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Gifting Luxury

Blue Nectar products make for a thoughtful gift. We are here to help you find a perfect gift for every occasion - a gift that will make someone feel extra-special all year long. Whatever the occasion, whatever the reason (or no reason), we will customise the gift with a customized message for every budget, every occasion.

What makes gifting Blue Nectar special is that they are 100% natural and Ayurvedic. Each Product is packed with Vital Ayurvedic Herbs apart from being infused with hedonistic natural Aroma.

Choose from the various options available (pre-set boxes) or combine any of the products from our catalogue to make a customized gift. If, this is too much work, just drop in a mail at enquiry@bluenectar.co.in or call us at +91-8377994276 and we will work rest of the magic for you. We will walk that extra mile to deliver the impeccable experience and happiness for that someone special!!



The best gifts come from the heart....this one is from store


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  • Your Feedback keeps us on our toes. Thanks in advance
  • Your Feedback keeps us on our toes. Thanks in advance

The Richest, The Healthiest, The Most Luxurious Ayurved Products

Not yet tried Blue nectar? Go ahead and do it as life is too short not to indulge on goodies!

Curated by Ayurvedic doctors
57 Vital herbs
Only SL 316 vessel as per Ayurved texts
Approved by Ayush department
No preservative, No Color, No Flavor

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