Blue Nectar from our Eyes

Its been a decade that we have been operating Ayurvedic & International Spa under brand name of Blue Terra. In the last 10 years, we have seen so many customers benefitting from natural, non invasive Ayurvedic Therapies and Treatments. Be it Back Pain, Stress, Weight Loss or simply Skin Firming, Ayurvedic recipes have always given answers to myriad issues that our customers have challenged us with. With Blue Nectar, we have extended the same recipes and formulations in convenience of Jars and bottles that our customers and friends could use with ease. Blue Nectar originated with the firm belief that Nature holds all answers and cures. It has been well proven by the Indian traditional system of Ayurvedic treatments and now, finally acknowledged by the world.

At Blue Nectar, we combine research in Ayurvedic traditional recipes, natural treatments and process them with contemporary scientific methods.

Blue Nectar has reconceptualized the world of beauty and wellness presenting products which are Opulent, Glamourous, Lovable as well as Effective. Each product has been carefully crafted and designed to have natural hedonistic aromas, silky smooth textures and opulent packing to transform you to a sensuous world of Luxury.

With the use of more than 150 quality herbs, Blue Nectar can proudly claim that our products have a HIGH HERB QUOTIENT. The Herb Quotient of a product helps you to easily identify the number of pure active herbs contained in a product and may give you an indication of its effectiveness.

To further add to this, our products are free from harmful chemicals, preservatives and mineral oils. We display all ingredients on the packaging, helping a customer to make informed decisions.

The products have also undergone clinical testing to corroborate the effectiveness and are being shipped worldwide.

Beautifull Naturally with Blue Nectar

HONEST : PLUSH : SAFE : EFFECTIVE is the quintessence of Blue Nectar. Our Luxurious products honestly display all ingredients. Made with natural herbs and bereft of harmful chemicals and preservatives, our products are safe. The purity of the natural ingredients ensures the efficacy of the products.

We present to our clients, Contemporary Ayurved beauty and wellness products backed by research in Ayurvedic recipes and natural herbs and processed with modern scientific methods.

Our endeavour is to provide a platform for the traditional Ayurvedic and natural treatments which were once a part of every Indian household, and provide it the rightful recognition it deserves.