We do not really need to tell you the importance of water for the planet and mankind to survive. Afterall, we are all aware that water is the Blue Nectar of life. If you need information on the importance of water, the internet is floating with it.

However, what we do want you to do is imagine our lives without water, when the rivers run dry, the underground water is all used up and there is not a single drop of water in the tap. Can you imagine what would happen?

Well, let us help you to visualize a world without water.

Without water, there would also be no cloud cover and no precipitation. Hot winds will blow on the surface of the Earth as vegetation would die. The planet would become arid, ruled by dry fluctuating winds.

The temperatures would soar as there would be no cooling effect of rain. The heat would not be anything like what we currently experience in summer but would be scorching, the type that burns the skin.

Without water and rising heat, the world’s agricultural output would also drop, bringing famine in its wake.

Whatever little water would be left, would become the costliest beverage, available only to the ones who have the means to pay for it. It may even lead to Wars in the name of Water.

The day-to-day activities like personal care, cooking, household works, which we take for granted now, would become a privilege if there is a little water left and would come at a hefty fee.

Enough said……the picture is clear. Life as we know it would be over without water.

So, let us take a step now to conserve water!

Driven by the need of preserving the planet and self-preservation, we have joined hands with Sankalp Rural Development Society to raise the level of underground water by 10 million liters by Oct 23.

With the help of their innovative twin ring method, not only do dry borewells get replenished with water in 1-2 rains but also the quality of water improves.

In this method, a pond is built near the well to collect the rain water. This rain water is then passed from one ring to another filled with filtration material and finally into the borewell.

Save the blue plan has been showed

This reduces the TDS and replenished the aquifer. Over a period of 1-2 years, the taste of water also improves and it becomes sweeter.

We are able to do this with your help as every time you buy from us, we contribute towards #SavetheBlue.

We as individuals can also save water on an individual level by simply ensuring that our taps are not leaking, we use water moderately, reuse the water from air conditioners and water filters, washing only full load of clothes in washing machine, pouring only the amount of water that we can drink in a glass and so on and so forth.

Come, Let us #SavetheBlue together.

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