Experiencing Post Natal Hair Loss? My First Hand Experience In Controlling Hair Fall

Arresting post natal hair fall

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The moment I came to know I was expecting, I was on cloud nine. The whole idea of a tiny human being nurturing in your womb is priceless. Apart from weight gain during pregnancy, another issue I was worried about from day one was post natal hair loss. I had seen many of my mommy friends and cousins getting really tensed because of hair loss post delivery.

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I am not very blessed when it comes to hair and this was the reason I was even more concerned about post natal hair loss. Thankfully, during pregnancy quantity of my hair had increased and even the texture of my hair had improved but post delivery, it was an altogether different story. Somewhere, I was prepared for all this and that is why I did an extensive research during my pregnancy to know each and everything about post natal hair loss. 

I came to know that apart from healthy plus nutritious diet and supplements, one must use a good quality ayurvedic oil for hair, post pregnancy. Since, I already had very less hair and hair loss would have meant me literally going bald, I purchased the best hair fall control oil before I delivered. This ayurvedic oil for hair had Bhringraj Oil in it which is beneficial for hair.

I made it a point to use my hair fall oil diligently post delivery and I could notice the difference from day one itself. Apart from controlling hair fall, there were many other benefits offered by my hair fall oil which contained Bhringraj Oil. Read on to know:

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Hair Growth:

Oiling my hair on a regular basis with Bhringraj Oil helped in improving my blood circulation and this in turn helped in faster hair growth.



Looking after the baby and managing the house was extremely taxing for me. A good hair oil growth massage was a great way to relax. I reaped additional benefits with Bhringraj Oil and its miraculous hair treatment qualities.



I applied hair fall oil, with Bhringraj Oil, in gentle yet firm circular movements and this gave my hair the much needed deep conditioning. My hair became shiny and thick within a few weeks.


Hair Detoxification:

Oiling my hair also helped in removing harmful toxins from my hair. So, my hair follicles had no harmful bacteria and my roots were strengthened immensely. Good enough reason to oil my hair regularly.

So all new mommies out there do not worry about post natal hair loss. Just get a good quality ayurvedic oil for hair fall oil and you are good to go.

Post natal hair loss

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