Amritanadi Assam Mogra Loose Green Tea with Relaxing Himalyan Rose

Amritanadi Assam Mogra Loose Green with Destress Himalyan Rose (50g +15g Free) - Blue Nectar Products
Amritanadi Assam Mogra Loose Green with Destress Himalyan Rose (50g +15g Free) - Blue Nectar Products
Amritanadi Assam Mogra Green Tea Leaves with Himalyan Rose (65 gm, 33 Cups) - Blue Nectar Products
Amritanadi Assam Mogra Loose Green with Destress Himalyan Rose (50g +15g Free) - Blue Nectar Products

Amritanadi Assam Mogra Loose Green Tea with Relaxing Himalyan Rose

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Sourced From: Assam Tea Gardens

Use for: Improve Digestion & Mood Lifter

Tea Quality: Loose Tea Leaves

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Know your Product

Blended fragrant rose petals with finest Assam Mogra Green Tea is what makes a flavourful cup of Green Tea. Blue Nectar’s Amritanadi Mogra Green Tea with Himalayan Rose comes true to the 4 senses – Smell, Taste, Sight and Feel!


The Himalayan Rose Green Tea has a pleasant aroma of natural rose, which have been delicately handpicked and dried to give that unique fragrance and taste. Enjoy the perfect brew to unwind the day or to destress at any time of the day.


Made with 100% whole leaves!

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

How to make a perfect cup of Green Tea?

Understanding your tea is an art and brewing it for perfection is a science. Learn and make your perfect cup of Green Tea by understanding the following basics:
Water: Water is as important as the Green Tea Leaves you use. Use filtered water or spring water to make your tea. Do not use distilled water as it will have a very flat taste. As a rule of thumb, for brewing green tea, heat water just short of boiling.
Tea Leaves: Using a scale, measure 2 gm of tea leaves or 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per cup of water.
Brew Time: Let the tea steep for 1-3 minutes. Set a timer for 1 minute and then check every 30 seconds until the flavour is to your liking and taste. Never boil your Green Tea leaves.
Sieve and Enjoy your Green Tea

Why Amritanadi Himalayan Rose Green Tea?

The Authentic high-quality green tea helps relax the mind and aids in sleeping. High bio-actives of whole green tea leaves improve general well-being. It is a great herbal drink & consuming it regularly will really do wonders. Enjoy this tea hot, warm, or cold, and drink it freely throughout the day.

Rose Tea helps to relax and destress. It helps to improve digestion and also in case of common cold and cough. Our green tea is packaged in a luxurious glass container that helps to keep Tea tightly sealed and fresh

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Aromatic Tea

This green tea Himalayan rose has an awesome fragrance of rose . It calm and sooth my mind. Taste is perfect. Will definately try the other flavours too. But currently love this flavour ❤️

Paru Baruah
Refreshing Tea

The green tea with Himalayan Rose is so perfect to calm your mind and soul. It's a stress relief drink, the essence of rose is so fresh and soothing , can feel the aroma in every sip of tea. Would love to buy the same flavour again .Till date , I have tasted the best Green Tea. Highly Recommended 🙂

Mohit nogiya
Nice product

Very nice product good tea

Arpita Baluni
Best green tea

I just gave my 12th boards, it was very stressful for me as i am an average student then I got my hands on this green tea it's not only made me stress free It also made my senses calm I was able to study properly I suggest you to also add this amazing and flavorful green tea in your daily regime

Ananya Banerjee
Best green tea I've ever tried

Recently I tried the Bluenectar Amritanadi Assam Mogra Green Tea with Relaxing Himalayan Rose nd I've been religiously consuming it for a whole month.I would love to recommend this Green Tea to everyone for its taste, its aroma, its therapeutic effect and what not. The benefits of having green tea are innumerable. If you’re someone with anxiety as I am, it works great to reduce the stress and calm your senses. I surely would love to repurchase it and suggest you all to include it in your daily regime.


Yes, Our green tea is 100% Safe. You can drink Amritanadi Assam green tea daily, twice a day - in the morning and evening.

Our green tea is herbaceous, but never bitter. Controlling water temperature and selecting high quality leaves can make all the difference. Mild Aniseed flavor makes tea very palatable and tasty

No, It is not recommended to reuse the leaves. These are authentic loose leaves that impart flavor when soaked in hot water.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, this green tea helps lose fat. You need to switch from regular tea to green tea, without adding any sugar and you should experience higher energy levels and loss in fat over a period of time when drinking regularly with complete abstinence from regular tea.

Step 1: To prepare the best cup of green tea, add a pinch of Green tea (2 gm) to the cup.
Step 2: Top with hot boiling water and cover the cup for 1-2 min for tea to brew. No need to strain green tea leaves and your natural, refreshing cup of Green tea is ready to take you to a different plain.

All our teas are 100% natural, organic pure teas with no artificial coloring or flavoring.