Does your house have leaky Taps? You may be losing 10000 ltr water in a year

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Leakage of water is the most crucial issue at a time when we all understand the value of every drop of water. In your day-to-day life , you must have seen sometimes on the side of roads where municipal corporation water pipes burst or there is a leakage of water, maybe due to loose fittings or pipe corrosion. You must also have seen people washing their cars with tap water. There are many such incidents and we blame the authority for its laziness in taking any timely action to stop all this. But, do you know the most common place where a massive wastage of water can be seen is nothing but our house.


  • Sources of leaky water
  • The daily and most common activity we do is taking a shower
  • Let us look at some of all the points
  • Alarming values
  • Despite witnessing water dropping, why do we often fail to take prompt action to address the issue?
  • Blue nectar’s initiative for giving back to the society
  • Conclusion 

Sources of leaky water

There are also many sources of leakage of water at your home, which, if ignored, may result in a lot of wastage of water. One of such problems is the seepage of water or moisture seen in basements or foundations of houses. Leaking of water from faulty taps, showerheads or toilet tanks is one the common problems seen in most of the houses that need timely repair or replacement.

With time or due to lower standard material used in water pipe fittings, there is an increased risk of plumbing problems in a house which can result in pipe corrosion or burst pipes. If you ignore it for longer it may cause damage to your surfaces or structure, and can weaken your home.  

I still remember my mother washing dirty clothes using a washing machine at home, and a lot of water dripping from the tap connecting the outlet pipe to the washing machine. There are many such sources of waste of water, if not taken care of. There is always a need to regularly inspect such sources of your house so that you can take prompt action to stop the water from being wasted.

save water

The daily and most common activity we do is taking a shower. Let us talk about it.

Recently, I've been experiencing a peculiar issue during my showers. Instead of water flowing out of the spray holes, I noticed that more water was dripping and running from behind the shower head faceplate. Even when the shower head is not in use, I've observed water leaks. I'm still determining the cause. Do I need to call a plumber to address these concerns?

  • Good news! Fixing a leak from a shower head faceplate is usually a quick and easy task that requires no special tools or skills. However, repairing a leaking shower head that continues to drip when turned off can be more challenging. But don't worry; depending on the cause, it's possible to solve the issue without hiring a plumber.

Let us look at some of all the points: 

  • Regularly clean your shower head and bathroom using a gentle all-purpose cleaner. Wipe away residue with a soft cloth, then spray cleaner on the shower head. Scrub the nozzle with a small brush. Test if this resolves the issue.
  • Remove the shower head and notice why the spray has weakened. Hard water deposits can clog the holes, affecting water flow. To tackle this, soak the shower head in white vinegar overnight to dissolve the mineral buildup. Afterwards, use an old toothbrush or soft brush to scrub away any remaining residue.
  • Replacing a shower head is a DIY project most homeowners can do. If the shower head matches the pipe, it's even easier. Unscrew the old shower arm, wrap the threads of the new arm with the plumber's tape, and screw it into the wall fitting. Seal the opening with the plumber's putty and slide the flange over. Wrap the base threads with the plumber's tape, attach the new shower head, and tighten securely but not excessively.

Alarming values

Do you know how much water is wasted due to leaky taps?

It depends on how long you have unnoticed it or what is the severity of the leakage: Slow, Moderate, or severe leak.  You know that usually, a standard tap releases water at a rate of one liter per minute, and if it is running severely unnoticed, can result in around 1440 liters of wastewater per day, and around 43,200 liters ( ≈ 9503 gallons) in a month.

Though the actual amount of water wasted may depend on certain factors such as leakage size, time duration, and water pressure, even small leakage can not only result in water scarcity but your monetary loss in paying the increased water bill.

Despite witnessing water dropping, why do we often fail to take prompt action to address the issue?

People may act slowly when they see water dropping for various reasons. Some individuals may need more awareness about the significance of a water leak or underestimate the potential consequences. Others might need more time to work on, assuming the problem will resolve itself or not worsen over time. Time constraints, cost concerns, and a lack of necessary skills or resources can also lead to delays in action. It's essential to raise awareness about the importance of addressing water leaks promptly to prevent further damage and complications.

Blue nectar’s initiative for giving back to the society

Blue Nectar is the best brand for Ayurvedic skincare products for beautiful natural skin. It is closely tied to the concept of water being the "blue nectar of life." We believe in the importance of saving water as part of our corporate social responsibility and as responsible citizens of the Earth.


water is blue nectar of life

Blue Nectar has joined forces with Sankalp Rural Development Society (SRDS) for the #SavetheBlue initiative. Through an innovative rainwater harvesting system, SRDS efficiently recharges borewells. In just a few good rains, an ample amount of water is collected to replenish a borewell.

Together, we can make a difference and ensure a brighter future for our planet. Let's save the blue and create a sustainable world for future generations.

In conclusion, addressing water leakage is crucial in our efforts to conserve this precious resource. Whether it's fixing leaky taps, maintaining shower heads, or adopting rainwater harvesting systems, every action counts. By taking prompt action, we can save water, reduce water bills, prevent structural damage, and contribute to a sustainable future. Let's embrace responsible water usage and make a positive impact on our environment. Together, we can protect the blue nectar of life for generations to come.

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