Your complete guide to skin care while travelling

We all love travelling; after all it is the best way to relax your mind and soul. The kind of stressful lifestyle we are having these days, travelling has become a necessity. Before you head for your holiday, you might be worried about packing your clothes, getting the visa, arranging the hotel vouchers but skin care is something which you might not even think of. This is the biggest mistake which most of us make while we are out for a holiday. Travelling can create havoc to your skin because of the change in weather, erratic routine and eating junk food. 
Proper skin care while traveling is extremely important not just because we want to get those perfect vacation pictures but we want our skin to glow. And the best thing is that your skin care routine doesn't have to be very complicated or elaborate when you are holidaying. Just a little preparation and trust us you are good to go. Nowadays, you get travel friendly boxes of skin care products. These are easy to carry and do not take much space in your luggage.
We have shortlisted some tips and tricks which will make skin care while traveling very easy for you.
  • Carry wipes: Carrying a bottle of cleanser is not a good option when you are traveling. Instead, you can carry facial wipes as they pretty much solve the purpose. One thing I really like about facial wipes is that they can be used just anywhere; in airplane, hotel room, on the beach or in a cab.

  • Sunscreen is important: A good sunscreen is a must for any holiday. Whether you are going for a beach holiday or you are travelling to the mountains; you should carry a sunscreen. This magical product plays an important role when it comes to taking care of one's skin. You must buy a sunscreen which has SPF 40 or more.

  • Sheet masks are a boon: You can carry a few sheet masks while you are travelling. The best thing about these masks is that they don't take much space in your luggage. They are a great alternative to your special creams and serums. Good enough reason to carry them.

  • Keep your hands off your face: This is a very important tip when it comes to skin care while travelling. If you keep touching your face then you might end up picking unknown bacteria which might cause skin issues. Always keep a sanitizer in your bag while you are travelling.

  • A good eye cream can work wonders: If you do not want eye puffiness then you must take a good eye cream with you. You can also treat eye puffiness with an ice pack. For this, you just need to wrap some ice in a soft cloth. An ice pack is really effective for battling your eye puffiness.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: Proper water intake can help prevent a lot of skin issues while you are travelling. Apart from drinking lots of water, you must have fresh fruit juices and coconut water too to get that radiant skin.


  • Get that beauty sleep: You must get proper sleep even while you are on a holiday else your skin might look dull and can also be more prone to skin issues. We are sure after going through this piece of information; you will be able to take proper care of your skin while travelling.

Sleep properly