Is Immunity Green Tea or Immunity Drink a Passing Fad or They Are Going To Stay?

We are living is a highly competitive age where if you are not upto date, you lose the race. But with the fast pace of change, keeping up is taking a toll on our health and immune system. And we are also further threatened by external factors like pathogens.

Immunity booster drinks have gained considerably more significance not only due to the pandemic, but the growing realization that we might be attacked by similar man made or mutated bacteria and viruses in the future as well.

The new normal is the fear of the biological wars which each individual might have to face. Hence the requirement to boost the immunity, now more than ever.

The presence of timeless immunity booster drinks like tulsi tea, turmeric tea etc being used in our households is evidence itself that immunity booster drinks are not a fad. Infact  it’s a concept that has always been accepted by the masses. It’s only become the focus of public discussions as the importance of immune health is being re-realized.


How Is Immunity Compromised

We all are well aware of what immunity is. But are we aware of how we are compromising it on a daily basis?

Sleep gets traded off first in order to achieve more in these competitive times, in the available 24hrs of a day. Resulting in a weakened body, as our body repairs and heals itself during the restorative sleep.

Add to this stress, pollution, adulterated and preserved food, unhealthy habits and lack of exercise and we become the perfect candidate for micro-organisms to attack, in our weakened state.

 Immunity booster green tea


Immunity Boosters

Vaccines are the known immunity boosters that we receive in our childhood which helps us build immunity against certain diseases, while some antibodies are produced when our body fights invasion by pathogens.

Our bodies would be able to fight pathogens more effectively if it is strengthened enough to do so.  We need to boost the natural ability of the body to fight diseases which might be on low ebb.

The perfect solution to preserve and enhance immunity is, de-stressing, eating a well-balanced wholesome meal, getting plenty of sleep and keeping fit overall

While the Gen- X understands the needs for the same, only a very small percentage is able to strike a balance between these and their ever demanding pressures of work life. As a result, a more hands on approach to health is being applied.

And so, steps in the immunity boosters which are foods and beverages that enhances the capabilities of a body to fight diseases i.e. strengthens the immune system.


Immunity Booster Drinks

There are a myriad immunity booster drink on the shelves of the supermarkets these days claiming variety of benefits and a plethora of recipes available online. But we have been having immunity booster drinks since ages:

Dadi Ma always added tulsi leaves to tea. Tulsi is considered one of the most potent immunity booster drinks. Not only does it help to ward of diseases, it also helps to lower the stress levels and anxiety, leading to better health thereof.

Ma always gave “haldi ka dudh” when we got hurt in our childhood. Turmeric had been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese for centuries. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, capabilities of warding common colds and stomach aches and fighting ailments like Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

Baba had ginger water or ginger tea to relieve his sore throat. Ginger is known to boost immunity, lower blood pressure, lower blood circulation, improve blood circulation etc.

Immunity booster drinks


We have been sipping green teas at home and at work. Green teas are processed without the fermentation process like black tea and hence are excellent antioxidants and have a multitude of uses from lowering blood pressure to preventing cancer.

And the list is endless….


Immunity Booster Drinks Are Here To Stay 

The 20th century generation are much more aware of their diets and how to supplement the same with specific end results in mind, arising from the need of their choice of lifestyle. They have a greater need to stay healthy in order to better manage their demanding schedules.

This generation is moving from a reactive heath world to a proactive approach to immune health. Earlier the immune boosters were only sought after to recover quickly from an illness. The trend is now towards warding off illnesses altogether by boosting your immune system.

Teas and Juice bars are mushrooming across the globe to cater to the demands of the immunity booster drinks. And it’s now cool to be seen sipping on kadhas and tulsi and ginger teas while you dwell on the presentation.

The forms of immunity booster drinks are also changing to appeal to the younger generation. So “haldi ka dudh” has transformed to its new fab version of turmeric lattes being sold in most tea cafes.

The names and the forms of the immunity booster drinks may change to make it more appealing. But they are very much here to stay. So go ahead and sip on your choice of drink to give your immunity a boost!

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