces, for which they generally used a body oil. But for better absorption of moisture, men face cream or mens face glow cream were introduced.

Difference Between Men Face Cream and Women's Face Cream

Due to the recent spike in men's willingness to take care of their skin, there are now multiple brands that have introduced an exclusive range of skincare for men like men face cream, beard and moustache oil, pimple face wash, saffron cream, night cream, brightness cream for face and dark spot removal cream for face etc. As a whole, there isn't much difference between the men and women products, but the skin of men is different from that of women. It is oilier and thicker than that of women. Earlier, skin care products were mainly targeted toward women and using those products was considered inappropriate for men. Men can very well use the products formulated for women, but using products specially formulated for men would help them more than the products targeted toward women.

How to Pick the Right Men Face Cream

The first step to check for men's face cream to buy is to decide what your skin wants. Every person's skin is different, and so are their needs concerning it. For example, a person may have extremely dry skin and another might be suffering from pigmentation. They should both choose products that focus on their issues rather than just buying whatever is advertised better. There are too many men face creams and almost all of them claim to be the best men face creams. Because skin issues are different, the best face cream for men may be different as well. If aging of skin is an issue, one can go for antiaging men’s cream. If wrinkles at an early age is an issue, one can go for anti wrinkle cream men. If dull and dry skin is a concern, one should go for mens face glow cream.

Whatever it is, choose a men face cream which specifically targets the concern area. We recommend Blue Nectar Kumkumadi cream for men that is made with potent herbs and makes the skin texture even and soft, makes the best men face cream.

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For men, men face cream is not a product you wash off. It sits on the skin and gets absorbed by it. This is enough reason to never take a moisturizer lightly. Also, if you're looking for a specific result, you need to pick a men's face cream that claims to provide that result.
Blue Nectar Men face cream is exactly what it says. The men’s face glow cream provides deep hydration and helps in cell regeneration, restores the skin luster, hence it is the best men face cream.

There are and which are supposed to be applied during the day and at night respectively. Day creams are lighter, to prevent excessive sweating and they have SPF for sun protection like Blue Nectar Eladi Cream with SPF 30, which protects from sun damage & pollutants that make skin looks dull & damage. Night creams are dense and formulated to repair the damage that has been caused during the day. It is very difficult to decide which night cream is best but we recommend Blue Nectar Shubhr Night cream that has goodness of Jasmine, Pachouli, Ghee & Kumkumadi Tailam that moisturize the skin slowly overnight, helping skin fight with pigmentation, dark spots and pollutants, so that you wake up with healthy skin. This makes the best face cream for Men.

Men face creams are now available for a variety of issues. Name a skin issue and there is a product for it. These products are often advertised as men's face glow cream, face brightness cream, brightening face cream, Kumkumadi cream for men, best face cream for men, etc.

However, in case you don't have anything specific in mind and merely want to keep your skin healthy, the least you need to do is to figure out your skin type, and then buy a men's face cream that is suitable for your skin type. You may figure out your skin type by noticing your facial skin at the end of the day.

How to identify men’s skin type?

If your skin feels dull and dehydrated, you have dry skin. If your skin feels normal, you're blessed with normal skin. If your skin feels greasy, you have oily skin and if certain areas of the face feel greasy and other areas feel dry, you have combination skin. For a simple skincare routine that works, pick a gentle cleanser like Ayurvedic face wash, gentle face tonic like rose face water and moisturizer suitable for your skin type, especially the face cream like Kumkumadi cream or Saffron cream that could make the best mens face cream, because it will make or break the grooming game for you.

Importance of Men's Face Creams

For men, face creams are an important part of their grooming. Gone are the days when the entire house shared a single product kept at the dressing table.

With the advancement of skin care, men face creams have come a long way. They tackle specific issues and come in a variety of prices. Men face creams should be purchased after men check if the face cream is suitable for their skin. For men face cream, picking the best face cream for men may seem a little daunting and therefore is left alone. There are several advantages of using men face creams, which must not be ignored to avoid the issues which may develop as we age.

If men with dry skin end up buying a gel-based face cream that is suitable for oily skin, their skin would feel dehydrated despite the application of the cream. Similarly, if men with oily skin buy a highly dense face cream meant for dry skin, they will end up with acne. For men, face cream should be purchased after understanding that men with normal and dry skin should buy oil/cream-based formulas and men with oily skin should buy face gels or light creams.

Men face creams protect the skin barrier by keeping the skin moisturized and making sure that the skin is protected. If the skin barrier gets compromised, the skin becomes prone to several issues like redness, sensitivity, acne etc. 

One should not decline the skin alarms and at first signal only one should start using the products, which are natural and ayurvedic and are potent with natural herbs. One can go for Blue Nectar range of Men face creams like Anti wrinkle cream men, Anti Aging Men's Cream, Mens face glow cream, Face Brightener cream, Night Cream, Saffron cream and Kumkumadi cream which again makes the best men face cream.

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Shaving is a frequent routine for men. Some men shave every day, which may exfoliate the skin too much. For men, men face cream soothes the skin after shaving, as exfoliation can dry the skin out. Also, if a man is shaving too often, it is recommended that he should use a face scrub as it will cause much harm than repair to the skin. But if a man loves beard and does not shave it, it is recommended to use a good face scrub like kumkumadi scrub so that the dead skin cells are removed and there is no flakiness in the beard.

For men, men face creams may avoid sun damage. We all know that we need protection from the sun's harsh UV rays. For men, face creams like face brightness cream having vitamin c, that have SPF, protect the skin from these rays.

As we age, the cell turnover in our skin decreases. This is the primary reason behind ageing. Oily skin is less likely to age because it is naturally moisturized, but dry skin is prone to premature ageing. For men, anti ageing men’s cream avoid premature ageing, by keeping them moisturized and helping with cell turnover.  For men, anti wrinkle cream men works on skin damage and give them even-toned skin. You can go for Anti-aging Brightening face cream with Sandalwood & Saffron (anti ageing men’s cream as it is popularly called), that helps to fight with wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging.

Men too, just like women, want an even skin tone. Certain areas on the skin face more sunlight due to the natural anatomy of the face. This may cause hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) and dark spots on face. Look for products labelled as men’s face glow cream, face brightness cream, brightening face cream, and Kumkumadi cream for men. or if you don’t have time for this, then you can blindly trust Blue Nectar Skin Brightening and Skin Lightening cream for men that has goodness of Sandalwood and Turmeric, that reduces the hyperpigmentation and fades the dark spots too.

As noted before, every person's skin is different. The target issues for each skin are different. Men with dry skin are more prone to getting fine lines and wrinkles, men with oily skin are more prone to acne (we recommend using pimple face wash, regularly, for this) and men with sensitive skin are prone to redness and inflammation.

Sometimes, you might be allergic to an ingredient or something that might cause a reaction and irritate your skin. To avoid this for men, men face creams should be applied after doing a patch test. You may apply the men face cream to your inner arm or the nape of your neck and only use the product if your skin does not react to it.

As men’s skincare is constantly developing, there are specific products that tackle specific issues. They have been gaining importance as more and more men focus on their skin and are caring for it.

Parting Note

Men have started taking care of their skin but we still have a long way to go. The skincare industry develops as more and more men tend to focus on grooming. Specialized products for specific causes are formulated keeping men’s skin in mind. This only promises a better and brighter future for men’s skincare.