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What Do People Say About Kumkumadi Face Glowing Oil?

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When it comes to the popularity of ayurvedic products, the beauty & skincare community have observed quite the hike with one such product, namely… kumkumadi face glowing oil. Often termed as the magical elixir of life, this no-less-than-magic-face oil seems to have racked up quite the reputation for its plethora of benefits ranging from healthy, glowing skin to its anti-ageing property.

Ayurveda-revering folks on the internet claim that Kumkumadi face glowing oil is figuratively the fountain of life and beauty, packed conveniently in a travel-friendly bottle. And you know what? We couldn’t agree more! We whole heartedly believe and preach the teachings of Ayurveda.

Girl is showing the face serum by drooping it from the applicator

We have our own version of this miraculous kumkumadi serum and it is our pride and joy. So, if you’ve been scouring the market for Kumkumadi face glowing oil but are confused about which brand to choose, take our recommendation and pick Blue Nectar’s Kumkumadi Tailam Radiance Glow Face Serum. It has the goodness of Kashmiri saffron (kesar), and Mysorean sandalwood (chandan), and carries the heavenly properties of Indian madder (manjishtha) straight from Mangalore.

Still doubtful? Worry not! We’ve been digging the internet and have drafted the following round-up of reviews of our Kumkumadi face glowing oil to help you make an informed decision! Take a look at what the world has to say about our Kumkumadi Tailam …

Blog Reviews

Nothing screams authentic more than a well-drafted review, right? After all, online print media is where all the info’s at these days. Here are verdicts for kumkumadi face glowing oil, from some of the most popular blogs on the internet.

Trisha’s Review from Indian Budget Beauty on Kumkumadi Face Glowing Oil

She starts her review by talking about some of the key ingredients like Nagkesar and saffron that help restore the skin’s natural glow, improve the appearance of dark circles, and help with pigmentation. She also adds that in her experience, for visible results to show up, it would take anywhere between 6-8 weeks.

“If you have dull skin, then this Kumkumadi Serum helps to brighten your skin, it will also impact a glow after kumkumadi tailam usage.”

“You need to apply 3-4 drops of this kumkumadi face glowing oil on your moisturized skin. I’ve tried it on both during the daytime as well as nighttime... I totally love the afterglow and radiance that it imparts on my skin, and does not make my skin greasy or tacky.”

Girl is taking out applicator from kumkumadi serum bottle

Indian Beauty Hub’s Review on Kumkumadi Face Glowing Oil

The blog is very detailed and convenient to read. It starts with information and features of the face serum and later mentions a very descriptive ‘pros and cons’ list…

“After thoroughly cleansing my face, I spray some rose water on my face and then take 4-5 drops of this face oil and massage it nicely on my face & neck. I prefer using rose water before applying the Kumkumadi face glowing oil because it spreads easily on slightly damp skin and gets quickly absorbed into the skin. This kumkumadi face oil provides adequate moisture to my combination oily skin and I wake up every morning with soft, hydrated and glowing skin. It is non-sticky & feels very light on the skin and you will not wake up with a greasy face. After using this night serum for more than a month I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my skin’s appearance. It reduced my acne & faded acne marks up to a certain extent and my skin looks more even tone now. On the downside, I’ve not seen any difference in the appearance of fine lines around my eye area.”

Soma’s Review from Cosmetics Arena on Kumkumadi Face Glowing Oil

Soma writes a detailed review taking into consideration factors like fragrance, texture, and color and very graciously rates our Kumkumadi face glowing oil a perfect 5/5. We’re elated and so thankful! Here’s what she has to say about Kumkumadi tailam face glowing oil and its uses:

“I believe that night serum is the key to great-looking skin. And when the serum is Kumkumadi face glowing oil, one cannot expect more. I believe that Kumkumadi Tailam is the ancient Indian Ayurvedic answer to the insanely pricey Estee Lauder Night Serum.

Kumkumadi face glowing oil not only brings back the lustre of skin but also corrects skin pigmentation. It keeps the pimples at bay and helps to fade away the acne scars gradually. Kumkumadi Tailam is a magical potion indeed.”

“I obviously recommend this face serum. It does what it claims. The ayurvedic formula works slowly but effectively. So, I must say that please try it out. It is an ideal facial oil. I would love to use this magical budget-friendly potion forever that gives my skin soft, supple and radiant glow.”

Megha’s Review from Makeup and Beauty Treasure on Kumkumadi Face Glowing Oil

Yet another detailed review from a trusted blogger. She mentions a detailed ‘pros & cons’ list and talks at great length about her motivation to use our Kumkumadi Tailam. Have a look at her written experience:

“Basically, Kumkumdi means saffron and saffron is one of those ingredients that gives a bridal glow to the skin. At first, I was sceptical to use this face oil on my acne-prone skin but after going through the ingredients I found it contains non-comedogenic ingredients and is completely safe for my acne-prone skin.”

Collagen serum Drop of kumkumadi face glowing oil has been showed

“The Kumkumadi face serum is light and gets absorbed into my skin in a jiff. I need only 3 drops for my entire face and it makes skin soft, smooth and moisturized. I do not feel the need to use a separate moisturizer over it. I have been using it regularly for 2 weeks and I can see a considerable difference in my skin. my skin looks plump, healthy and radiant. With changes in weather, my skin was losing its inner glow but after using this night serum, my skin looks too good and bright. It keeps acne and pimples at bay and reduces fine lines. I have a few fine lines on my forehand (expression lines) and I could see my skin looks smoother with its regular usage!”

“Blue Nectar Kumkumdi Radiance Glow Night Serum is a lovely addition to my nighttime skincare routine. It keeps skin soft and radiant. I have not faced acne and pimples since the time I am using it. I would highly recommend it to everyone!

Vlog Reviews on Ayurvedic Kumkumadi Range

Assessment of our Kumkumadi face glowing oil with proof! Following reviews are taken from people who ever-so-kindly document their progress. The before and after effects found on these channels surely suggest that our product did its work well.

Makeup Fashion Revival’s Review on YouTube for our Kumkumadi Face Glowing Oil

Ankita Upadhyay on her channel filmed a dedicated video about her nighttime routine with products from our Ayurvedic Kumkumadi Tailam range. She spoke about why she loves products from our brand later, followed by a detailed tutorial on how best to use these ayurvedic products. She also talks about the ingredients and what they do for you in great detail. Here’s what she had to say about our Kumkumadi serum:

“I love the texture of this face serum, guys. It is very lightweight. So, I like to go in with like 3-4 drops of this kumkumadi serum and nicely massage it into my skin. Kumkumadi Face glowing oil has an extremely soothing aroma. I love the way my skin looks, bright and radiant after using this face serum. And also, guys, this magical kumkumadi serum is free of preservatives, mineral oil and chemicals.”

Girl is applying kumkumadi face serum by applicator on her cheeks

Gitz Glam’s Review on YouTube for Kumkumadi Face Glowing Oil

Geeta on her channel filmed a very detailed video talking about our pricing, packaging, fragrance, the color of the face serum and everything in between. She went on to educate her audience on how to use Kumkumadi Face glowing oil and what to expect. She speaks Hindi throughout the video which is great for people who aren’t comfortable with English. Here’s what she said about her experience with our Ayurvedic Kumkumadi Tailam product:

“I had not been looking after my skin for almost a decade. I started using kumkumadi face glowing oil recently and I have noticed some great differences in my face skin texture. The frequency with which I'd experience skin issues has also reduced. I had reservations initially with this product but after I read the proper instructions on how to use this face oil, I can see results visible on my skin, Kumkumadi Tailam has slightly brightened up my skin and I’m looking forward to using it more. Try this for yourself and follow my demo to get the best results.”

Aakanksha Ghai’s Review on YouTube for Kumkumadi face glowing oil

Aakanksha talks about our face serum with vigor, educating her audience on what kumkumadi means, Kumkumadi tailam uses, the key ingredients of this face serum, and the effects users can expect from Kumkumadi Tailam. Her video is in both Hindi and English, which makes her viewers understand the content better. Here’s her experience:

“Talking about this product, this oil is so therapeutic, I tell you! It smells like Chandan. This face oil is super lightweight in texture. It is specially crafted for the face and provides hydration to the skin without clogging your pores. After washing my face, I apply a light toner - Shubhr Steam Distilled Vetiver Toner & Face Tonic Mist (which is free from alcohol & preservative) and while my face is still moist, I take 2-3 drops of this Kumkumadi face glowing oil and massage it into my face in an upward motion. This face oil is also very versatile and can be used as a primer before makeup. You can even add a drop of this to your matte foundation if you want a dewy look.”

Customer Reviews on Kumkumadi Face Glowing Oil

Real reviews from real people who’ve purchased, used and loved our Kumkumadi Tailam face glowing oil. Have a look and take their word with a grain of salt…

“Wow! This small bottle is full of wonders. This blue nectar kumkumadi face serum is one of the best serums I have ever used. I am using it regularly in my night care routine and am amazed by the results. It intensely nourishes the skin and gives improved even skin tone. Use this face oil at night before bedtime and just 1-2 drops are sufficient to make your skin feel more radiant healthier and brighter. The best part of this Kumkumadi face glowing oil is, it contains no harmful chemicals and has all vital herbs that are essential for our skin.” - Bharti Mehta

“It’s a very nice face serum, it has worked on my skin effectively, it has a very mild fragrance and the consistency is pretty good. Improves your skin texture and gives radiance to your skin.” - Pooja Behuria

“In love with the results shown by the kumkumadi radiance glow night serum on my skin. I have been using it in my night routine as a face oil and can clearly say that my skin has become more radiant and clearer after its usage. Even though it's summer I have been using it on a regular basis and can clearly say that it's not at all sticky. Kumkumadi Face glowing oil has a very pleasant fragrance to it as well.” - Rajshree Chaube

“This Kumkumadi night serum has become my favourite nowadays. This face serum is 100% ayurvedic and plus saffron and 26 vital herbs is a deal in itself only.

It made my skin supple and give an immense glow to it in just a few applications I'm in love with this product.” -  Ramsha Ali

Bottle of kumkumadi serums are placed on wooden box with other elements

Parting Note

We’re just so glad to see all these positive reviews on our ayurvedic Kumkumadi range of products. It feels great to have created a genuine product that helps so many people. Our kumkumadi face glowing oil night serum is suitable for all skin types, one of the more affordable options in the market and can be used by men & women alike. Try it out yourself and tell us what you think how Kumkumadi tailam uses has bring change in your skin!


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