The aim of Ayurved is to maintain health of healthy and to cure diseases of the sick” – Caraka Sutra Sthana 30:26

As per Ayurved, beauty is not only an external façade but is the outcome of internal wellbeing. Therefore, in Ayurved, to beautify means not only to take care of external façade like skin, texture, color etc but also provide rich nutrients, ensure absorption of nutrients by skin and more importantly follow correct lifestyle in line with Parkruti. Parkruti is innermost nature of an individual and makes all of us unique and different. Prakruti guides our lifestyle, our eating habit, sleep pattern, beauty products to be used and in what combination. All blue nectar products have used this traditional knowledge of Ayurved to develop products that contain vital herbs that not only beautifies external façade but also makes a body inner rich.

All Blue Nectar products are pure and 100% Ayurvedic. Every product contains vital herbs and ingredients that offer goodness benefits for body or mind. All our products suitable for sensitive skin treats body as boys treat their new found girl friends.