Benefits of using Sesame oil for hair

Why should you use Sesame Oil for your Hair?

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No matter how old you are, the strongest memory of most Indian women that connects them to the idea of home is ‘champi’. On a warm winter evening, a soothing ‘champi’ of Ayurvedic hair oil with a cup of tea resonates with most Indians as a nostalgic account that they undeniably crave.

Since the beginning of time, Ayurvedic hair oils have been used in India to soothe the scalp and enrich the hair. When we were children, our moms or grandparents would massage the hair oil into our hair and scalp which was almost like a daily or weekly ritual. Beyond any doubt, this ritual was one of the sole reasons behind strong and silky hair that the present environmental, nutrition and lifestyle conditions have made a dream almost unachievable. And if you are someone who wants their hair to be all things strong and beautiful, then it's time for you to know that the secret doesn’t lie anywhere else but in nature and the age-old ritual of Ayurvedic hair oil ‘champi’.

Nature serves as a covert haven for abundant affairs. Even while we have a seemingly limitless number of alternatives for skincare, hair care, and health care in general, nothing compares to the goods that have been stored away in the natural setting. There are several extracts that may be utilized to energize our hair, from botanicals to essential oils, and sesame is one of them.

“Sesame oil for hair?”- we know that you must have been immersed in this question at the initial instance. Yes, you heard it right. Sesame oil is not only used to amp up your meals but to strengthen your hair too. The magical seeds make up a bountiful Ayurvedic hair oil that can help you regain your hair’s natural texture, strengthen the roots and promote hair growth. The Pedaliaceae family includes the tall annual plant known as sesame.

Sesame oil is often used as a culinary component and condiment, but it also has cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. It is believed that the plant, which is the earliest source of oil, began to be utilized as an essential oil thousands of years ago. For about three thousand years, China utilized it as food, medicine, and ink. Around 1500 years ago, the Egyptians recorded using it to relieve pain. This Ayurvedic hair oil is said to have been utilized for thousands of years by the Greeks and Romans for both culinary and cosmetic reasons. About 90% of the natural oils used in Ayurvedic hair oil treatment utilize it as base oil.



This Ayurvedic hair oil has myriads of benefits that prove to work like magic for your hair. It improves healthy scalp function and hair development. Vitamin E, B complex, magnesium, calcium, protein and phosphorous found in sesame oil nourish and fortify hair from the roots up. Along with other benefits, Sesame is excellent for you because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. Shocked after knowing the perks of using sesame oil for hair? Well, there’s more. Read on to know more about why sesame oil should be your go-to hair oil from now on.

Sesame Oil Prevents Premature Grey Hair

Obtain some sesame oil and apply it into your hair and scalp if, despite being young, you have begun to see grey hair and it's already freaking you out. Sesame oil has the ability to darken hair, which makes it a powerful tool for delaying the onset of grey hair. Additionally, it aids in maintaining your hair's natural colour. Although hair greying frequently occurs as people age, it can sometimes occur earlier owing to both internal and environmental reasons. While most external causes are connected to pollution, internal ones are mostly connected to stress and worry. With all of its antioxidants, Ayurvedic hair oil aids in the battle against the free radicals that cause premature hair aging.

Sesame Oil Promotes Hair Growth

Subsequent baldness and hair thinning have been major concerns for you lately? Well, you need nothing else than sesame oil to cure it. Regularly massaging sesame oil into your scalp helps hasten hair development and gives you thick, dense hair. Many people advise using Ayurvedic hair oil as a failsafe and highly successful hair loss remedy. There is much research that supports this. Additionally,  massage with Ayurvedic hair oil enhances blood flow, which promotes hair development.

Sesame Oil Rejuvenates Dry Hair

Dry and frizzy hair are not only signs of poor hair texture but deteriorating health of your scalp too. Your hair is affected by heat and dryness, which makes it dull and brittle. Sesame oil works well for treating it as well! Its cooling and conditioning qualities make sure that overheating won't have a negative impact on your hair. Additionally, the Ayurvedic hair oil makes sure that the moisture stays in the hair shafts. It creates a shield, making sure that pollutants won't harm your hair any longer.

Sesame Oil Acts as a Scalp Coolant

High temperatures during summers are no hidden secret and most of us are aware of the deteriorated hair texture during summers. They drain the moisture and harm the follicles. Sesame oil used for hair aids in cooling the hot scalp and hair. This Ayurvedic hair oil also aids in keeping the hair's moisture in place. You can apply it overnight and wash your hair the day after to prevent the greasy texture during summers.

Sesame Oil Helps Fight Dandruff

Embarrassed after one of your friends pointed out the white flakes on your shoulder? Well, no more of this embarrassment with sesame oil by your side. The Ayurvedic hair oil has proven to be beneficial in fighting against dandruff. Due to its natural properties of being both antifungal and antibacterial, sesame oil is also beneficial in treating scalp infections that cause flaky skin and dandruff. Additionally, it aids in skin relaxation, which reduces irritation. It guarantees that the scalp is free from pathogens and irritation, assisting in the development of strong, gorgeous hair.



Sesame Oil Aids in Protection from UV Rays

Exposure to heat and sun is one of the main reasons leading to excessive hair breakage that ruins the texture of your hair. Moreover, the harmful UV rays pose threat to hair growth and texture. They have a negative impact on both skin and hair. Additionally effective in shielding hair from the sun is sesame oil. It functions as a natural sunblock. It creates a shield of defense around the hair to shield it from the sun's rays. Moreover, the Ayurvedic hair oil aids in defending the hair against smog.

Sesame Oil Prevents Hair Fall

Hair fall is one of the most dreadful hair hazards in the present scenario. No matter the age, almost everyone is facing hair fall these days and it has become a matter of serious concern. And one of the major reasons responsible for the same is stress. Stress can cause significant hair loss. Even by itself, oil massage relieves tension. Sesame oil's calming characteristics can be used to massage your hair to prevent hair loss brought on by stress. By combining Ayurvedic hair oils like ylang ylang oil, eucalyptus oil, and sesame oil, you may even make a type of concoction. Additionally, it aids in the treatment of disorders including migraines and insomnia.

Sesame Oil Prevents the Growth of Head Lice

Constant itching of the scalp and having head lice growing is not only straight away irritating but unhygienic as well. Moreover, they deplete scalp growth and result in hair breakage too. While there is a range of products up for grabs in the market to prevent the growth and kill head lice, they cause damage to the texture of your hair due to the presence of harmful chemicals in them. However, most reports have proven that the application of sesame oil on the scalp not only helps prevent the growth of head lice but nourishes the scalp and hair too. This Ayurvedic hair oil is antibacterial and antifungal in nature and causes no harm to the hair, unlike market-bought products. You can combine sesame oil with essential oils like tea tree oil to aid in the growth and strengthening of hair.

Sesame oil may be used in certain ways to maximize its health advantages. Depending on the issue you want to address, you may use it as an oil or a therapy. To maximize its impact, you may even use it in conjunction with other oils.

Sesame oil with Coconut Oil, Almond oil and Castor oil

One tablespoon of castor oil should be combined with two teaspoons each of virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and sesame oil. Massage the oil into your hair from ends to roots to promote speedier absorption. Keep it on overnight and rinse it off in the morning for the greatest effects.

Hot Oil Massage

We know that the mention of a warm sesame oil ‘champi’ with a cup of chai on a winter evening has definitely tugged at your heartstrings. So, why not go back in time and rejuvenate the ritual? Heat up the required portion of this Ayurvedic hair oil till it's just warm to soothe your scalp and massage the same on your scalp for 7-8 minutes. Keep it overnight and rinse it off the next morning for a healthier scalp.

Sesame oil with Fenugreek Seeds

Add a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds to a tablespoon of sesame oil and heat it for 3-4 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool, strain it and apply it to your scalp. After you are done with the application, wrap your hair in a hot towel and keep it for 30-40 minutes. Wash your hair and we are sure you’ll see results soon.



Sesame oil storage techniques

Sesame oil should be kept in an airtight container. Carefully close the bottle after use since it might soon get rancid.

So, are you still waiting? Go, buy some sesame oil and start using it today to make your dream of flaunting healthy and shiny hair come true soon.


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