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Lush Hair

Hair rightfully occupy the top spot in our body and one of the biggest factor influencing looks and personality of body. Hair also follows the most natural principle – important to preserve and nourish at the right time as once hair are lost, they can not be regained.

Current lifestyle causes three main problems – premature greying, hair fall and dandruff. Research have confirmed that what is lost or has become grey can not come back or regain its natural color. And one shall not try to play with nature either with cosmetic intervention. Instead, one can and should protect, conserve & expedite growth of new hair through proper nourishment, making lifestyle changes and take adequate care.

Lush Hair care range has been developed keeping this principle in mind – to conserve, nourish and promote new hair growth with pure and natural ingredients without the need of cosmetic intervention.

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The Richest, The Healthiest, The Most Luxurious Ayurved Products

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Curated by Ayurvedic doctors
57 Vital herbs
Only SL 316 vessel as per Ayurved texts
Approved by Ayush department
No preservative, No Color, No Flavor

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