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Glowing Skin

Beautiful Glowing smooth Skin is neighbours envy and owners pride. It is desirable by every woman, appreciated by every man & envied by every other woman. Genetically, we are wired to be attracted to people with clear skin and a glowing complexion because it's a sign of good health. Ayurveda has some time-proven tricks to make your skin clear, soft, and radiant without spending a fortune or loading up on chemicals.

Stop torturing your skin with synthetic skin care and makeup products containing harsh chemicals. First step in having a friendly skin that bows to your wishes is knowing its type - Vata skin, Pitta skin and Kapha skin. As each of them has different features and characteristics, they should be taken care of in different ways too. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you identify your own skin type prior to starting any beauty regimen. It will help you find out perfect products for your skin care and make you beautiful from inside so that your skin starts reflecting it.

Knowing your skin is akin to finding the road to your destination. Next step is to find the right beauty regime to achieve your destination of glowing, healthy and smooth skin which attracts second glance of everyone. Other steps that could help to achieve glowing, smooth skin are

1. Use of suitable Ayurvedic products at right time and with right frequency to nourish the skin without any side effects. E.g Kumkumadi Night Serum (https://www.bluenectar.co.in/kumkumadi-radiance-glow-night-serum.html) to be used at night and Shubr Face Wash (https://www.bluenectar.co.in/ayurvedic-herbal-brightening-radiance-honey-glow-anti-pigmentation-face-wash.html) to be used during the day. For special requirements like slimming use (https://www.bluenectar.co.in/ayurvedic-herbal-triphaladi-slimming-anti-cellulite-oil.html)or for Stretch Mark removal use Shubhr Bio Oil

2. Get relaxing massages frequently. Find a good, reliable and family Spa (like www.blueterra.in) that makes you comfortable and helps to relax mind and body. 

3. Physical and breathing exercises. 

4. Get enough rest and sound sleep

5. Provide right food to your skin.

6. Keep your skin hydrated at all times 


For customised beauty tips, refer to facebook page at www.facebook.com/bluenectarproduct


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Did you know that what are you eating actually contributes to how you look?

Research has proven that eating certain foods could be contributing to the way your skin ages

Here is a list of 7 foods,  which you should avoid to maintain a younger and healthier look:

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