Home remedies to get rid of dark knuckles

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  • What are dark knuckles? 
  • What are some common treatments available for dark knuckles?
  • What are some home remedies to get rid of dark knuckles?
  • What are some general tips to avoid dark knuckles?
  • What are some common symptoms indicating a quick need for medical attention?
  • Conclusion
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There are numerous reasons why your knuckles could be dark. Your knuckles' darker coloring could be inherited. It could also be a side effect from a medication you're taking, such as niacin, an oral contraceptive, or a potent corticosteroid.

An illness like diabetes that needs to be medically attended to can also be indicated by darker skin on your knuckles.

Dark knuckles can appear in people of any age. But those with darker skin color experience them more frequently.

Here, we'll examine a few potential reasons behind this condition and discuss several therapies, including home remedies like ubtan and natural products like dark spot removal cream and cream for pigmentation.

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What are dark knuckles? 

You can experience these dark spots on your knuckles if you have metabolic conditions like diabetes or if you have an allergy to a specific drug.

But you are not the only one who worries about their dark elbows, knees or knuckles. Particularly among those with darker skin tones, dark patches on their multiple joints are very typical. Nobody is immune to this illness, and it has no age restrictions. Dark knees, knuckles or elbows are harmless symptoms, but they can be signs of underlying illnesses.

What are some common treatments available for dark knuckles?

Dark knuckles can usually be quickly remedied by scrubbing or bleaching. These techniques, however, might not be advised because they have the potential to increase hyperpigmentation by destroying the epidermis' outer layer of protection through vigorous scrubbing. Many commercial bleaching solutions also contain strong acids, which only worsen the darkening.

The best couple of methods for treating dark knuckles are listed below:

  • Stick to the conventional remedies to treat dark knuckles

  • Some ayurvedic medicinal solutions may help to treat dark knuckles if you're hoping for quicker results. You may use them only after speaking with a dermatologist. Be aware that whitening the skin around your knuckles can take time and that different people may respond differently to these products.

    The following products can help lighten dark knuckles:

    • Products with nalpamaradi thailam or ubtan mix 
    • Antibacterial concoctions with rose  water
    • Aloe vera-based moisturisers
    • Ayurvedic cream for skin whitening with coconut oil essence
    • Treat the root cause of dark knuckles

    It's crucial to identify and address the underlying causes of your black knuckles. So, get medical help as soon as you can. Black knuckles typically disappear when the underlying problems are effectively treated.

    For instance, monitoring blood sugar levels and maintaining a healthy weight would help with treating conditions like PCOS and diabetes. In turn, this will help to lessen hyperpigmentation of the knuckles.

    Hormone replacement treatment, immunosuppressants, and dietary supplements to compensate for vitamin B12 deficiency may be required for disorders such as Addison's disease.

    Girl is holding her dark knee

    Besides these widely sought-after benefits, you can opt for several home remedies which will lighten your skin. Ubtan powder and turmeric are common home remedies to treat dark knuckles.
    Eventually, we can help you with this and eliminate these problems if they have reached a mild stage. Follow them in real life and get effective results. 

    What are some home remedies to get rid of dark knuckles?

    To prevent further discoloration, we advise you to reapply sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 periodically and to keep your knuckles moisturized. In addition, these natural therapies with scientific support will help you get rid of hyperpigmentation on your  knuckles, knees, and elbows.

    1. Prepare a face pack by combining 1 teaspoon of honey with 1/2 teaspoon each of orange peel powder, sandalwood powder, Manjishta powder, and a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply it periodically, and you will see improvement within 3-4 months. 

    2. Every day for 30 minutes before taking a bath, apply a few drops of Kumkumadi tailam or kumkumadi oil—a concoction of saffron and six other herbs—to the affected area. This improves complexion and works well on wrinkles, scars, blemishes, and acne.

    3. Combine 1 tablespoon of besan, 2 tablespoons of yoghurt, and a pinch of turmeric to make a paste. Apply it over your dark knees, elbows or knuckles to attain a lighter complexion. Alternatively, you can add nalpamaradi thailam to the besan powder and use it lighten the dark knuckles.

    4. Consider rubbing each elbow for about five minutes with a lemon cut exactly in half. Then, leave it for three to four hours, exfoliate with a cloth and warm water, and thoroughly moisturise by applying body lotion or coconut oil

    5. You have to repeat this action daily until the dark circles start to go; within a few weeks, you'll see a noticeable improvement.

    6. Many are unaware that lactic and acetic acids found in yoghurt and vinegar aid skin whitening. Combine 2 tablespoons of vinegar and yoghurt in a bowl. Start applying this concoction on the dark elbows and let sit for 20 to 30 minutes. You need to apply some moisturiser after washing with warm water.

    7. Make a paste of 1/2 teaspoon turmeric, 1/2 cup of gram flour, and cream. It is an excellent old remedy still highly recommended by many skin experts.

    8. Combine 1/2 teaspoon of lime juice with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Apply to the affected skin for 10-15 minutes; remove with a warm towel.

    9. Another effective hack is removing the gel from the fleshy aloe vera leaves using a spoon. To get fresh skin, apply this to the dark spots and leave it on for 30 minutes.

    Men is applying sunscreen lotion on his hand

    10. Do you know one of the oldest and most powerful natural treatments for dark hands is raw milk? This is because lactic acid, a substance that serves as a bleaching agent and aids in the exfoliation of dead skin cells, is abundant in raw milk. 

    11. Raw milk is a natural way to lighten skin progressively. Additionally, it moisturizes the skin and prevents it from drying out and cracking.

    12. Mix raw milk with 2–3 drops of lemon. It will slightly curdle. After massaging it into the dark spots, wait 5 to 10 minutes for it to dry. Then, scrub it off with dry hands after it has dried. After washing with plain water, apply Kumkumadi oil .

    13. You can combine glycerin, lemon, and rose face water to create a body lotion. Before going to bed, apply it every day to the dark knuckles or dark regions – dark elbows and dark knees.

    14. Some slices of cucumber can be rubbed on the dark regions for at least five minutes. This is sufficient time to let it soak into the skin. Then with some water, remove it. 

    15. If you want to get the best results, you can also add lemon juice. Additionally, applying cucumber slices on the eyes reduces puffiness and dark circles. 

    16. Another remedy can be using orange peels after drying them in the sun. Then you have to blend them and put them away. Every time, take some orange peel powder, mix in some water or milk, and apply it to the afflicted areas. After keeping it on for 20 minutes, wash it off. 

    17. Ever heard that potatoes can also help to get rid of skin hyperpigmentation? Well, yes, but the question arises how? First, slice a potato and massage it over your dark knuckles  and dark hands and feet's dark spots. It will provide you with results right away. After a while, rinse it off.

    18. Rubbing your hands and feet with the tomato's pulp by squeezing it has also provided great results. You must rinse it off after waiting until it has dried.

    19. Baking soda has outstanding benefits, including the ability to brighten your skin and has antibacterial characteristics. Additionally, it is an efficient treatment for preventing skin disorders. First, you need to soak your hands in a warm water dish with 1 teaspoon of baking soda. This can assist you in eradicating dark knuckles. 

    20. Finally, oatmeal's calming and anti-inflammatory qualities can even help you treat black knuckles. You must simply soak your knuckles in warm water and then cover them with oats. This can make your knuckles less dark.

      So, these are some effective home remedies that help whiten dark skin. Moreover, if you are curious to learn about the main causes of dark knuckles and their common medical treatments, we suggest you read another helpful blog. 

      Lady is showing her dark elbow

      What are some general tips to avoid dark knuckles?

      Like elbows, inner thighs, and feet, dark knuckles are among the body areas that get the least attention. Nobody wants those dark spots on their hands or feet since they can be unattractive. Eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions can cause darkened knuckles.

      These are some general tips to follow if you intend to make sure of not have dark patches on your skin:

      • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to maintain proper hydration and prevent the recurrence of black spots. 
      • When going outside in the summer sun, use sunscreen with minimum SPF30.
      • Keep the affected regions well-moisturised. 
      • Refrain from rubbing dark elbows on other surfaces or your clothing. 
      • Try to exfoliate every now and then. Repeating the exfoliation process at least two to three times a week is expected to produce the best results.
      • Also, you may ask your dermatologist whether almond oil will go with your skin nature. Naturally, it is antimicrobial. After you apply it to the affected area, you can prevent dark knuckles from appearing further.

      Should you see a dermatologist for dark knuckles?

      Knuckle discoloration from normal skin ageing shouldn't cause you too much anxiety. Regular cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen products can take care of it. But you must not neglect that dark knuckles can also be a sign of a health problem which may require urgent medical attention.

      We suggest you meet a dermatologist if you want to choose a cosmetic procedure like laser therapy. They can determine if it is the best course of action for you.

      The darkening of the knuckles can typically be reversed with the proper treatment of the underlying medical issues. As was also mentioned above, a variety of OTC and home therapies can be used to reduce hyperpigmentation on the knuckles.

      What are some common symptoms indicating a quick need for medical attention?

      We advise visiting a doctor at least once a year for a general check-up to detect any underlying conditions that may be asymptomatic. Still, suppose you've been worried about your knuckles' darkening pigmentation for some time, or you're just starting to notice it. In that case, the following situations require you to see a doctor immediately.

    1. When other medical complications arise simultaneously with dark knuckles
    2. While it may be tempting to attribute knuckle darkening to factors like an unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, etc., when other unanticipated symptoms accompany this unsightly pigmentation, it becomes a problem that shouldn't be disregarded.

    3. When the skin discoloration occurs noticeably fast
    4. It is feasible to guess what happens when the knuckles gradually darken. Still, when the pigmentation abruptly or unexpectedly starts to be noticeable on the knuckles, it is a strong indication from your body that something is wrong.

    5. When no other remedy mentioned above has not worked
    6. It is normal to feel disappointed and frustrated when OTC medications for dark knuckles do not work for you, and you've struggled with them for a long time and tried ways to treat them on your own. Then the best course of action in cases like this is always to see a dermatologist to deal with the problem directly.

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      It's disheartening to witness someone's hands have dark knuckles. Therefore it is crucial to make people understand that they need to take care of their dark elbows and knuckles in a gentle manner. We suggest you look for natural cures as much as you can. Moreover, we will advise you to utilise them only after consulting a doctor if you have any medical conditions.

      You can find the most premium skincare solutions from the comfort of your home by visiting our online portal. Also, you can leave us a comment in case of an emergency or if you have any pressing skin health-related questions.

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