Amritanadi Royal Kashmiri Kahwa with Saffron, Cinnamon & Cardamom

Unique Blend of Spices | Energizing & Warming

Amritanadi Royal Kashmiri Kahwa with Saffron, Cinnamon & Cardamom

Unique Blend of Spices | Energizing & Warming
Unique Blend of Spices | Energizing & Warming
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With its rich mix of spices, tea and dry fruits, Amritanadi Kashmiri Kahwa is a digestive drink and a fat burner, with significant energizing and warming effects. A cup of Blue Nectar Kahwa in the night, just before going to bed, or after meals, provides an immediate sense of upliftment of the senses. With every sip of it, you will experience a riot of flavors - Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, and Saffron!

The pride of Kashmir, with such rich flavours involved, will relieve your stress after a long and hectic day.

The various natural ingredients in Kashmiri Kahwa help to improve vitality and recharge the body's defense system & helps cleanse the digestive system thus improving metabolism. It also help in easing off constipation too

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Why Amritanadi Royal Kashmiri Kahwa with Saffron?

Loose green teas

Use Green Tea Leaves & Not Tea Dust


Yes, Blue Nectar's Kashmiri Kahwa is 100% natural and safe to consume. You can drink this everyday - after meals or before going to bed.

No, It is recommended to reuse the leaves. These are authentic loose leaves that impart flavor when soaked in hot water.

Kashmiri Kahwa could be prepared in less than A MINUTE: Put pinch of Green Tea (2 gm) in cup. Pour Hot Water and cover for 30-45 sec and let tea brew. Green Tea is ready in a minute. Incase you want stronger cup of Green Tea, let leaves brew for longer time

Yes, Our kashmiri kahwa is 100% safe. You can drink daily, twice a day - in the morning and evening.

Yes you can add honey as a natural sweetener to this tea. It will only add to the many benefits of this Green Tea.

This is a 100% ayurvedic preparation and dermatologically tested to be safe. It is free from any artificial flavors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Siva Kumar


Avinash Awate
Delightful taste

I have started regularly taking green tea for health reasons - and green teas of different varieties as they provide different benefits.
Blue Nectar Kashmiri Kahwa is one of the best tasting teas I have tasted so far.
I wouldn't talk about 'benefits' of this tea as I really have no idea whether this brand of green tea is better than others - all provide similar (but different) benefits.
The only thing I would say is keep drinking green tea - it is good for you!

Loved it

Nothing detoxifies my body better than this kahwa tea, This traditional green tea cleanses the stomach, improving digestion and metabolism. It also helps to boost immune system. Highly recommended.

Dr chaudhry
Great product

I tried this Blue nectar Amritanandi green tea and totally loved it !
It really affected . I noticed the change in last two days !
This improved my digestion and metabolism . Also the green tea smells good and taste is also good .
The product packaging and storage system is also good .
Felt refreshing after consuming.
I think we should stop that fancy flavoured green tea and start this blue nectar Ayurvedic green tea .

Jyoti Joshi
Winters love kadha

I used to get green tea on winters but when I tried this kadha from blue Nector I used to it. And now this drink is my fav drink.

Save the blue Image having the water levels in the four containers. Save the blue Image having the water levels in the four containers.