Fairer Skin: Does it define Indian Beauty?

The Indian Obsession of Skin Lightening Creams and Why you should only Choose Natural Cream

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Fairness… it’s the only thing anyone could ever talk about some 100-odd years ago.  In the Indian subcontinent, light-complexioned skin was the ultimate beauty standard one needed to fit into. To be fair was to be pretty. As a result, skin whitening creams for women and bleaching treatments rose in popularity. The roots of this insane obsession with lighter complexion can be traced back to the British invasion when the country was colonized. White was power, hence white was better.

In today’s time, the country has certainly observed a drastic improvement in terms of colour acceptance and appreciating skin rich in melanin. However, are we where we hoped to be? No, we’re actually far from it. The use of skin whitening creams for women is still rampant, so much so that it ends up doing more harm than good, often to the point where medical intervention and professional help from dermatologists are required.

The primary reason behind this mass hysteria isn’t just the desire to be “fairer” but also misinformation. Folks who only desire bright, clear, and beautiful skin no matter what complexion it may be often don’t know any tangible differences between a face brightness cream and a skin lightening cream. They desire the results of the former but end up choosing the latter, and that is exactly where it goes wrong for one’s skin.

Let’s explore the world of face brightness creams a bit more, shall we?

Lady is showing her skin brightening half face while tearing the old photograph of her's

Key Differences between a Skin Fairness Cream and a Face Brightness Cream

They seem similar but really aren’t, so what’s the catch? Which to use? Which to avoid? The following are important differences all users of skincare must keep in mind when it comes to these best face creams:

  • Post-usage Results of Face Brightness cream - Though in the beauty industry, the terms “brightness” and “fairness” are often used interchangeably, in reality, they don’t exist that way. So, if you’re trying to achieve healthy-looking skin that glows naturally and using a skin whitening creams for women or fairness cream for the same, chances are… you’ll probably be disappointed. Similarly, if it’s a lighter complexion that you’re seeking but are using a face brightness cream, prepare to experience some dismay. Products that are created and manufactured consciously often deliver on the promises they make. Whether the science behind a face brightness or fairness cream is backed by the West or by Ayurveda, the product in question is likely to perform the way it was intended, which is why the results of these two varying creams will always be different.
  • Product formulation of Face Brightness cream - One can expect to notice natural ingredients that inherently aim to make your skin clearer and enhance its glow, in face brightness creams. These ingredients may or may not make an appearance in the lists of skin whitening creams for women but you know what will? Bleach. Yes, the same stuff that is used to take pigment out of clothing and often hair, only a much wilder but still harmful version of it. We all know just how terrible bleach is, why would one ever put it on their face?

Reasons to Choose a Natural Face Brightness Cream

When it comes to face brightness creams, we usually like to give the “go-ahead” to most users. After all, they’re so much better than the average skin whitening creams for women and they bring about genuine results. Except for the time they don’t! Face brightness creams are game changers for the skin-care community but they can go seriously wrong at times, all at the cost of your face, especially when they’re from the world of chemical-based cosmetics. So, do yourself a favour and read the following reasons why you should ditch the chemicals and choose a natural face brightness cream instead!

  • It’s Safer - Simply put, a jar of natural face brightness cream is much safer to use than a bottle of complex chemistry that you don’t quite understand, particularly when it is to be applied to a body part as sensitive as the face. When your cream is made from natural ingredients, what could possibly go wrong? After all, mother nature doesn’t harm anybody! Some of the best face brightening creams available are the ones which have classical ayurvedic formulation such as Kumkumadi Tailam, Nalpamradi Thailam, Vitamin C, Sandalwood etc.
  • Milder to the Skin - As we said, the skin on your face is pretty sensitive, it needs gentle care to glow effortlessly. Those heavy, intimidating chemicals are anything but gentle! Well then, what is it? Nature. Ingredients extracted straight from nature carry along its goodness and help your skin become its best version all the while being their mildest, unlike something from a lab.
  • More Effective - One can disagree and we can let them be but the plain truth is nature is just better. A chemical-based face brightness cream may bring about results, sometimes even quicker than the natural stuff, but these results disappear as soon as you stop usage. Natural creams, on the other hand, their results are here to stay. If you wish for the effects of your cream to be long-lasting, go natural!
  • Backed by Ayurveda - Proprietors of western medicine may not like this one but, Ayurveda is the oldest science to exist. It is backed by evidence and the results are visible, not just on paper, but also on the faces of users. So, if a natural brightening cream is backed by Ayurveda, you best believe it’s the real deal!
  • Lower Likelihood of Allergic Reactions - Remember when we said “mother doesn’t hurt”, we meant it. She only heals. So, by using a cream that is natural, you significantly reduce the risk of getting an allergic reaction! Chemicals, on the other hand? They’re as unpredictable as they get…

Girl is showing her flawless skin while she applied kumkumadi cream on her face

Ingredients to Look for:

Okay, great… so you’re finally convinced that natural is the way to go but don’t know what a face brightness cream should have? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! The following is a list comprising only a few of the many Ayurvedic ingredients that one should look for when trying to achieve brighter skin:

  • Aloe Vera - Also known as gwarpatha in Hindi, this ingredient is rich in a compound called anthraquinone which is responsible for gently exfoliating the skin, thereby revealing brighter and clearer-looking skin. Aloe Vera present in a face brightness cream also soothes sun damage, thus reducing dark spots caused by UV rays
  • Besan (gram flour) - The kitchen staple from Indian households is packed with nutrients like beta-carotene, folate acid, niacin, etc. that all come together to make it a powerhouse that becomes one of the best face brighteners when used in home remedies or found in ayurvedic creams.
  • Honey - Moisturising and anti-bacterial? What more could ask for? When found in face creams, honey adds hydration to the mix all the while preventing acne breakouts. The result? Flawless-looking skin that glows brighter than the sun!
  • Lemon - Like most citrus fruits, lemons are also natural bleaching agents owing to their concentration of citric acids. They naturally even out your skin tone, reduce the appearance of dark spots and help give you a bright glow that is unmatched.
  • Multani Mitti (fuller’s earth) - This gem of nature is a gentle exfoliator that removes dirt & grime from the face, soaks up excess oil and leaves your skin looking brighter than the sky on a sunny day.
  • Orange Peels - Packed with vitamin C, orange peels are a one-ingredient wonder that doesn’t need anything else. If you ever find an ayurvedic face brightness cream with orange peels as one of the ingredients, get your hands on it as soon as possible to glow like the moon.
  • Turmeric - this anti-inflammatory root is packed with antioxidants. When found in a face cream, it can even out your skin tone and give you a bright complexion just in a few uses.
  • Yoghurt - This delicious summertime treat is known for its lactic acid, a great probiotic that does wonders for the gut. Luckily for us, lactic acid is also quite possibly the mildest AHA out there. This works as a melanin suppressor and is suitable even for sensitive skin. Could this be any better?

 Face complexion comparison has been shown on lady's face after using natural skin brightening cream

Which Natural Face Brightness Cream to choose?

Now that you know the horrors of skin whitening creams for women or fairness creams, the wonders of face brightness creams and all the ingredients you need. What’s left but to pick a cream? We’ll admit that the plethora of ayurvedic choices out there can be daunting to some people. So, we’re here to help! Keep in mind the following things:

  1. Always read the ingredients list to avoid anything you may be allergic to.
  2. Try testers to do a patch test if you can before you make your purchase.
  3. Buy smaller bottles/containers to check if the product is working for you before you commit fully. This way you also end up saving some money!
  4. Choose a brand you love and trust.
  5. Read reviews from other users. In times of doubt and confusion, someone else’s work can help you make an informed decision.
  6. Don’t break the bank. The whole point of Ayurveda lies in its simplicity. A product doesn’t have to be expensive to be good! If a face brightness cream isn’t affordable for you in the long run, ditch it!
Natural ingredients like aloe Vera, and water etc. has been kept on table with natural face brightening cream

Key Takeaway

We’re glad that fairness is no longer the norm. As time progresses further, we’re hopeful to see a future where no one has to change their skin colour just for the sake of “fitting in”. People are beautiful just the way they are. Does that mean wanting to improve your skin is wrong? Not in the slightest. If brighter skin is what you seek, then brighter skin is what you shall get. Our recommendation if you’re on the hunt for a face brightness cream would be anything from Blue Nectar’s Skin Brightening range.

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