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  • What is Skin Hangover?
  • How To Avoid Skin Hangover?
  • Ayurvedic Remedies For A Skin Hangover
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As the new year 2023 rings in, the killer party season with drinks and dancing is also upon us! So, raise your hands if you have been to a New year party. 

Well, the post-party woes are not only about drinking a lot of wine and champagne but also about waking up like a dehydrated, lifeless zombie (probably with a headache).

The price you have to pay for being a social butterfly comes with a deadly hangover and skin hangover!

Skin hangover is not a marketing term but is actually a real problem that can be combated by taking some measures. 

This article will walk you through the buzzword "skin hangover" and how you can save your precious skin from it. 


What is Skin Hangover?

Alcohol has diuretic properties, which means it can remove the water from your body and make you look like a zombie the next day!  

Help your skin to cope up with hangovers

Also, when you are partying, your skin is exposed to makeup, binging on unhealthy food and drinks, smoke, pollution and many other skin intoxicants that can lead to dull and damaged skin cells, which can cause acne and breakouts. 

That said, in a nutshell, skin dehydration caused by consuming alcohol is known as a skin hangover. 

Hey, party animal, so now you know what skin hangovers are now; let's learn about ayurvedic remedies and some of the ayurvedic skincare products to deal with skin hangovers and how you can avoid them in the first place. 


Ayurvedic Remedies For A Skin Hangover

Green Tea

    Green tea uses include not only a detox for your body, but it can also treat your puffy eyes! The worst start to the day is looking into the mirror after a night of partying and getting greetings from puffy eyes!

    Well, you can create them easily with green tea bags. There are multiple green tea uses, and treating puffy eyes is one of them.

    All you need to do is take two green tea bags and place them in the freezer until they are cold. What's next? Well, place them on your eyes and see how green tea uses its magic to treat your puffy eyes.

    Green tea not only detox for your body and but also treat your puffy eyes.


    Drink plenty of water before you go to the party, reducing the chances of dehydration and irritating headaches. The way your skin looks on the outside is a reflection of how it is from the inside. 

    Therefore remember to hydrate your body with lots of water and your face with soothing dry skin moisturizer. Other topical hydration products include kumkumadi tailam, kumkumadi cream, saffron cream or a rose face mist.

    Kumkumadi Tailam

    Kumkumadi tailam has got the position of "God of beauty" in ayurveda. Why? It is because of the innumerable kumkumadi tailam benefits it beholds!

    Kumkumadi Tailam is a golden elixir which can be used as a face serum for glowing skin and prevent the signs of aging. Also, you can see brighter and younger-looking skin in just 28 days, if you use kumkumadi tailam on a daily basis!

    Therefore, remember to add kumkumadi tailam to your skincare regime.

    Dry Skin Moisturizer

    Dry skin moisturizers are a must whenever you are planning to gulp on those flutes of champagne. This may look like a tip that everyone keeps on giving you, but hey, there is a reason behind using dry skin moisturiser !

    Whenever your skin is dehydrated (and alcohol is your skin's enemy), it simply can't look good! Therefore, moisturizing with a dry skin moisturiser is essential to treat skin hangovers and combat the hazardous effects of alcohol. Tip: Kumkumadi tailam is the purest form of moisturiser.

    Oil Massage

    Thanks to the dehydrating effects of eating junk food and alcohol, the next day, you will be welcomed with a puffy face and eyes.

    A body oil massage benefits by relaxing the body and inducing sleep, which is essential to combat hangover.

    Also, you may have a headache and body pains due to all the dancing and partying. The day you are planning to go partying, make sure that you have scheduled an oil massage appointment for the next day! So that you can get a body oil massage and get relief from the pain. A body oil massage benefits by relaxing the body and inducing sleep, which is essential to combat hangover. For headache, just roll on Vishranti Headache and Migraine Oil by Blue Nectar as it relaxes head muscles and relieves tension thus working as a pain relief oil for headache.

    Also, after coming back right from the party, you can massage your face with face oils like kumkumadi tailam, which will help you to sleep like a baby!

    Meditation And Yoga

    Last night was like a roller coaster ride. 

    Well, it's time to come down from that ride with meditation and yoga. Meditation and yoga can calm your mind and bring solace to your soul.

    Yogic Detox

    For the next day, drink vegetable juices and eat salad and fruit, as eating heavy food can make you vomit! Do a yogic detox for your body by only eating healthy and hydrating food, as it can flush out all the toxins from your body and help you rejuvenate. And get a relaxing body massage with Balalakshadi Body Oil by Blue Nectar.


    How To Avoid Skin Hangover?

    • Preparations for makeup with Kumkumadi Tailam  

      Skin that is already equipped with hydrating potions can help your skin to cope up with hangovers. Dermatologists press on the importance of following a skincare routine as it helps to keep your skin in good shape and hydrated. 

      However, using kumkumadi tailam as a primer before applying makeup will give all the extra support to your skin. Kumkumadi tailam is a magical elixir that professes to boost radiance and improve skin texture.

      Using kumkumadi tailam as a primer before applying makeup will give all the extra support to your skin

      • Loads of water 

        A wild partying night can leave your skin parched and lifeless. Water should be your best friend as it hydrates your skin, boosts up the skin cells, and removes the toxins that would torture your skin. 


        • Remove Makeup Before Bed

        Don't go to bed with that makeup on! You already had a wild night, and now not removing makeup before going to bed can lead you to wake up with red and blotchy skin.

        Why? Because not taking off your makeup can result in irritated, inflamed skin. Therefore, the first thing you need to do before you come back from a party is to wash your face with a gentle ayurvedic face wash which has benefits of honey in it and remove all the traces of makeup that ever existed on your face. 

        Did you know that you can use Kumkumadi tailam as a face cleanser too. Simply put few drops of Kumkumadi Tailam on cotton and wipe your make up with it. You could even use your favourite kumkumadi cream or natural and ayurvedic dry skin moisturiser as face cleanser.


        • Use Night Cream

        Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize!

        It would be best if you moisturize religiously in order to get back your soft and supple skin. A dry skin moisturizer or a night repair cream can be added to your post-party skin care rituals. But before applying dry skin moisturizer, make sure that you have thoroughly cleansed your face and have applied beneficial face oil like kumkumadi tailam.


        • Mindful Eating and Drinking

        Alcohol and junk food can dehydrate your skin and increase your chances of aging. There are studies that suggest that sugar can accelerate the momentum of signs of aging and break down collagen. 

        And we know alcohol is loaded with sugar; therefore, sparkling wines and cocktails are not your skin's best friend. So instead of adding sugary juices, try to add water to your alcohol and avoid your skin from becoming a desert. 

        Also, make sure to eat lots of vegetable and fruit salad during the party as they contain water and can help your skin to repair the damage. 

        Follow these fantastic tips and keep skin hangovers at bay!

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