How Body Massage could help to sleep better?

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Sleepless Night? 

Ever heard of a body massage, with a body massage oil, inducing good night sleep? A good, sound and peaceful sleep has become a scarce resource in the recent years. Stress and working schedule are the main reason for causing a recession in sleep. All over the world, people are losing out on good sleep which in turn is affecting their good health.

Work pressures and deadlines are taking a toll on the overall health. This is affecting the sleep cycle. Not getting enough sleep adds to the overall stress of the body. A stressed body is unable to perform and work pressures keep building up. This becomes a vicious cycle.


  • Sleepless Night? 
  • What causes sleepless nights?
  • How does Body Massage work?
  • How to choose a good body massage oil?
  • Parting Note
  • Our recommendations for Body Massage Oil

Instead, one should adopt a balanced lifestyle. Work hard, be passionate, give every bit of your energy towards the work but never ignore on sleep.  This is the basic necessity for a person to stay healthy and fit.

The pain of sleepless night is horrendous.  People get affected by lack of energy, loss of appetite, insomnia, stress and various other health issues. But one effective way to reduce stress and sleepless night is to incorporate an ayurvedic body massage oil in daily routine. A body massage with the right massage oil can relieve pain and discomfort, enhance blood circulation, and sense of relaxation. 

What causes sleepless nights?

There are reasons that affect sleep. Understanding the underlying cause can help to have a good night sleep. Here are some of the common causes of sleepless nights:

  • Anxiety- It is one of the major reasons for a sleepless night. People suffer from various types of anxieties like fear, tension, depression etc. All these factors create a disorder in sleep cycle.
  • Alcohol and nicotine- Too much consumption of alcohol and nicotine can also lead to sleeplessness. People get addicted to it and slowly it creeps into the body affecting normal functioning of the body.

    A man lying down on bed with white linens trying to sleep, holding his head

    • Stress- This is the most common reason for staying up all night. Be it work or personal matter, stress affect a person at my fronts. Not only sleep but it also affects the eating habits, behaviour pattern, reflexes etc. When stress hits a relaxed mind then everything around gets affected
    • Change in the schedule- Sleep may often get hampered due to change in working schedule. The circadian rhythm of the body gets affected due to it.
    • Getting old- Age affects the sleep pattern of the body. After a certain age, the body finds it very difficult to sleep for longer hours.

    Another major factor behind disturbance in sleep is innovation in technology.  With time people are getting highly addicted to social media, games on phone, and movies on a screen.  These are actually making them stay awake night after night.  The attraction is so deep that people find it difficult to come out of it. 

    Finding remedies for sleeplessness is difficult.  There are sleeping pills but regular consumption may cause some health issues which may become perennial. One should never take sleeping pills without a medical prescription.  

    So, how does one get a good night sleep? The best way to get over it is to destress and maintain a good balance in work life. Good food, yoga & meditation, reading a book before bed, restricting the screen time, exercising regularly, a good body massage will not only help in a good sleep but may even enhance the productivity at work. 

    How does Body Massage work ?

    Body massage, using a good body massage oil helps to get over with stress and all kinds of anxiety. People often visit spa or a massage parlour for a body massage. A good body massage with massage oil relaxes the mind and destress completely. A simple body massage can create a magic. And if a good body massage oil is used for the same, it enhances the overall experience.

    An asian female masseur applying pressure on body of a female, with both hands on her back

    A tired body is unable to sleep well. If a person is extremely tired he or she won’t be able to get a good sleep.  One needs to calm down, relax a bit to get proper sleep at night. Body Massage is the best way to heal every bit of tiredness in a body. Visiting a spa or getting a massage at home can give you a variety of massage. Some of them are

    • Swedish massage- This form of massage uses body massage oil on the entire body. The masseur uses long strokes and deep circular movements to massage the oil laden body. Blue Nectar’s Balalakshadi is a good body massage oil, which has a mild Jasmine fragrance. The mild Jasmine fragrance will further soothe the tired body and mind.
    • Deep Tissue Massage- This technique uses more forceful strokes so that the deep layers of the muscles get affected. We would recommend an Ayurvedic Body massage oil like Devtvakadi Oil, which is made with Ayurvedic herbs like cinnamon and cloves. This natural pain relief oil automatically relieves pain and soothes muscle soreness.
    • Trigger point massage- This kind of massage focuses on certain tight muscle fibers for relaxation. Triphaladi Oil, is a good body massage oil, which may be beneficial for lactic acid and cellulite removal. This slimming oil is specially formulated to combat stubborn fat and rejuvenate your skin, giving it a youthful and vibrant appearance.
    Blue Nectar slimming oil

      There are innumerable types of massage that one can get in a Spa. And there are many body massage oils available for a spa experience at home. The main motive however is to calm down the body and relieve it from stress.

      After a hectic day, body massage can have several benefits. It will relax body and mind, thus inducing good sleep. And the benefits of massage can be heightened by using a body massage oil which has natural herbs and is an Ayurvedic formulation. Both sleep and body massage shares an extremely good bonding with each other. 

      Massage therapy is a complete drug free therapy which helps people who are having trouble getting a peaceful sleep. Body massage with oil have several benefits. Be it men or women, every person should undergo a massage therapy for relaxation.  Of many benefits of body massage with massage oil is to regain body fitness. It also helps to rejuvenate your mind to think better and act better.

      Sleep is a necessity which every person needs.  If you are too stressed out or tired or going through a rough patch in life just make out some time and visit a Spa for a massage therapy. Or just buy a body massage oil and call a masseur at home to avail benefits of body massage.  If you are getting a massage at home, then choosing the right body massage oil becomes really important.

      How to choose a good body massage oil?

      Choosing a good body massage oil is as important as the right massage technique. Few questions that needs to be asked before finding out the best body massage oil are:

      What is your skin type? Dry skin would easily be able to manage with greasy oil. However, oily skin would need light and quick absorbing body massage oil.

      What is the purpose of body massage? If the purpose is to relieve muscles and joint pain then go for a pain oil or a body massage oil which has pain relieving properties. If the purpose is toning the body then a slimming oil or an anti-cellulite oil would work the best.

      What time of the day are you getting the body massage done?

      Oil being poured on the cupped hands

      If you are getting the massage during the day, then choose a body massage oil which is light, quick absorbing and has a natural, mild aroma like Jasmine. 

      Parting Note

      The effectiveness of body massage can be significantly improved by choosing the right body massage oil. When selecting a body massage oil, it's important to take into factors like your skin type, the purpose of the massage, and time of the day. You can get the best body massage oil that suits your specific needs and preferences by providing the answers to these questions. So, take the time to look into your options and find a body massage oil that nourishes your skin and improves your overall well-being.

      Our recommendations for Body Massage Oil:

      Balalakshadi Aromatic Sensuous Bath and Body Massage Oil

      Devtvakadi Ayurvedic Pain Relief oil with Cinnamon and Clove

      Triphaladi Ayurvedic Slimming Oil and Anti Cellulite Massage Oil with Triphala

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