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Kumkumadi Tailam is one of the essential ayurvedic beauty treatments from ancient times. Kumkumadi face glowing oil is gaining popularity as a must-have face oil and a beauty product for brightening and illuminating the skin naturally by reducing pigmentation, dark spots on face, and signs of aging.

Kumkumadi face glowing oil is formulated exceptionally with blended saffron, lotus flower extract, sandalwood, and some himalayan cherry infused with 24 additional special herbs mixed with sesame oil. Saffron is an essential herb in enhancing and illuminating the skin tone with its most effective properties.

Girl is taking kumkumadi serum applicator from it bottle

Every single ingredient present in the concoction of Kumkumadi Serum is beneficial for the skin with its unique properties. Kumkumadi face glowing oil is based on the ayurvedic treatment concept to heal the skin sustainably. Within three weeks of using this face oil, you can see drastic improvements on the skin.

Kumkumadi oil is also known as Kumkumadi tailam/ Kumkumadi Serum. Some other beauty treatment products like  vitamin C face serum, nalpamradi thailam also have majestic effects on the face and skin.

Kumkumadi Tailam uses: Decoded

From the gift of ancient India, kumkumadi tailam is an amazingly effective ayurvedic herb that is a magical remedy for skin care treatment and  skin health. Kumkumadi Tailam uses are multiple which makes it the best face oil or best face serum.

Kumkumadi serum gives excellent beauty benefits and even-toned skin blending all ayurvedic herbs, essential oil, and milk extracts. It can make your skin brighter and glow naturally. Kumkumadi Tailam benefits for skin includes reducing hyperpigmentation, treating dark circles, lightening dark spots on face, reducing wrinkles, and aging signs.

Kumkumadi face glowing oil is made with the main herb, kumkum aka saffron. Saffron lightens the skin color and helps in achieving a radiating skin tone. This face oil also helps in reducing acne and scars by fading their appearance. To lighten the dark spots on the face, one may also use a vitamin C serum or dark spot removal cream.

Kumkumadi face glowing oil is composed of other significant ingredients like Sandalwood (Chandan), which hydrates skin cells and nourishes skin tone. Kumkumadi tailam improves skin elasticity and helps fade fine lines and wrinkles.

Other essential ingredients such as Indian madder (manjishtha) aids in increasing blood circulation and reducing skin inflammation which helps achieve a vibrant, glowing look.

man is showing kumkuamdi tailam bottle by holding it from one hand and another on rest with other ayurvedic ingredients around it

8 Kumkumadi Tailam benefits for skin

There are numerous kumkumadi tailam benefits for skin. Let’s read what are they and how they can benefit us.

1. Get glowing skin by applying Kumkumadi serum  

Kumkumadi tailam is a 100% natural and organic oil that works like magic on the skin. Since ancient times, Kumkumadi serum has been the secret ingredient for natural and glowing skin. Kumkumadi tailam is promoted to regenerate skin cells by improving cell membranes and blood circulation. Regular use of this face oil can give glowing and soft skin.

2. Kumkumadi Tailam helps in De-Tanning

Adding a drop or two of kumkumadi tailam with body lotion cream like Blue Nectar Niraa shea butter warm vanilla body lotion and regularly applying it on the sun-damaged affected area helps to remove tan and give even-tone brighten skin. This could be the best home remedy to remove tan. ( or One can also go for Nalpamaradi Thailam). The contains of sesame oil as a part of the ingredients not only improves skin complexity but also helps de-tanning the skin. Kumkumadi tailam benefits for skin is to hydrate and nourish the skin tone.

3Kumkumadi Serum helps with acne prone skin 

Kumkumadi serum is also a spot treatment for acne skin and those who suffer from oily skin tone. Applying kumkumadi serum with cotton swabs would beneficially give lightening acne scars and dark circles on the face and under the eye. In order to get rid of acne-prone skin, one can also use a gentle ayurvedic face wash like Blue Nectar Shubhr Honey & Neem Acne Clear Face Cleanser that is formulated with 11 skin rejuvenating herbs and makes your skin smooth and clear.

4. Kumkumadi Tailam has moisturizing properties

Kumkumadi tailam benefits the skin as it can be used as a moisturizer. This face oil has ayurvedic herbs such as lotus extract, laksa, honey, and many more ingredients that make this kumkumadi tailam extremely moisturizing.

The presence of beeswax, mulethi and kumkum helps in treatment of hyperpigmentation of dry and chapped lips. Kumkumadi tailam helps protect lips from sun damage and helps to remove tan and brighten and moisturize lips without any chemical appearance.

For moisturizing lips, another natural remedy, such as ghee on lips, can be used. Ghee is a significant nutrient that regenerates and repairs damaged cells, fades up the pigmentation of lips, and makes lips more glossy. Ghee for lips is very beneficial as it contains essential fatty acids. Ghee can penetrate deep into the skin's layers and hydrate the cells.

Lady is applying kumkuamdi tailam from applicator on her cheeks

5. Kumkumadi Tailam has healing properties

Kumkumadi tailam, or kumkumadi serum, also possesses an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent. Using kumkumadi tailam in minor wounds, cuts and redness gives a soothing effect to the skin helps heal the wounds faster and form a protective layer onto the scars.

6. Kumkumadi Tailam is effective in treating Headaches

Kumkumadi tailam can also be used as a cure for headaches. Kumkumadi tailam is known to improve blood circulation. Applying this oil to your scalp helps reduce headaches and relieve pain. It can be used as a pain relief oil too. The help of manjistha, known as Indian, improves blood circulation, which relaxes headaches and reduces pain in the massaged area by increasing blood flow.

7. Kumkumadi oil provides Hydration

Kumkumadi tailam is used therapeutically. A few drops of kumkumadi tailam or kumkumadi serum are added into hot water and covered up the head with a towel, which immensely hydrates the skin cells. Before going to any social events or parties, your skin should be glowing and hydrated, and this naturally used remedy gives your skin a brightening and vibrant look. Alternatively, you can use a brightening face cream or face brightener cream like kumkumadi cream (that has kumkumadi oil as a key ingredient) that gives an even skin tone)

8. Kumkuamdi serum can also be used as a makeup base 

For those who do not want to spend their time on moist or muddy foundation products, you can use one or two drops of kumkumadi serum with foundation as the DIY glowy makeup-based foundation to make your face glowing and shining all day.

Adding a few drops of kumkumadi tailam or serum with aloe Vera gel gives a thick creamy consistency gel that is easily absorbed and easy to apply for oily skin and gives even-toned skin.

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Top 15 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use kumkumadi face glowing oil and vitamin C serum as a night serum?

Answer: Kumkumadi face glowing oil and vitamin c serum can be used as  night serum.Kumkumadi face oil adds miraculous natural beauty to the skin and face at bedtime.

2. Can I use kumkumadi face glowing oil as a regular skin care product?

Answer: It's a big yes. Kumkumadi face oil or kumkumadi tailam can be used regularly as an external application to enhance and illuminate the skin's beauty. Kumkumadi tailam works best in hyperpigmentation, acne, dark spots on face, and wrinkles.

3. Can kumkumadi tailam reduce pigmentation? If yes, how long does it take?

Answer: Yes, Kumkumadi tailam or serum is a 100% natural, herb-based ayurvedic beauty product. This miraculous face oil is made with blended saffron (kumkum), lotus extract (Padma), sandalwood (Chandan), some Indian madder (manjistha), licorice and banyan extract for brightening dull and pigmented skin. Regular use of this face oil can give better results to fight and reduce skin pigmentation.

4. How early can I expect to see some results?

Answer: You can see results within 21 to 31 days of use. Regular use of kumkumadi tailam or serum can help get rid of pigmentation, dark spots on face and dark circles.

5. How effective is kumkumadi face glowing oil on the face?

Answer: Kumkumadi oil is highly efficient for acne and pimple skin care treatment. This face oil helps to clean and eliminate excessive oil, dirt skin, and dead cells.

Girl hands has been show and she is taking out the applicator from the face oil bottle

6. Should I be using Kumkumadi Tailam or Vitamin C Face Serum? Which one of these reaps the maximum benefits?

Answer: Kumkumadi serum is recommended for dry skin treatment. Vitamin C face serum is exceptionally beneficial as a night face serum for dry skin. Apply 1-2 drops of face oil or Vitamin C face serum to start with and then increase it  to 2-3 drops for further use.

7. Does Kumkumadi oil reduce dark circles?

Answer: Yes, kumkumadi tailam works like magic on dark circles. Indian madder (manjistha), saffron (kumkum), honey, and other herbs help remove dark circles and treat hyperpigmented skin. It also lightens the dark spots on face and dark circles under the eyes, and makes the skin brighter and glowing.

8. Does kumkumadi face glowing oil brighten skin?

Answer: Kumkumadi face glowing oil moisturizes and brightens the skin from within. It gives a radiant and brighter skin tone.

9. Can we apply kumkumadi tailam on our body as well or is it just restricted to the face?

Answer: Regularly applying kumkumadi tailam helps to fade the acne spots, dark circles, wrinkles, and scars on the face and the body. You can use this oil on your face as well as your body. There is no such restriction.

10. Can kumkumadi tailam be used as a DIY makeup base or foundation?

 Answer: Yes, kumkumadi tailam can be used as a DIY makeup base or foundation. Mix one or two drops of kumkumadi tailam or serum into any foundation. Mix well and apply directly to give a radiant and glowing skin.

11. Can kumkumadi tailam be used as a body lotion?

Answer: Yes, kumkumadi tailam can be used as a body lotion. You can mix some drops of kumkumadi tailam into your body lotion or apply directly on dark spots for fast results. Kumkumadi tailam works like magic on dark knuckles, elbows, and knee areas as well.

12. Does kumkumadi tailam show any benefits in steam therapy?

Answer: Kumkumadi tailam is also used as a therapeutic way. Before going to any social events or parties, you can use this face oil to achieve a glowing and hydrated look on your skin.

13. Is kumkumadi oil and vitamin C face serum used as a lip moisturizing oil?

Answer: One of the beneficial uses of Kumkumadi tailam is seen in its skin moisturizing properties. This oil has exceptional benefits for dry, chapped and hyperpigmented lips. This face oil is also used to remove tan on lips and give moisturizing and glowing lips.

14. Is kumkumadi tailam used in tan removal?

Answer: Yes, kumkumadi tailam has de-tanning properties. Applying kumkumadi tailam on the affected sun-damaged area helps in achieving even-toned skin and also helps in brightening through its tan removal properties.

15. Can kumkumadi tailam heal wounds?

Answer: Kumkumadi tailam has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Minor wounds or cuts can quickly heal faster with the help of this oil. This oil forms a layer of protection over the wounded area and scars which helps in achieving faster healing.

kumkuamdi face oil drop has been shown with blue background and text on right i.e. collagen gold serum


Kumkumadi tailam, serum, or face glowing oil, vitamin c face serum can be used in diverse ways, such as brightening, moisturizing, and many other skincare purposes. Regular and consistent use of this remedy improves your skin complexity, reducing acne pores and scars, fading dark spots on face and body, and reducing pigmentation. It also fights against many other skin conditions, improves overall skin health, and gives brighter and even-toned skin that you can’t help but flaunt.


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