12 Ingredients That Should Never Be In Your Hair Care Kit

12 Ingredients That Should Never Be In Your Hair Care Kit

We all love to have shiny, thick and lustrous locks but thanks to our stressful work schedules and unhealthy eating habits, maintaining a head full of shiny hair can be a task for most of us. Hair care routine is something you must follow diligently if you want your hair to be healthy and shiny. Your hair care routine must include regular oiling, hair packs, hair spa treatment, using proper shampoo and going for a deep conditioning treatment regularly.

It is important that you must know what kind of products are there in your hair care kit. Almost all the hair care products available these days are full of toxic chemicals which will give your locks an instant gratification. Your hair will be bouncy, smooth and shiny but such products will do more harm than good to your hair in the long run. From Hair Fall Shampoo, conditioner to dandruff shampoo you must buy each and every product with great caution. In this blog, I will be sharing a list of ingredients which should never be in your hair care kit.



It is a surface acting agent which is used for cleaning excess sebum and dirt from your scalp. It also gives your shampoo the lathering feature. Sulphate can be highly damaging for your hair in the long run. From causing an allergic reaction, hormonal disruption to frizzy hair; it can do all this and more. You won’t believe but this surface acting agent is even dangerous for aquatic species and environment.

Harmful chemicals 



This ingredient is used generally to increase the shelf life of your Hair Care Products. It helps in preventing growth of bacteria in your hair care products. Unfortunately, this harmful ingredient can copy the function of estrogens; which is a female hormone and can even enhance the risk of breast cancer.



This ingredient is antibacterial and is often used as a preservative in hair care products. Triclosan can disrupt your endocrine system; it can be dangerous in the same manner as xenoestogens. Studies show that it can also cause uncontrolled cellular reproduction, immune system issues and weight loss. Good enough reasons to ditch this ingredient from your hair care kit.

Triclosan antifungal agent



Also known as polyethylene glycol, this ingredient is found in many hair care products and can interfere with your body. It is regarded as a developmental toxicant, this means it can interfere with your development. PEG is also known to contain cancer causing dioxin. You must ensure that all your hair care products are PEG free.


Sodium Chloride

Also another name for your regular salt, this ingredient is used by the manufacturers to give your shampoo and conditioner a thick consistency. If you have a sensitive scalp, then sodium chloride will make it dry and itchy and this will eventually lead to hair loss.



This ingredient used in hair care products has been undefined as a human carcinogen. It has been proven to get absorbed via skin in animal testing. It is generally added as a preservative by the manufacturers; however it can even be produced over time because of a chemical process from other kinds of preservatives. The common one used in most hair care products is quaternium-15. So, look out for this one when next time you go shopping for hair care products. Formaldehyde is also present in chemicals which are used for doing Brazilian blowouts.


Synthetic fragrances

Hair care products which mention the word fragrance on their bottle can have numerous hidden chemicals, which can cause immense damage to your locks. A few ingredients in fragranced hair care products can create issues with a person’s reproductive system and might even cause asthma or cancer. They can even irritate ones scalp, thereby causing hair loss.


Synthetic colours

Many hair care products are dyed with synthetic colours to give them a nice look. You would be surprised to know that the sources of such colours are coal-tar or petroleum; and they can cause harmful effects on your health. Such colours generally go by damp along with a number.


Mineral oil

Yet another ingredient which should not be there in your Hair Care Kit. It can cause build-up on your scalp. It can make your hair lifeless and stiff. Alternative names you can look out for would include paraffin, liquid petroleum, white petroleum and paraffin wax.

Hair Repair and Treatment Oil



It is a kind of silicone which is used in many hair care products these days. This ingredient basically adds to your shampoo build-up, which in turn makes your hair greasy. It doesn’t let moisture and nutrients stay in your hair, instead collects residue and dirt.  Dimethicone can clog your scalp pores and can also cause irritation.



This ingredient found in hair care products, can have a drying effect on your hair. Stay away from ingredients which have the word prop like propane and isopropyl alcohol. Stearyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol are still better and can actually help retain moisture in your hair.

 alcohol free hair products


Retinyl palmitate

This ingredient is a combination of esters of retinol and palmitic acid. It can cause redness, itching, scaling and peeling. Other side effects of this ingredient include organ toxicity, reproductive issues and cancer. Now that you know about these harmful ingredients, make sure all your hair care products do not have them. If you are having hair fall or dry scalp, you know what is causing all this.

You must switch to a non-toxic, natural ayurvedic shampoo and conditioner which will give your hair the shine and strength it needs, without causing any kind of damage. A healthy diet combined with exercise can also work wonders for your hair health. You just need to take a little extra care and trust me your hair be silky and shiny.

Hair fall shampoo for dull and damaged hair


So, go ahead give your locks the care they deserve by ditching the above noted harmful ingredients.

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