Beauty Secret of Punjabis

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Punjabiyan Di Shaan: Unleashing the Majestic Aura!
Punjabis shine with countless qualities that set them apart from the crowd.
Punjabis are loud, loving and full of life. They exemplify fun. 
Punjabis have a way of telling stories that's both entertaining and funny.

A lively Punjabi aunty, dressed in colorful attire, shares her exciting trip to the market. With animated storytelling, she brings the hustle and bustle to life, like a scene from a Bollywood movie!

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  • What is the Beauty Secret of Punjabi Glow?
  • What is Punjabi Glow?
  • Home secrets that make skin radiate with a Punjabi glow
  • Does Chole Bhature, Paratha and Lassi help in Skin Glow?
  • Does'Be happy, don't worry' help in Skin glow?
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Now, let us look into some more examples. 

Ever had a Punjabi friend who has told you, "Khao Piyo Mauj Karo Yar Zindagi Choti Si". They are so ready to spend money, enjoy and bloom. Punjabis are all about food!

Also, Punjabis are the kings and queens of humor! They fearlessly drop jokes that can make anyone burst into laughter. With their contagious sense of humor, they know how to lift everyone's spirits and bring good vibes to any gathering. Boring moments? Not when Punjabis are around! They spice things up with their witty banter, turning dullness into a lively affair. 

Punjabis have warm hearts and a natural glow, like moonlight, that always brings a charming and radiant beauty to their faces.

|Chak de phatte ! We are entering into the Punjabi world|

Ever wondered why the Punjabis are always glowing ?Let us unlock some of the deep secrets. 

What is the Beauty Secret of Punjabi Glow?

Punjabis are naturally beautiful people. They not only glow from outside but also from within. They are free-spirited people. Punjabis are like shining stars, glowing both inside and out! They have hearts full of warmth, laughter that spreads like wildfire and a positive attitude that lights up any room. When it comes to their appearance, they rock their vibrant style with trendy outfits and impeccable grooming. And let's remember their love for delicious Punjabi food, which adds a natural glow to their skin. The perfect mix of inner happiness and taking care of themselves makes Punjabis shine so brilliantly!

One of the reasons for Punjabis to  have a natural glow is because of their genes. Their diverse genetic background, influenced by different ethnic groups, gives them radiant and distinctive beauty. This genetic makeup makes Punjabis naturally glow with a vibrant complexion and attractive features.

Let us acknowledge another major symbol of Punjabis. Along with their face, their hair is also topped up. 

two punjabi women sitting on stairs

Prandi is typically associated with braided hair at the back of the head. Many Punjabi women carry it and flaunt their long hair. 

Alongside Punjabi, men take pride in their hair and may have natural thickness and rich black color hair. 

In our culture, Punjabi men are seen and respected with a degree of pride and honor. 

Inna sona Mundaa
Ennu vekhe je kudiyan take
Toh kehndi Oh my god 

Bring your ear closer, need to tell you something more

Leave Bhangra and Giddha alone, Punjabis know how to tear up the dance floor, no matter their skill level! They dance like there's no tomorrow, showing you how it's done. Forget formal dance forms, they bring their unique style and energy. Dancing with Punjabis is an absolute blast that you won't want to miss! Get ready to let loose and have a wild time on the dance floor with them!

This is not all. Let us unlock some science so that we can also reap some benefits. 

When Punjabis dance their hearts out, something magical happens to their skin. With every lively move, their blood flows faster, giving their skin a healthy dose of nutrients and oxygen. As they sweat and shine, their pores say bye-bye to impurities and hello to a radiant glow. Dancing also helps them de-stress, leaving their skin looking clear and happy. And every deep breath they take while dancing fills their body with fresh oxygen, making their skin feel rejuvenated and ready to shine. So, dance away and let your skin join in on the fun!

What exactly is this Punjabi glow and how to achieve this? 

“Kinna Sona Tenu Rab ne Banaya”

So, when it comes to Punjabis, many of them have a pretty cool combo of being tall and having a fair complexion. Now, there are a few reasons behind this. First, Punjabis have a mix of ethnic groups and migrations in their genetic background, which adds to their physical diversity. Indo-Aryan ancestry, quite common among Punjabis, is often associated with taller heights than other groups. And hey, let's remember their delicious and nutritious diet! With all those dairy products, whole grains, fruits, and veggies, Punjabis get the proper nutrients for healthy growth. Punjab gets its fair share of sunlight, which can impact skin pigmentation, giving many Punjabis that more equitable complexion.

Outside that, Punjabis are also very strong build and fit. 

Butter churner

The Punjabi mothers shower their love for their daughters and Bahu:

Sukri jani hai to, ghee kha se ghat bana

No matter how chill and free they are but they are strong mentally and physically both. 

“Punjabi kudiyan vich panga na liyo”

“Ye punjabi munda te hath dekha nahi se tu”

Well, I am not here to only praise Punjabis but also to tell you what all they do. 

Let us unlock their natural homemade secrets. 

Afterall , Punjabis are so natural and pure without any artificial thing added. 

Punjabi homes are filled with cherished natural remedies that bring a touch of tradition and magic to skincare. Let's dive into the Punjabi home secrets that make skin radiate with a Punjabi glow:

1. Haldi (Turmeric) Ubtan: Haldi holds a special place in Punjabi hearts. Mix haldi powder with doodh (milk) or dahi (yoghurt) to create an ubtan (paste). This age-old remedy brightens the skin, reduces inflammation, and unveils a natural glow that mirrors Punjab's vibrant spirit.

2. Besan da Ghughara (Gram Flour Scrub): Besan, the versatile gem of Punjabi kitchens, transforms into a gentle scrub. Combine besan with pani (water) or gulab jal (rose water) to form a paste. Gently massage this scrub on the face and body to exfoliate, unclog pores, and unveil satiny-smooth skin that captures Punjab's essence.

3. Gulab Jal Tonique (Rose Water Toner): Gulab Jal is a beloved Punjabi toner. It balances the skin's pH, tightens dilated pores, and imparts a refreshing fragrance. Dab gulab jal on your face with a kapas (cotton) pad, or spritz it as a delicate mist to rejuvenate the skin and immerse yourself in Punjab's sweet embrace.

4. Shehad (Honey) te Nimbu (Lemon) Mask: A divine blend of shehad and nimbu creates a nourishing face mask. Shehad moisturizes the skin and fights bacteria, while nimbu brightens the complexion. Apply this mask for a short while, then wash it away to reveal skin that's softer and glows with the warmth of Punjab.

5. Kesar (Saffron) Milk Bath: Indulge in the opulence of a Kesar milk bath, a Punjabi beauty secret. Add a few cups of doodh (milk) infused with kesar to a warm bath. This decadent ritual softens and hydrates the skin while the lactic acid in milk gently exfoliates, leaving behind a silky-smooth canvas.


These Punjabi home secrets are just a glimpse into the treasure trove of natural remedies passed down through generations. With each remedy, let the spirit of Punjab infuse your skincare rituals, and witness the transformation as your skin radiates with the beauty secrets that have flourished in Punjabi homes for ages.

Does Chole Bhature, Paratha and Lassi help in Skin Glow?

Punjabis love putting a desi spin on international cuisines. Alongside their classic dishes like Chholey Bhatoore and Sarson Ka Saag, they create unforgettable Punjabi-style plates of pasta and pizzas. Their fusion creations add a special touch to global flavors and leave a lasting impression.  

Punjabi are carefree in their food habits like in their life. Plus they have diverse food types. This diverse food, rich in various nutritional values plus carefree approach helps them to have skin glow. 

Drinking with Punjabis is an experience like no other. Whether it's a glass of Lassi or a shot of Whisky, they know how to have a good time. With their lively spirit and infectious energy, Punjabis make the best drinking buddies. So, raise a glass and enjoy memorable moments with these excellent companions!

Wait, don't rush!

You can't escape the mouthwatering “Maa di dal and butter chicken” at every Punjabi gathering. It's a staple that everyone craves. The food is often the main reason people show up. Don't be shy - take at least three helpings, or else they might think you're on a diet. Punjabis genuinely believe that the way to someone's heart is through their stomach. And remember to indulge in some refreshing Lassi!

Punjabis love their hearty and flavorful meals, which bring them happiness. Dishes like Chole Bhature and Paratha are unique in Punjabi cuisine, making us proud of our cultural identity. And who can resist a refreshing glass of Lassi? It cools down our taste buds and adds a creamy touch to balance out the spices.

Now, you might be wondering if these delicious foods cause oily skin or make you gain weight. Well, here's the deal. Punjabis have a balanced approach to their diet. We use natural oils and ghee in moderation, which are essential for enhancing the authentic flavors of our dishes. Mustard or sunflower oils are commonly used and have good stuff like healthy fatty acids. Mustard oil, in particular, has antimicrobial properties that can help protect the skin from certain infections.

Ghee bowl with spoon

And let's talk about ghee. It's that rich, clarified butter we use in Chole and Paratha. Despite what you may think, ghee can be beneficial in moderation. It contains healthy fats that help your body absorb nutrients and can also be good for your skin.

As for Lassi, it's mainly made from yogurt, which is a natural and probiotic-rich ingredient. Probiotics are like friendly little warriors that promote a healthy gut. And when your gut is happy, it can indirectly contribute to clearer skin by reducing inflammation and keeping pesky acne at bay.

Remember, it's all about balance. The impact on your skin and body depends on portion sizes, sensitivities, and the overall balance of your diet. By enjoying these traditional foods mindfully and as part of a well-rounded diet, Punjabis embrace our heritage while caring for our skin and overall well-being.

Does 'Be happy, don't worry' help in Skin glow? 

Relax and stay happy - that's the ultimate formula for the mesmerizing skin glow of Punjabis. The secret to achieving that Punjabi charm lies in embracing happiness, letting go of worries, and having a carefree attitude. When you find joy in every moment and radiate true happiness, your aura reflects the captivating beauty that defines Punjabi culture.

Just imagine the impact of happiness on your skin. As you let go of worries, stress levels decrease, allowing your skin to flourish. The glow on your face showcases the inner peace and positivity that come with embracing happiness and releasing tension. Those worry lines fade away, leaving you with a vibrant and refreshed complexion that captures the zest for life in Punjab.

A content mind also brings the gift of restful sleep. With happiness as your companion, your nights become peaceful and rejuvenating. As you enjoy deep slumber, your skin receives the nourishment it needs to restore and reveal a youthful glow that can only be found in Punjab's lively atmosphere.

Embracing happiness, Punjabi-style, radiates energy and charm. The positive tevar (attitude) within you attracts positivity, love, and meaningful connections. With every smile, your face shines with warmth and genuine happiness, leaving everyone around you captivated.

So, relax and stay happy!


Let your worries dissolve like a Punjabi folk melody, and embrace life's pure joy. Celebrate the spirit of Punjab, where happiness dances in every heartbeat and laughter echoes through the fields. Nurture that inner glow, and let the world witness the mesmerizing skin glow that comes from the pure bliss of being a true Punjabi.

And remember, Punjabis have a lucky sense of optimism. They face difficult times with a happy mood, finding their way through any problem that comes their way.

Punjabiyon di tevar, pyaar, te chamak
Saade dilan vich jivein chha gayi hai,
Ohna nu hamesha pyaar te takdeer milti hai

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