14 multiple ways of using Baby Oil: The Basics

 14 Baby Oil Benefits: The Basics

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Baby oil… It smells great and does wonders for babies’ skin during maalish (massage) time! But did you know, all over the world, even adults who don’t have babies ,use Baby Massage Oil (us included)! Why, you must ask? Well, it is simply that amazing. From treating certain skin conditions & relaxing massages to fulfilling your hair needs & doing upkeep around the house, a bottle of natural baby oil can truly do it all! Following are some of the benefits of using natural baby oil, other than massaging the baby.

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1. Excellent Make-up Remover

Traditional make-up removing wipes are too harsh on the skin. Liquid make-up removers are unable to effectively clean out your pores. Those cleansing & melting balms are just too expensive. And coconut oil, the ever-so-popular DIY makeup remover? It is highly comedogenic, meaning- it can clog your pores and cause a ton of breakouts! The solution? Ayurvedic Baby oil. It is an affordable, gentle, non-comedogenic emollient liquid that can effectively remove your makeup with a few cotton pads at the end of the day, leaving your skin soft, supple, and acne-free. It can even help correct makeup mistakes, just pick up the residual oil from the cap using a cotton bud and wipe away!

2. Cuticle Oil for Manicures and Pedicures

In the mood for a good mani-pedi session but can’t go to the salon? Do it at home instead! You get to refine your skills and save some money, all the while enjoying some quality me-time. Now, chances are, if you’re not a professional nail tech, you very likely won’t have access to all the necessary tools or products. But, worry not! You can do wonders with a pair of tweezers, a nail cutter, a filer, and some natural baby oil. Baby oil is a fantastic & affordable multi-use replacement for the overpriced cuticle oil people usually use! So, while finessing your mani-pedi, use a few drops of baby oil the same way you’d use cuticle oil and enjoy your healthy, gorgeous-looking hand and feet.

3. Treatment for Cracked Heels and Rough Elbows

There’s nothing quite as annoying as cracked heels and rough elbows. They look ashy and are just unattractive. If you’re dealing with any of the two, you know the pain we’re talking about. Fret not, baby oil to the rescue! Here’s what you need to do: After bathing, take some of the oil in one of your palms and using the fingers of your other hand, apply the oil in small quantities to your heels and elbows. Use any leftover oil to rub it over the back of your hands for softer knuckles.

4. Moisturizer for the Body

As much as we’d like to deny it, the truth is, some of us deal with very dry skin, the kind that tends to get scaly and peels off if not hydrated & moisturized properly. It’s quite annoying. But, thanks to mass manufacturers of baby-care products, there is, after all, an easy solution… baby oil! If you are tired of perpetually tired of dry skin, here’s what to do: Pour a little bit of your preferred natural baby oil and rub it between your palms, slowly apply it over your arms and legs, focusing a bit more on the extra dry parts. Apply on the chest, back or stomach if needed. Don’t overdo the quantity. Additionally, avoid doing this during daytime in the summer/monsoon, instead follow this routine post-shower at night.

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5.Substitute for Shaving Creams & Gels

Even in this day and age, the act of shaving body hair or even facial hair has almost become the mandate to fit into society’s beauty standards. And conforming to this is difficult on many levels. Shaving creams are expensive & harsh, and have ingredients that some people are allergic to! Most important of all, they’re just no match for the countless baby oil benefits we get with the alternative. so ditch that shaving gel, switch to baby oil and use it the same way, at a much lower price! Now that’s nifty and convenient!

6. Hair Serum for Dry Ends

Our hair suffers a lot from pollution these days. The toxins in the air make our ends dry and rough. As a result, we have to treat our hair with expensive serums and salon treatments. But, with baby oil benefits, we could get the same for a much lower price and the convenience of not going to a salon! If the ends of your hair require some love and nourishment, use a small amount of baby oil the same way you’d use an average hair serum and see the results for yourself!

7. Helpful in Removing Temporary Tattoos

Whether toddlers drew on your face with a sharpie during acts of mischief or you got one of those “will regret this when I’m sober” tattoos in a drunken daze, dealing with the aftermath can be stressful, especially if you have to be somewhere urgently. But, it doesn’t have to be all that stressful, if you have a bottle of baby oil lying around. You simply need to take a cotton pad, pour some baby oil into it (don’t be stingy here) and place it over the tattoo. Remove it after 3-4 and using a fresh cotton pad, wipe away the excess. You’ll notice that the ink is fairly easy to remove, or at the very least has started to fade. Repeat a few times if necessary and wash the site afterwards.

8. Helpful in Removing Band-aids, Grease and Paint from Skin

Maybe you accidentally nicked yourself and had to use a band-aid. Maybe you worked on some machines around the house or fixed your car and now have greasy hands. Or, you simply got too lost while painting and can’t seem to get the colors off your hands. What to do? The answer is simple. Use that forgotten bottle of baby oil! Because of its emollient nature, baby oil can melt off and mess with the chemistry of the most stubbornly sticky materials. Here’s what you should do in a situation like this, squirt a generous amount of baby oil in between your palms or whether the pesky substance is stuck and rub with moderate force. You’ll notice that after a few minutes, it starts to come off completely. Wipe away with paper towels or a cloth and wash with soap & water.

9. Removes Bubble Gums and Stickers with Ease

The wondrous emollient qualities of baby oil aren’t just limited to removing stickiness from your skin. They can be quite effective in getting rid of stubborn substances from furniture tool in a house with children, the chances of finding chewing gum stuck to the bed or stickers decorating the cupboards, are quite high. To remove these easily, pour some of the Natural Baby oil around the edges and let it sit for 10 minutes. Attempt to remove afterwards. Use more oil and leave it for longer if necessary. You’ll notice that the stickiness is gone and the stickers/gum can be removed effortlessly.

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10. Can Give Your Wooden Furniture and Steel Ornaments a Shinier Appearance

During the annual upkeep and cleaning, if you notice that objects and furniture made with steel and food around the house have been looking rather dull, don’t worry! With just a little bit of baby oil, you can give them a shinier appearance and make them look as good as new. Here’s what to do: Dip a small cloth in a small amount of the oil and wipe in a short, circular motion on your surface of choice. Add in some ACV (apple cider vinegar) to the mix if you’re trying to shine wood. This will act as a dust repellent for furniture. You can also lubricate your wooden drawers, doors, and cupboards with natural baby oil to avoid the squeaky furniture that gets stuck often!

11. Soothing Body Massage Oil

Merely existing as an adult is difficult. We work hard, all day, every day. Our daily routines can be taxing and induce a lot of mental and physical stress in our lives. An easy way to deal with said stress is a good full-body massage, preferably performed on you by someone else, but you can do it solo as well! The idea is relaxing but those dedicated body massage oils are just so expensive and often have ingredients in them that one may be allergic to. Baby oil is a great replacement for this purpose and can be used the same way as a regular body massage oil.

12. Helpful in Removing Stuck Jewellery and Zippers

Folks, just how annoying are those bangles or rings that look to be your correct size but end up getting stuck while removal? And, just how embarrassing are those zippers on your pants that keep getting stuck at the most inopportune time? We’d like to say “Very!” to both of those questions. These situations take place far too often and we’re here to offer a solution. Use a generous of Ayurvedic natural baby oil to lubricate the jewellery or the stubborn zipper and watch how easily they move afterwards.

13. Affordable Bath Oils

At the end of the day after a tiring time at work, all one needs is a relaxing bath with some calming music and a good night’s sleep. No bath is complete without a bath, and those can be quite expensive. Who wants to break the bank for a bath? Certainly not us… but we also want to sleep well! We assure you that you can sleep like a baby if you add a few drops of baby oil to your bath water! Not only will it add a Zen-like quality to your bathing experience with its irresistible fragrance, but will also leave your skin looking beautiful afterwards. Such an affordable way to add luxury to your life!

14. DIY Baby Wipes

As if all the other versatile baby oil benefits weren’t enough, the oil in question can be used on babies in different ways too! If you’re a nifty, DIY kind of parent who loves to take on projects and cares a lot about the sensitive skin of your infant, chances are, the ingredients present in commercially manufactured harsh baby wipes scare you, a lot! Well, we’ve got an effortless remedy for that. You can make mild baby wipes at home using the following ingredients: soft paper towels, water, baby wash, and baby oil. Mix equal parts oil bathing, and water in a small bowl. Dip your cotton towel to wet it slightly and use it the same way you’d use a normal baby wipe. This mixture can be stored ahead of time for up to a week. So convenient and gentle!

Mother is whipping the baby legs with baby whipes

In Conclusion

Contrary to popular notions, baby oil isn’t just for babies. In fact, evidence suggests adults utilize it for uses mentioned above (and many of the baby oil benefits we may have missed) a lot more than just to give massages to their babies. This miraculous liquid is no less than a magic elixir that can give you, your baby, and objects around your house, a glow like never before. If you’re on the prowl for gentle & natural baby oil to use solely on your baby, look no further! Blue Nectar’s Shubr Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil is a great option. It’s made with organic ghee & vital herbs and is suitable for the quintessential sensitive skin babies tend to have.


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