How to Prevent Aging Skin with Anti-Aging Face Brightness Cream

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  • The factors that cause the skin aging can be broadly classified into two different classes
  • A list of ayurvedic skin treatment is provided below
  • Homemade methods
  • Recommended Products by Blue Nectar 

 Skin is one of the five sense organs that are vehemently important for any individual. As we grow old the skin faces inherent signs of aging as reaching the age of 20, a person reduces 1 percent less collagen each year. Consequently, the skin becomes thinner, fragile and dull which is often termed as skin aging. Though it is a natural process that cannot be stopped unless you opt for anti ageing products such as anti ageing cream and face serum such as kumkumadi face glowing oil

The factors that cause the skin aging can be broadly classified into two different classes: -

Internal Causes:

These causes are inevitable as with age certain problems are bound to arise: -

  • Poor blood supply: A poor blood supply to the skin makes it look dull and damaged as the delivery of the nutrients and the oxygen to the skin is limited. As a result, the efficiency of the cell functions are also damaged and thus with age, the glow of the skin disappears.
  • Genetics: Genes play a vital role in a several ways. It has an active part in skin aging. There are several skin types for several humans, which determine how fast or slow will their skin be damaged. It is seen that a people with fair sensitive skin is affected by loose skin at an earlier age than people with uneven skin tone. The dryness of the skin also depends on the gene that the person inherits.

Lady is applying anti ageing cream on her cheeks

External Causes:

The oxidation stress is the basic reason why external factors affect the skin of an individual. The external causes are although avoidable but are difficult to maintain all the time.

  • Sun: When the skin is exposed to the sun rays, it is the vital factor that increases the oxidation stress of the skin making it prone to damage. The prolonged exposure in the sunrays on a daily basis increases the chances of being too exposed to the UV rays of the sun, which cause extensive skin damage and uneven pigmentation. However, apply sunscreen body lotion with minimum  SPF30 to protect yourself from damaging UVA and UVB rays.
  • Pollution: Pollution is the major factor that contributes to skin damage. It also increases the chances of sun damage by triggering the increase of skin damaging free radicals and also increases the oxidative stress.
  • Smoking: A tremendous rise occurs in a number of free radicals in the skin when the body is exposed to the nicotine and harmful chemicals that the cigarette contains. It also intensifies the pollution and the sun exposes effects on the skin by multiplying the oxidation stress.
  • Nutrients: Anti-oxidants reduce the oxidation stress and have the power to neutralize the free radicals so that the skin remains undamaged. If the daily diet of a person lacks the antioxidants the chances of skin damaging factors increases and the prominent signs of aging are visible. Apart from using anti ageing cream and other products , one should take care of their health by having proper diet.
  • Proper care: It is very essential for an individual to take care of their skin otherwise the skin damage cannot be prevented. In order to repair skin damage , one should do proper cleansing with face wash such as ayurvedic face wash , toning with rose face water , and moisturizing (with face cream for brightening or anti ageing cream) of the skin are very essential in order to reverse that damage that affects the skin.

There are certain signs that signify that the skin is aging. A few of such signs are discussed below and can be treated with use of anti ageing cream: -

  • Anti ageing cream for wrinkle: This the foremost sign of aging and appears as a result of loss of body mass, temporary or prolonged engagement with water, sleeping positions and facial expressions that can cause a crease or fold on the skin. However, anti-aging cream can be used to remove wrinkles. Since anti-aging creams include natural ingredients like kumkumadi oil, aloe vera and saffron that is safe for the skin.
  • Anti ageing cream for pigmentation: The skin colour is determined by a pigment called melanin. When the cells become damaged, the melanin production is affected and the skin loses the original colour causing pigmentation of the skin.
  • Anti ageing cream for acne skin: Acne vulgaris, which is commonly called acne, is a generally caused genetically is severe skin damage. It is marked by excessive pimples, black and white heads, greasy skin and scarring as the hair follicles are bunged with dead skin cells or oil from the skin.

kumkumadi face serum, jade roller, face brightener cream and leaves are on pink table

  • Anti ageing cream for dry skin: This is the most uncomfortable condition. It is caused due to the loose skin that doesn’t allow the complete circulation of blood leaving the cells itchy, scaly and cracked. For dry skin, begin using a face cream with moisturising properties so that your skin receives sufficient hydration and nutrients, such as natural anti-aging skin rejuvenation cream - Vitamin E face cream for women and men, which will not only fight the clear signs of ageing but will also enhance skin elasticity.
  • Anti ageing cream for open pores: When the oil glands enlarge there is an increase in the oil secretion on the skin. This increases along with age and needs proper treatment.

Anti ageing cream for dull skin: All the above-mentioned factors make the skin look unattractive and dull as they lose their natural glow and pigmentation. Skin loosening is also an important factor that makes the skin look dull.

    There are several ways in which an individual can fight back these signs of aging. There are several anti ageing creams that are widely available in the market. There is a huge chance that these products have more chemical constituents in them which in longer run might affect the skin. Thus, it is suggested that people suffering from the signs of aging should use ayurvedic skincare products such as brightening face cream, skin whitening creams for women, anti ageing cream, kumkumadi face glowing oil to heal their damaged skin. 

    A list of ayurvedic skin treatment is provided below: -

    • Ayurvedic Face Brightness Cream: They generally contain a certain combination of natural products such as brightening face cream, skin whitening creams for women, kumkumadi oil that heal the skin with care and nourishment without any added chemicals in them. One must apply the face brightness cream according to the need and as prescribed to them by an expert.
    • Saffron-based Face Brightness Cream:  Saffron is very healthy for the skin as it retains the skin moisture and the glow. Saffron is also effective in preventing dry skin and pigmentation. People suffering from early signs of pigmentation must use this Saffron-based face brightness cream or saffron cream to be benefitted.
    • Herbal Face Brightness Cream:  Herbs have been used to cure great diseases since time immemorial. It works wonders in certain cases. Several doctors and experts suggest herbal face brightness creams as the remedy to treat acute signs of aging and fight with the dullness of the skin. Herbal face brightness anti ageing cream works wonder on patchy and wrinkled skins.

    Along with the ayurvedic and herbal products, there are several homemade methods that help in fighting with an aging of the skin.  A list is provided below:

    lady is applying anti ageing cream on her cheeks while seeing herself infront of the mirror

    • Lemon Juice: It helps in preventing age spots
    • Rose Water: Helps to retain the rosy glow and skin moisturizer.
    • Coconut Milk: Heals the dry skin.
    • Papaya: Helps to hold skin firmness preventing skin loosening.
    • Cucumber: Prevents dark circles and rejuvenate the skin.

    Sandal as a anti ageing cream- Sandalwood for anti aging has no alternative as it fights acne and all other severe issues such as wrinkles, dry and oily skin, acne and many others. It can be used as a face cream or mask in addition to being applied straight to the face. But make sure the product you're using is 100% pure and genuine.

    If you are still looking for real and chemical-free products and want to go completely natural, you should start using Blue Nectar ayurvedic skincare products, which is providing natural and cruelty free products

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