Everlasting romance…….That is what every man and woman secretly desire, while outwardly, vehemently denying it. Long walks, candle light dinners, slow dance, intense conversations, and easy laughter to last forever. Yet very few achieve it. Somewhere we lose it and lose ourselves as we get caught in the daily rut.
The secret my friend is to spice it up! And I have just the ingredient for you that will have you necking for hours and never wanting to leave each other’s side……fragrances!! … on……We all are obsessed with applying our parent’s perfumes as children, and feeling so grown up in doing so.
And I was no different. But as my interaction with people and awareness was increasing, I started noticing how they smelled and the feelings it evoked in me about that person……high on energy, flirty, hint of adventure, pure confidence. The potential power of fragrances just hit me one day like a freight train and I wanted some of that! My parent’s perfumes were just not doing it for me.
So armed with my first pay from a part time job, I landed up at a popular store near my house to find my signature fragrance. And began my quest, which took me two days. My olfactory organ and brain had to work in overdrive to smell and analyze the info received. But I learnt so much about fragrances.

Choosing Right Body Mist Is a Big Challenge 

My most valuable lesson was that a fragrance smells different on different people. (That explained why my parents perfume never smelled the same on me) So don’t just purchase a perfume after smelling it on a tester strip. It’s your body’s chemistry which affects the fragrance. Your hormone levels, what foods you consume, how oily or dry your skin is, the pH balance of the skin, what other fragrance based product you use, all have a hand in how a fragrance would actually smell on you.Apply it on moisturized skin is another advice that I was given, as it holds the perfume for a longer time. Easy tip is to rub Vaseline on your pulse points before applying the fragrance. The worst faux pas in the world of perfume, rubbing the wrist together after application of perfume. After being severely admonished for it, I learnt that this action just breakdowns the molecules and the fragrance gets destroyed and it doesn’t last that long.Now the fun part! Choosing a perfume. What did I want to smell like? This was pretty easy for me as I was in my late teens and I just wanted to feel fresh and energetic. By the end of day one, I had almost decided on Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, just the right blend of lively, fresh, fruits and floral fragrance. But I wanted to mull over it before purchasing as this was going to be my signature perfume. I have been having an affair with perfumes even since….. As we evolve, our needs change, our moods change, our relationships change and my perfumes have evolved with all these changes. I have utilized it from boosting my confidence for the first “real” job interview, as a lift me up when at a low point in life, to being desirable when I was first dating my husband and as aromatherapy to bust my stress when I was dealing with a particularly difficult female boss. Fragrances have been a significant part of my marriage too. It was flirty in the beginning, where one whiff of me would drive him crazy. And we moved onto spicy towards the middle, when we started our conscious date nights, to ensure we didn’t miss out on each other in our crazy schedule. Now it’s fresher, relaxed and playful, as our kids are a bit grown and don’t seek our constant attention.

Best Body Mist To Add Some Extra Romance

My current love is the use of fragrance as an aphrodisiac to add some zest to a 14yr old marriage. I have discovered Rose Body Mist and Nargis body mist both are made by blue nectar which will make your husband crazy for you. but my crush is Blue nectar Rose body mist it is a mix of thousand of Himalayan rose and cardamom in one spray, it de-stresses and uplifts the mood and keeps me feeling fresh the whole day long. Cardamom has spicy and warm aroma while Rose has cool refreshing aroma and when put together, it makes it a hedonistic combination. And we are back to a whiff driving him crazy. Find your fragrance to drive him insane by keeping in mind how to choose the perfume.  We would love to hear about how you have been utilizing fragrances to up your game!

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