Easy way to manage flyaway with ayurvedic hair oils

Neha was finally asked out on a date by Rahul, the cute yet handsome man from work. Though it wasn’t dinner at a fancy restaurant, like all girls on the first date, she wanted to look perfect. She dressed up in a classic black sheath dress and opted for a simple, straight hairdo. She walked into the restroom to check her image one last time before Rahul showed up and was disappointed to see flyaway hair. Unlike before, she was not taken over by an instant panic attack and break into a cold sweat. Because unlike before, she has learned the hacks to handle flyaway hair and she was well equipped for this emergency.

Flyaway hair is exactly as the name suggests – hair that flyaway. This may be due to new hair, broken hair or due to dry weather and static that causes the hair to repel each other. Flyaway hair can easily ruin the look of any hairstyle, and this problem can occur with all hair types. However, keeping those flyaway strands under control is actually quite easy. Let’s take a look at some hair treatment tips to solve the problem of flyaway hair.

Let’s have a look at some do’s and don’ts and quick hacks.

lady is wondering about her flyaway hairs

1. Cotton bath towels are a no no!

A quick rub down with a cotton towel is what we have been doing all our lives. Well it’s time to be a bit gentle on our hairs as we are with our skin. Switch to microfiber towels to avoid roughing up the cuticles, avoid breakage and tangle and it will also wick the moisture right out of the hair. You will notice the difference almost immediately.

2. Wide tooth comb

Hair should never be brushed/combed when it is almost dry or dry as it leads to breakage and further flyaway hair. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle as the hair starts to dry. Start at the bottom and move your way up the tresses.

3. Hairsprays

Simply spritz a toothbrush or a tissue with a natural hair spray such as blue nectar Briganantadi hair tonic which contains the goodness of 8 ayurvedic herbs and  soothes the irritated, dry, and flaky scalp. Run them over your hair to catch those flyaways and put them in place. This will give you a natural look rather than a hard set look compared to when you use hairspray all over your hairdo. Remember to always keep this tooth brush separate. Do not go for artificial hair serums here. Always remember a natural hair serum or hair tonic will do more good than harm

4. Woah! Mind the heat

Although it’s best to let the hair air dry, but  we all turn to heat styling for various reasons – to simply dry the hair quickly, settle the cuticles and prevent frizz or to simply look good. But overdoing the heat tools has a negative impact on the hair, robbing them of their moisture, making them brittle and hence prone to breakage. Use a heat-protectant spray or hair serum if you do have to bring out your hair straighteners and curling irons. To re-infuse the parched strand with some much needed moisture, follow up with light weight ayurvedic hair oils like Briganantadi hair grow oil.

Hair grow oil bottle and comb is placed on white table with white flowers in background

5. Dryer sheet for static

We have often seen that hair picks up static when it rubs against other materials. It is the most common cause of flyaways, especially in winter. It may sound weird, but dryer sheets can be utilized to remove the free ions and have static free smooth hair. Anti-frizz sheets are also available in the market.

6. Hydrating Shampoos and conditioners

Flyaway hairs are often the result of dry hair. To prevent stripping your hair of moisture, limit the number of times that you shampoo and up the hydration instead. Choosing the right product for your hair type is the key. You can use natural products free of sulphates, such as blue nectar ayurvedic Briganantadi shampoo that has goodness of 10 natural ingredients that boost natural ability to promote hair growth. Honey keeps hair moisturised, prevent breakage and damage and allowing hair to stay strong, healthy, and grow longer. You can opt for a leave-in hair fall conditioner to hydrate, nourish and strengthen and coat the strands to take care of the fizz and static.

7. Haircut and hairstyles

Somebody is making hair style of a woman

The best way to deal with split ends and damaged hair which cause flyaways is to trim. This will not only prevent further breakages but encourage healthy hair growth as well. Opt for a hairstyle where you do not have to worry about flyaways. A messy braid fits right in, where they become a part of the style.

Quick fixes for hair treatment on the go

1. Hand lotion and lip balms magic trick

Yes you can utilize them as a quick fix. Just take a very small amount of hand lotion or lip balm (you can also apply ghee if you don’t have one) and run it over your flyaways. Remember no to overdo it else you will land up with greasy hair.

2. Clear mascara

Simply go over your hair with clear mascara and a spoolie brush to settle down those flyaways.  It’s small enough to be easily carried in a purse as well.

3. Hair spray on tooth brush or tissue

A toothbrush is the perfect size for that baby hair. Just spritz a little bit of hair serum or hair tonic on a tooth brush and run it over the baby hair to blend it into the hairline or into a pattern to highlight. You can easily use a tissue prayed with hairspray to set it as well.

4. Hair dryer

Hair dryer For Baby Hair

Hold them down between your thumb and index finger, blow dry them into the direction you want with a few seconds of alternate hot and cold hair till they are done. All hair is different, so you need to find the best temperature setting that works for you.

5. Gel mascara

You can easily carry it with you to put the baby hair in place if they get away or simply to blend the baby hair into your hairline.

6. Embrace them

They don’t essentially have to take away from your looks. Incorporate them into your hairdo and make them a focal point. Quite a few celebrities like FKA Twigs, J.Lo., Kylie Jenner, Rihana, Zendaya etc, have taken to flaunting their baby hair. You can easily find ideas of hairstyles in pinterest.

7. Hair Breakage and Split ends

Hair breakage and split ends are common problems today that affect people of all ages. The oldest and weakest part of our hair are the ends. Over time, the hair ends lose their barrier of protection and begin to split. Split ends create hair breakdown because different-length hair strands break off. The ultimate result is flyaways, frizz, and a messy appearance. However, you can prevent split ends by using following tips:

1. Use a light hair grow oil or hair serum to the hair’s ends

2. Never pluck at split ends as this only makes the situation worse.

3. To prevent split ends and to maintain the health of your hair, get frequent haircuts or trims.

worried girl is looking her hair fall that is not stooping and its all over comb

4. Exposure to harsh weather conditions is another factor in hair breakage and split ends. Wear a hat, scarf, or umbrella to protect your hair from the sun, and rain.

5. Protein is essential for the health and repair of hair. Consume eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, fruit, Vitamin C, B3 and a variety of green leafy vegetables that will improve the blood supply to the follicles and will nourish the hairs.

8. Head massage with Hair grow oil

When dealing with dry and flyaway hair, hair oils are your best friends. Your best choice is to use natural ayurvedic hair oils - coconut oil, bhringraj oil, olive oil, or almond oil. You can also use Blue Nectar Ayurvedic oils for hair like bhringraj oil that helps to prevent hair loss by tackling dull, damaged, and dry hair. Make sure you use it at least twice a week.

ayurvedic hair oil bowl with wooden comb and natural ingredients has been placed on wooden round coaster

9. Ayurvedic hair oils is beneficial in naturally smoothening hair

Ayurvedic hair oils is a traditional Indian hair care treatment for dry, fizzy and flaky hairs. When you apply and massage with ayurvedic hair oils on a daily basis, dull and dry hair will become shiny and silky. Also, your hair structure will achieve a smooth and shiny texture because of the potent ayurvedic herbs and natural ingredients present in the hair grow oil. Ayurvedic hair oil smoothening treatments might not provide you immediate results. But, these methods are very effective at treating your hair without causing long-term adverse side effects.

10. Amla and Bhringraj are good herbs for hair

Bhringraj oil is a natural hair treatment, because of its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic properties, Ayurvedic herb helps in the hair treatment of hair loss. A traditional Bhringraj oil massage / tel champi increases blood flow and provide nutrition supply to your scalp, strengthening your hair and preventing hair loss.

The ancient herb amla is another ayurvedic herb that purifies the blood circulation, restores the hair's natural colour, and delay the development of premature grey hairs. It is the perfect hair tonic if you combine coconut oil with it and apply on your head, the regular champi will promote hair growth.

Neha simply used a small bit of the hand lotion that she always has in her bag to settle her hair down and she was back to being her confident self and ready to slay it on the date!


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