Plant-Based Sun Protection!

Embrace this summer with our super light plant based Coconut SPF shield.

Indulge in Luxurious moisture of our SPF coconut cream & face lotion with no white cast & quick absorption

What are Plant Based Actives?

Derived from nature's garden, plant-based actives are skincare superheroes, teeming with natural goodness. They gently and effectively revitalize and nourish your skin, ensuring a healthy, radiant complexion.


Shreya  in Black dress

I used oil to see the actual results of it rather than using it once. I used it as a pre/wash hair mask and left my hair for 30 min before washing it out with shampoo. And it works very well and controls dandruff. The oil does a good job of controlling dandruff in your hair and providing the benefits of 12 herbs listed.

Photographer, Kolkata

Kumkumadi Tailam has really worked excellent for my skin and I personally love its fragrance. Daily I use just 2-4 drops before going to sleep and wash my face properly after waking up, I have seen the results within some days. Also, this works really well for aging and acne.

Social Media Manager, Panjim
Bhindita in white dress

I am using this shampoo since last 10 days and I have actually started to see the difference in my hair. My hairfall has reduced than earlier, also the hair looks voluminous and bouncy. As it contains henna and amla, it also adds a beautiful shine to our hair as well. This shampoo can be savior if you are having an oily scalp just like me..

Software Engineer, Noida

I have been using slimming oil for a week now and its pretty good. The oil makes you feel relaxed after applying it. It gets absorbed into the skin pretty well and thus is not very sticky. Overall I really liked this product.

Teacher, Amritsar