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    Unlock Radiant Skin and Soulful Bliss with Exclusive Skincare Gift Boxes

    Discover our fantastic selection of skincare gift hamper box , custom-made and available for delivery across the country. We have easy-to-enjoy sets for everyday use and luxurious gift set that make for a great gift. Whether you're into regular skincare or have specific needs like sensitive skin, we have something for all preferences. Surprise someone special with a skin care gift sets, and prepare for the compliments!

    BlueNectar’s Prime Gift Hamper Box Collection

    Get ready for a skincare shindig with Blue Nectar's Ayurvedic gift sets – the VIP treatment for your skin.

    Let's talk about hair, the natural coiffed hair. Give it the red carpet treatment with our Contemporary Glow Gift Set or the Trees to Toe Gift Set. Get your hair in the spotlight?

    But wait, there's more!

    We've got sets for all the vibes.

    If you're a natural beauty enthusiast, grab the Naturally Beautiful set.

    Dive into the Honey & Vanilla Glamour – it's like a fancy dessert for your skin.

    Need some self-love?

    Our Self Love Bath Essentials are like a spa day.

    And guess what?

    Even the little ones can join the party with the Gentle Full Body Baby Care set. Baby's first spa day – adorable, right?

    Have you got a special day coming up?

    Our Bridal Gift Skincare Hamper will have you shining brighter than a disco ball. It's your time to sparkle, baby!

    And for the gents, we've got the Gentlemen Gift Set and Essentials Gift Set. Because skincare isn't just for the ladies – it's for the fellas who want to keep their skin as smooth as butter.

    Each Sensorial Gift set is like a little party for your skin, connecting your outer layer with your inner zen. So, whether it's a treat for yourself or someone else, let's make skincare the life of the party. Cheers to happy skin and good vibes!

    Why a gift box in the first place ?

    Bakuchiol is excellent for different skin types:

    Choosing a skincare gift set is an excellent idea for a few reasons. It lets you try different skincare products all at once to determine what works best for your skin. These gift hamper box is carefully assembled, so you don't have to worry about which products go well together – it's all sorted for you. The skincare gift set also looks fancy with excellent packaging, making them a luxurious treat for your skin or a great gift for someone special.. Skincare gift sets are a simple, cost-effective, and thoughtful way to take care of your skin or surprise someone with a pampering treat.

    These sensorial gifts aim to create a delightful and pampering journey from enchanting fragrances to nourishing formulations. Whether treating yourself or surprising a loved one, explore the skincare world with sets designed to make every moment memorable. Unwind, relax, and celebrate the connection between your skin and soul with these sensorial gifts for both him and her.

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    Blue Nectar Sensoiral Gift Sets Range Price List in India

    Ayurvedic Sensoiral Gift Sets Products List MRP
    Contemporary Glow Gift Set Rs 1475
    Tress to Toe Gift Set Rs 1150
    Self Love Bath Essentials Gift Set Rs 1715
    Honey & Vanilla Glamour Gift Set Rs 1475
    Sensuous Body Love Gift Set Rs 2135
    Gentle Full Body Baby Care Gift Set Rs 1700
    Gentlemen Gift Set Rs 2485
    Essentials for Him Gift Set Rs 2,085
    Loving Mom & Baby Care Gift Set Rs 1995
    Gentle Baby Skin & Hair Care Gift Set Rs 1100
    Best Seller Gift Set Rs 3825
    Bridal Gift Set Rs 2975
    Indulgent Nature Beauty Gift Rs 2995
    Kumkumadi Care with Love Gift Set Rs 3600