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    1. What noticeable changes will I see in my hair when I use these green tea products?

    When you use our green tea hair care products, you can expect to see noticeable improvements in your hair, including enhanced smoothness, deep hydration, and a brilliant shine that leaves your locks looking healthier than ever.

    2. What does this Green Tea Anti Frizz Shampoo do for my dry and frizzy hair?

    This Green Tea Anti Frizz Shampoo is a game-changer for your hair! It's infused with plant-based biotin, which means it deeply nourishes your hair, making it stronger and leaving it looking revitalized, shinier, and visibly healthier. Say goodbye to those frizzy hair days!

    3. How will Green Tea Anti Frizz Shampoo benefit my hair's health?

    The Green Tea Anti Frizz Shampoo, with its plant-based biotin infusion, works wonders for your hair's health from a customer's perspective. It's like a nutritious meal for your hair, making it stronger, shinier, and visibly healthier. No more worries about dryness and frizz!

    4. What are the key ingredients in Green Tea hair mask, and how do they benefit my hair?

    This Green Tea hair mask contains a harmonious blend of 13 exquisite herbs, including bhringraj and amla. These natural ingredients contribute to a revitalizing experience, promoting overall hair health and enhancing its authentic beauty.

    5. How do I use the Plant-Based Biotin Hair Growth Serum?

    It's simple! Just apply a few drops of the serum to your damp hair strands. This easy application process ensures that you're on your way to achieving the smooth, glowing hair you desire. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to manageable locks!

    6. I'm curious about the Green Tea Hair Serum. How does it work to combat frizz and strengthen my hair, given its plant-based biotin content?

    The Green Tea Hair Serum with plant-based biotin works by taming frizz and enhancing hair strength. Its biotin-infused formula smoothens and fortifies your hair, leaving it frizz-free and stronger.

    7. Can I use Green Tea hair products together for the best results?

    Absolutely! Combining the Green Tea Anti Frizz Shampoo, mask and the Green Tea Hair Serum can provide you with a comprehensive hair care routine. The shampoo ensures a clean and hydrated base, while the serum adds that extra shine and strength, making your hair truly radiant.

    8. Can biotin really help with hair strength and thickness ?

    Absolutely! Biotin is like a secret agent against brittleness and breakage. It works wonders by strengthening your hair, leaving you with lustrous and thicker locks.Plus, it promotes a healthier scalp, reducing dryness and inflammation. While the exact results can vary from person to person, biotin's benefits have the potential to be a real game-changer on your journey to healthier hair!

    9. What makes this Green Tea hair mask unique?

    What sets this Green Tea hair mask apart is its use of natural biotin, which helps thicken and enrich your hair's texture, leaving you with luxurious locks. It's a powerful formula crafted for your hair's well-being.

    Frizz-Free Fabulous: Master the Art of Taming Unruly Hair!

    Are you sick of having frizzy hair that ruins your day, even on shower days? Learn the solution to your lunchtime hair problems! Trying different things, from egg to other nuskhas, the frizziness never stops. Can you relate?

    We are here with one solution that fits all for both men and women. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to sleek, manageable locks. Discover the secrets to taming the frizz and reclaim your confidence!

    Discover the Power of Biotin for Stronger Hair!

    Biotin, a plant-based vitamin B7, is a game-changer for vibrant hair, skin, and nails. It fuels hair growth, prevents loss, and boosts overall quality. By converting food nutrients into energy, it nurtures follicles for robust growth.

    Say goodbye to brittleness and breakage as biotin builds strength, leaving you with lustrous, thicker locks. It even promotes a healthier scalp, reducing dryness and inflammation. While results vary, biotin's benefits are a potential game-changer for your hair journey!

    Why Ruin Your Hair with Chemicals When the Solution Lies in Nature?

    Green Tea Anti Frizz Shampoo for Dry & Frizzy Hair with Plant Based Biotin

    Unveil the Secret to Silky Locks with Green Tea Anti-Frizz Biotin Shampoo! Specially crafted for dry, unruly hair, enriched with plant-based biotin. Skip the expensive treatment and opt for nature's care.

    This shampoo nurtures and revitalises your locks, leaving them smooth, manageable, and frizz-free. Embrace the power of green tea and biotin for hair that radiates health and beauty. Experience the natural transformation your hair deserves!

    Green Tea Hair Mask for Dry & Frizzy Hair with Plant Based Biotin

    Indulge in Luxurious Locks with our Green Tea Hair Mask! Crafted for dry, frizzy hair, infused with plant-based biotin for a transformative experience. Thicken and enrich your hair's texture with the original power of natural biotin.

    This hair mask for frizzy hair revitalizes, leaving you with silky, frizz-free strands that radiate health and vitality. Embrace the ultimate solution for hair that's as beautiful as it is healthy!

    Green Tea Hair Serum for Frizz Free & Stronger Hair with Plant Based Biotin

    Elevate Your Tresses with Green Tea Hair Serum! Infused with plant-based biotin, this serum is your ticket to frizz-free, resilient locks. Experience the dual benefits of green tea - not only does it enhance texture, but it also gifts a refreshing, clean aroma.

    Its signature notes of grassiness, earthiness, and nuttiness linger subtly on your hair, providing an extra layer of appeal. Achieve hair that not only looks incredible but smells delightful too!

    3-Step Process to Using Our Frizz-Free Hair Care Range

    Shampoo: Begin your hair care ritual with our Agati Oil and Green Tea-infused shampoo. Massage a generous amount onto wet hair, working it into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly for clean and refreshed hair.

    Mask: After shampooing, indulge in the nourishing benefits of our Green Tea Hair Mask. Apply the mask evenly from roots to tips, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly to reveal smooth, hydrated, and frizz-free locks.

    Serum: As the final step in your routine, apply our Green Tea Hair Best Serum sparingly to damp hair. Focus on the lengths and ends, avoiding the roots. This serum not only locks in moisture but also provides a delightful fragrance that lingers, giving your hair that extra touch of elegance. Enjoy the transformation to smoother, shinier, and healthier-looking hair.

    Discover the Stellar Ingredients in Our Gender-Inclusive Frizz-Free Hair Care Range

    Agati Oil: Infused with Biotin, Agati Oil combats dryness, bestows a dazzling shine, and imparts a silky smoothness, leaving your hair healthy and stunning.

    Green Tea: Enriched with Biotin, Green Tea takes on dryness and frizz, transforming your hair into a sleek, hydrated, and radiant mane.

    Aloe Vera: This natural wonder hydrates, fortifies, enhances shine, and encourages naturally vibrant, healthier hair.

    Coconut Oil: Providing a nourishing, moisturising treatment, Coconut Oil elevates shine and minimises damage, resulting in a head of healthier, glossy locks.

    Bhringraj: A powerhouse ingredient that strengthens hair, stimulates growth, and reduces hair fall, ultimately enhancing overall hair health.

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    Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Green Tea & Agati Oil Anti Friz Hairs Price List in India

    Ayurvedic Green Tea & Agati Oil Anti Friz Hairs Products List MRP
    Green Tea Anti Frizz Shampoo for Dry & Frizzy Hair with Plant Based Biotin (15 Herbs, 200 ml) Rs 595
    Green Tea Hair Mask for Dry & Frizzy Hair with Plant Based Biotin (13 herbs, 200g) Rs 895
    Green Tea Hair Serum for Frizz Free & Stronger Hair with Plant Based Biotin(12 herbs, 50ml) Rs 795