You can use kumkumadi serum as a makeup primer too!! Read on

You can use kumkumadi serum as a makeup primer too

We all want that our makeup should look flawless as well as smooth and this is main reason we invest in a makeup primer. The main issue with this beauty product is that it is not all natural and few makeup primers have ingredients which one should not be using on their face. If you want your makeup to look smooth and also want your skin to feel good then you must use Kumkumadi Serum as your makeup primer. Now you must be wondering how you can use a serum as a primer? We have enlisted below some easy steps which will help you in this regard.


Wash your face

Before you apply makeup, make sure your face is clean. You can use a gentle facial cleanser depending on your skin type. A face wash with natural botanicals is a great option as it will clean plus nourish your skin at the same time. This step is most important when it comes to your skincare routine.

Before using the serum make sure your face is clean


Apply kumkumadi serum

The next step is to apply facial serum as you generally would. You can go for Kumkumadi Serum depending on your skin's requirements. You just need to apply the quantity as mentioned on the bottle.


Use a moisturizer

After you have applied kumkumadi serum, you will have to moisturize your face properly. We suggest using a lightweight face cream so that you need not worry about layering skin care products.

Apply kumkumadi serum before applying your moisturizer

Again apply your kumkumadi serum

Once your face is properly cleansed, apply a little more kumkumadi serum on your face to act as your makeup primer. The first layer of your facial serum ensures that the actives from your facial serum are absorbed in your skin. The second layer acts a layer of protection and will work like your makeup primer. After the second application of your kumkumadi serum, you will get a matte and silky surface to apply foundation plus powder.

Face serum hydrates your skin to fading dark spots

Kumkumadi serum has become the most important product in everyone's skin care routine, thanks to the many benefits it offers. From fighting those ugly wrinkles, hydrating your skin to fading dark spots; it can do it all. No wonder it is a hot selling skin care product these days. Once you are done for the day, make sure you remove all your makeup before you get that beauty sleep. Also, clean all your makeup brushes at least once a week with a mild cleanser. Your makeup brushes can come in contact with dead skin cells, bacteria or acne and this is why it is important to clean them regularly.

We are sure after reading this article, you would agree that you can use your facial serum as your makeup primer too. So go ahead, include this magical product in your skin care routine right away and see the difference.