There has been a buzz in the town and it’s gone to a whole new level – Face Mist – My skin’s BFF. I am completely bowled over by the myriad ways in which the face mist can be utilized. The varieties available in the market are overwhelming, giving me anxiety pangs as they would to anyone. But hey, I managed to get the right product and so will you once you have a grasp of what Face Mist is all about.

What is Face Mist?

And why would we require a hydrator? Well for starters, amenities like aircon and heaters that provide us comfort and luxury, dry the air in a room and rob the skin of its moisture. Add to that the volatile weather and voila our skin can be parched without us even realizing it. Even though we may be drinking enough water, additional and instant hydration is still required which can be provided by using a face mist. Why not just fill a spray bottle with water and spritz away, you may ask. Well simply because Face Mist is not just water.  It is fortified with nutrients, humectants, and emollients which promote hydration and water retention.


1. Hydrate and Helps to Wake Up

Hydration on the go is the sole purpose of why a face mist was conceived. Face mist often contains glycerin or hyaluronic acid which are moisture-binding ingredients. Also helps to wake up are you one of those who find it difficult to get out of bed? Just give a spritz of face mist with an energizing fragrance like orange or lime to get a boost of energy. I bet you will never hit snooze again.


2. Absorb Excess Oil and Make Skin Smoother

You don’t have to depend on just blotting paper and translucent powder to absorb oil and control the shine throughout the day. Choose a face mist with ingredients like silk powder or silica which will absorb the oil and provide a healthy glow. Look for Face mist with gentle ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, or grape water which can help to reduce redness, calm irritation, and soothe sensitive skin.


3. Lift Me Up After Exercise

Face mist is an instant hydration boost for your skin, the quickest way to go from dull to bright, fastest pick-me-up, even a re-fresher of makeup with the easiest application and it suits all skin types. Face mists are now evolving and becoming better versions of themselves with added benefits.


Why Should You Add Face Mist to Your Daily Routine?

Face mists can also work as instant mood up lifters. Face mists with a hint of orange can give an instant boost of energy whereas one with a hint of rose can have a calming effect. A hint of lavender will soothe your nerves and so on. Just look for the right one for you as per your need and mood. No need to feel all sweaty and hot after a exercise session. Use a Face mist to cool down and feel fresh. 


4. Prime Your Skin for Makeup

Face mist creates a smooth and hydrated canvas on which to apply your foundation. You can use a regular face mist or try one of the upgraded versions of priming face mist designed specifically for this purpose. The key to natural-looking foundation is blending. Face mists help the foundation to spread more evenly. If you want to maximize the benefits of your lotion, creams, and face oil, try gliding it on top of the face mist. It will ensure deeper penetration into the skin. You can try this with face masks as well.

5. Set Makeup and Give a Natural Look 



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